WWE Trying To Extend The Contract Of A Top Star But Why They've Turned Down The Company's Offer & Are Mulling Retirement; Who It Is & More Exclusive Details

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Mark Henry's WWE contract is coming up soon and the company is trying to get him to sign an extension. So far, he's turned them down and continues to claim he might be hanging it up soon. This has been something Henry has gone back and forth on over the years and with injury concerns, has made the teases very public recently.

One observer close to Henry tells us he has plans to return this year and hopes for a meaningful match at Wrestlemania XXIX but may opt to retire after the pay-per-view. Due to the aforementioned wavering, WWE is not taking him too seriously.

  • themcdangler

    NO! NO! NO!

  • Moose666

    I could see him retiring from the ring due to injuries, but I would hate to see him go. I have been a fan of his since day one as he is very versatile IMO (heel, face, humor). If just retiring from the ring, maybe he could do something behind the scenes or a non-wrestling TV role. I think he could teach some of the new guys something about longevity.

    • Jamie

      couldn't have written this better myself.

  • robert

    henry to me with Daniel Bryan made smackdown watchable in 2011

  • steve

    did I see Mark henry as a pall bearer at Michael Clarke Duncans funeral?? If it was him he looks top have put back on a bit of condition.