Important - WWE & UFC Support SOPA; Richard Reacts With A Scathing Warning To Voters & The Politicians They Support

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WWE and UFC are two of 354 major companies that support SOPA according to this article by

SOPA is an acronym for the Stop Online Piracy Act, a bill currently in the House of Representatives. Another bill, the Protect IP Act (PIPA), is in the Senate. We at strongly oppose both pieces of legislation.

Protests staged across the Web on Wednesday caused Rep. Lamar Smith and Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid to announce today that votes on both bills have been delayed.

Comments from Smith and Reid as well as details on the delay can be found in this article by The Washington Post.

2:07 PM EST Update: Reuters is reporting that Smith has withdrawn SOPA.

Richard Reacts: I want each and every one of you to understand how serious this is. These bills are some of the most poorly-written, poorly-researched pieces of legislation ever proposed. Politicians such as Lamar Smith have no idea what they are imposing and not only threaten our Constitutional Rights as American citizens but threaten the very freedoms this country was founded upon.

The fact that WWE and UFC support this type of radical legislation goes to show their stance that could result in websites like being DNS blocked. While I will agree that something needs to be done to eliminate the problem with online piracy, SOPA and PIPA would allow the government to prevent users from accessing websites that do not even host the pirated content. In other words, what's going to stop Vince McMahon from getting websites such as this one "out of his hair?" It's well-known that Vince, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are opposed to "dirt sheet" publications.

Let's also not forget Linda McMahon is currently campaigning for another shot at the United States Senate. While I do not know her stance on the bills, the fact her husband's company supports SOPA, is very troubling. I strongly urge you to vote against any candidate that endorses either SOPA or PIPA. Unless they come out and denounce the proposed legislation, I would remain very weary of that candidate.
It's time to let your voice be heard. Oppose SOPA, oppose PIPA. The government has gone too far and I will not stop strong opposition until both bills are torn up and taken off the floor of the Senate and House.

  • huz

    I completely agree Richard, they just shut down megaupload and people really need to realize they will shut down ANY website they don't like for any reason at all when this gets passed.

    • Ubereem

      The closing of Megaupload has nothing to do with SOPA. Megaupload were violating piracy laws so the government where perfectly correct to close it down, & are perfectly correct to close down any other site violating piracy laws whether that comes from SOPA or not.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      They did shut down Megauload yesterday. it was one of the sites I went to to watch Wrestling. it didn't have advertizing on it.

      Hell youtube has been shuting down accounts just for shareing music or movie videos.

      I agree with Richard.

  • Logan_Walker

    The Thing is i dont know if you heard what happened yesterday becuase MegaUpload was taken down by the FBI

    Sites Like UMG, US Justice Site, FBI , The FBI Seriously There is people out there who take this to heart and dont want it. They Will Most likely do more Takedowns over 17 Site Were DOS'sed Last Night (UK)

    • wnwdotcom2

      Sites like MegaUpload are hosting pirated content. My problem is not with the sites that are knowingly violating copyright laws. It's websites such as this one that do not violate copyright laws but exist covering organizations that can claim we infringe upon their intellectual property.

      • Logan_Walker

        I know But Loads Of People "Loved" MegaUpload And i know alot of people who are Annoy and they are True WWE Sports Fans who Vist This Site Many Times a day and i know that if any site they like gets blocked…. they find out who done it and DOS There Site Including Any Other Site….

        WWE Blocks Your Site "CopyRight" Infringments

        Annoys Result

        There Just Some of The Sites That Annoy Would and WIll Take Down if Any True WWE News Site Gets Taken Down

      • Tom

        Megaupload did their best to stop it. This situation fell under the jurisdiction of the DMCA.. If pirated software was found, it was reported, it was removed.

        I think they were after the founders/owners for a different reason. You can't ultimately point the finger at just piracy in this case, because if it were, the FBI would have actively violating the DMCA act.

        All SOPA and PIPA are, are cleverly disguised internet censorship wrapped in a pretty "we're gonna stop on line piracy" bow.

      • Aaron

        Exactly, the WWE could easily come in saying they own the trademark on the name "Cody Rhodes" for example and you violated SOPA and take down your site. Likely they'd do this to hush you up as you "spoil" their storylines but use the copyright violation as an excuse to ditch you.

        • Logan_Walker

          True This Is Bad. i like in the uk and this will still afect me

  • Ben

    It's funny watching Ricky Gray panic like this.

    • wnwdotcom2

      Anyone that enjoys the Internet should panic as well. As a matter of fact, anyone that enjoys freedom should panic.

      • Laurinaitis

        I care about freedom and everything, but as long as our PHYSICAL lives are not harmed, I could care less. But Rich has a point.

        • Majd B.

          Come on WWE stop SOPA and PIPA. I thought you were obsessed with Twitter

        • Blazeking

          You do realize that the internet is the last place you can PHYSICALLY express the right to free speech that you have without fear of censorship, right? If that goes, your real life freedom of speech is gone. Do you understand the words that I am typing to you?

