WWE & UFC Lose Out On G4 Network

NBC Universal announced on Monday the rebranding and makeover of its G4 television network into "The Esquire Channel." They'll be teaming with Esquire magazine to launch "an upscale Bravo for men."

This is significant as both WWE and UFC tried to purchase the network and rebrand it for their respective companies. As I reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium on July 15, 2011, WWE was hoping to acquire G4 to launch the WWE Network. The thinking was it would guarantee them significant distribution with already acquired clearances.

  • Bobby W.

    yes because I want to see “Real House Husbands of Long Island”……..

  • Except, as we just learned with Current being sold to Al Jazeera, that is not always true with the clearance. If NBC had sold G4 to WWE, distributers could have cancelled the programming and WWE would be back to square one.

    • The thinking was to buy the network then prove to providers they could pull better ratings but that’s a good point.

  • Mr Cee

    Or Americas Next Top Metrosexual

  • Chris

    So, another channel that NOBODY will watch. Nice.