WWE Twitter Accounts Hacked, New "Hands On" WWE '13 Preview, Update On The Departure Of Beth Phoenix

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- While not exactly top story news, Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker sent word that the Twitter accounts of John Cena, The Uso's and John Morrison were hacked over the weekend.

- The latest regarding Beth Phoenix is her contract runs through October. She is booked at shows through the month but as of this writing, is leaning towards leaving WWE when it expires.

- A new "hands on" WWE '13 preview is embedded in the video below:

  • Ken

    Re: Cena, Jo Mo, and The Usos… were their Twitter accounts legitimately hacked, or were they 'Kurt Angled'?

    • They were posting some diet offer scam

      • Logan_Walker

        It was probably Logan Walker himself who hacked it.

      • Luke

        I hated that the same thing happened to me it pissed me off

  • Truth

    I think it was Richard Gray LOL

  • sloan kettering

    a lot of my friends were posting the diet spam as well

  • mathew30

    anybody notice that even inb 2012, if it wasnt for their named titles and "cosnumtes2 yu wouldnt have a clue who each of th characers are in wwe 13. seriously they have the movements spot on, but my god its as if they dont have the skills anymore to evolve the graphics to actually looks like the people to a T. at times stone cold looks like he has just white dots for eyes, theres no facial features, just a blob of pink as a face.

    • XKonn247

      I struggled to read this.

      • James


      • mathew30

        well open your eyes then, or are you just being ignorant