    • Nostaljack

      Nice response. Nice totally clueless response…

    • Frenchfry

      Agreed 100%!

  • mark3man

    Does anybody know how this affects people in England? The reason for asking is – say this site gets blocked in the states(or other legit sites that fall under this rule) then are they just shut down. Even if not would they still operate just for us over seas? If that’s the case then its a world wide problem, only thing is our government loves jumping on the band wagon and will surely follow suit. So from my understanding two bills in America could kill the internet world wide. Except for the rich who will carry on getting richer.

    • sforester

      For an idea, if the bills pass in the US, your viewing of US-based sites could be affected…and from what I heard, the British government is considering passing similar legislation if it passes here.

      • Kortoroy

        Basically the United States decisions are deemed as precedent for the rest of the world, so even if you are not initially affected by these bills in the near future governments in other countries would follow suit.

    • cmcrunk

      yes it would regardless of the similar bill there the sites would be shut down on the dns level blocking any access anywhere

    • Blazeking

      cmcrunk basically said it in the short version and he's right. DNS is a worldwide system that resolves urls into ip addresses. A way to get around it to to use your own DNS server or use the DNS server of a provider who who will not abide by the SOPA block. The DNS servers that will likely abide by it are the ones of the ISP you're on. You can change the server ip in your router and never have to worry about it again.

      They (SOPA, PIPA authors) think they know how the internet works…. *nelson voice* HA HA!!!!

  • Laurinaitis

    ..but Richard, aren't you doing what the bill is trying to banish? I mean, I'm against the bill but i feel it is ironic.

    • wnwdotcom2

      We host no images or content that belongs to WWE or any other organization. Please name exactly what we do that infringes upon the intellectual property of someone else?

      • Laurinaitis

        What about the hot storylines you break? Wouldn't WWE try to do something because it was their creative's team "property"?

        • eurosario

          Not the same thing at all.

      • Jackwagon

        You link to promotional posters for upcoming PPVs. That's enough under the proposed SOPA and PIPA bills to have your site shut down. These bills are complete garbage. Let me straighten this out for people who clearly don't understand what this is all about. When I was a kid, I could by a cassette tape (showing my age here), take that tape home, dub it to a blank tape and give that blank tape to a friend. Fine, no problems, and not piracy. Now, if I take a CD of that very same album and rip it and give a copy of the songs to a friend via the Internet, it's piracy and illegal. Sorry, but once I buy the product it becomes mine to do what I want with it. If I want to sell it at a garage sale, I will, and if I make a profit off of that sale is it illegal? It would be if I sold it over the Internet.

        • Eggtrocious

          Yeah, you totally with all due respect, you are about as far away from the right answers as you can possibly be. The "cassette tape" thing you were doing absolutely *is* wrong. So is copying CD's and giving them to people who might otherwise spend their money to buy them or posting them to the internet. Artists who do the work don't get paid and the labels who distribute the work don't either. When you do any of those things, you're stealing – it's kinda that simple. A no brainer-really. When you buy CD's or any media, you are buying a "single user license." In fact, the media you buy *absolutely isn't* yours to do with as you please. You have the right to listen to it and copy it for yourself; that's it and that is all.

          SOPA *is not* about that. SOPA intends to punish those who knowingly *and unknowingly* link to sites that share content that is copyrighted. It's far too broad-based and knee-jerking. "Rather than kill the cancer, let's kill the whole body so the cancer goes away." Totally stupid legislation that mercifully seems to be on hold for the time being.

  • Tom

    Please do some digging for contact info in the WWE, Richard. This bill is jut going to end up being another witch hunt and it is going to impede on our livelihood. I've watched WWE/WWF all of my life, and I am likely to officially boycott their product in protest. Go Daddy changed their tune, so will the WWE.

    I call for an official protest of RAW this monday. They'll change their tune when they start pulling TNA-ratings for a week.

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    Maybe supporting the attempt at targeting internet piracy. That’s fine, but an act that pretty much censors the internet. I read an editorial on how SOPA/PIPA affect online wrestling. What I got was that WWE could get a site shut down if there is an image from their site or anything they claim to own. Just one image. Also, if some writer complained of WWE, they could get an entire site down. That’s just what I read. Ridiculous to say the least.

    If SOPA/PIPA passes, it’s a personal blow for me as a wrestling fan. I don’t have cable at all. I don’t watch streams though. I get all my wrestling, all my other forms of entertainment (music and movies) via filesharing sites like Rapidshare and Filesonic. I don’t label those kind of sites as piracy. I mean it's downloading from sites that can monitor whatever files get uploaded. They can remove files if they want. P2P and torrent sites are much more open and free, therefore those are illegal. Rapidshare and Filesonic for example let one download stuff for free, with limits, recommending premium membership for better service. That's acceptable. Torrents and P2P sharing is piracy. I hate torrents, and don't download from them by the way. The first blow has already been struck with Megaupload being shut down, before those bills are passed. I’m aware the site was accused of other things like money laundering, including piracy. However it’s a major blow, with recording artists supporting that site, and it’s pretty much the biggest filesharing site in the world. So they can work down the ladder. That’s worse for me because I generally use mediafire and filesonic.

    In a nutshell, if SOPA/PIPA pass, I can’t watch wrestling at all, unless I want to get cable again, which is freaking stupid anyways. Stupid because I only needed it for wrestling and movies. Two things I can get on the internet. If I can't watch wrestling at all, I can't type about it. I wouldn't switch to reading results, that's like castration for a wrestling fan.

  • David

    Uh, oh, WNW is turning into WCW. Kinda funny.

  • Professor Rick Craig

    The initial intent of these bills was to stop piracy…especially from overseas websites that the US has no jurisdiction over. Sounds good on paper until the government, as usual, goes and takes it TOO far. Richard is absolutely right. Regardless of which side of the political fence you happen to stand behind, these pieces of legislation will ultimately do considerably more harm than the good that was intended. Let your voice be heard. If you don't feel compelled to do so, the very things that you enjoy and support may not be there for you to enjoy and support any longer….such as WrestlingNewsWorld. This is serious infringement on your rights, people. Time to get educated.

    • Cristina

      We don't have rights Professor Rick. Unless you're extremely wealthy your rights are limited. They always have been. Even our founding fathers only had one demographic in mind when they fought for "freedom." I'm sure the Native Americans that were butchered, and oppressed, and Washington and Jefferson's African slaves really felt they could get behind the "freedom" fight. The reality is that we're only as free as THEY want us to be. And they've made it their right to let us know freedom isn't really ours, and they can take it back anytime they want. Worse still we blindly allow it to continue…we get the government we voted for and deserve

    • @RatedMKD

      The username under which I often post on this site is a reference to the late 2006/early 2007 WWE tag team Rated RKO (more of a reference to Edge than Orton, but that's neither here nor there). Theoretically, if SOPA and PIPA are passed, my username alone could potentially be infringement enough to take down WNW. Drastic example, absolutely, but it's within the realm of possibility, should these go ahead.

  • Kyle Policastro

    The bill disgusts me. The scary, scary part of this is if it were to pass, YouTube would be the first major casuality, and the first of many. What makes this bill so outrageous is that, if just one person uploaded any copywrighted material to YouTube, the website itself and the people who operate it are held just as responsible as the one who uploaded it. The website can be shut down without any hesitation and the owners could be criminally prosecuted for hosting the content. Facebook and Twitter would also be in major trouble, as well as something as simple as Google, which simply provides the search results, and Wikipedia, if any links are put up leading to a website. It gets so out of hand with those MAJOR sites, and yes, it affects wrestling fans like us as well. For those of you that do watch illegal PPV streams, forget it because it’s done. And those of us who simply want to read up on what’s going on backstage are in danger of losing websites like this as well. Another typical case of government intrusion.

    I hate to be “that guy”, but for those of you who strongly oppose this issue out there, simply spreading the word to others may not be enough. If you have the time, write to a senator or sign a few major petitions circulating right now. Hopefully Richard doesn’t mind me adding the link here, but has a lot more information then any other place I’ve found, and if I remember correctly they has a petition on their website as well. Don’t take this issue lightly.

  • Brandon

    Richard well said. This is why I continue to support Ron Paul. We know he won’t get elected since he actually believes in freedom. Keep up the good work.

  • Cristina

    Really Richard what difference can I make? I'm a poverty-level class single mom. I have no voice, I learned that long ago. I hate what's happening as the government continues to wipe their corporate asses with The Constitution, but I don't matter. I never have, and never will. The only reason people like me haven't been gassed yet is because CEOs need asskissers, and doormats.

    • Tom

      Cristina, you can do more than you think. Start at the lowest level, the bill supporters (WWE) and boycott their product for a week and see their reaction.

    • sforester

      You say that one voice isn't enough. Let me tell you a little story of wisdom: Millions of snowflakes fall on a mountain and an avalanche occurs. Is it the millions of snowflakes that caused the avalanche, or is it the one snowflake that set off the rest? You and I are on the same level (sans the fact I'm not a single parent). If the majority stands and actually shouts, the loud minority gets drowned out. Many of us say that we have no voice…if enough of us say it, then the people truly have no voice because everyone is afraid to speak.

    • Synyster

      No one person has a voice to protest that’s why we have to join together as the people THEY serve US we don’t serve them and it’s time we show them this.

  • spike westphal

    with megaupload now shut down i lost all my music collection and if wrestling news world the best wrestling news site around shuts down i would have to go to for news and everything is 50/50 some real some fake i hope the bill gets torn up burned and scraped its called regulateing the internet

  • bjohnson

    Poorly written is an understatement Richard. I've been trying to read through SOPA, and I'm so lost because the legalize and the broad wording of the bill makes is so hard to decipher what the true intent of the bill is. For example: "(i) intentionally traffics or attempts to traffic in goods or services and knowingly uses a counterfeit mark on or in connection with such goods and services,". Um, so what would be that particular counterfeit mark happen to be? The logo? Plus, how is this going to impact anything outside of the U.S.? Sure, the shut down of MegaUpload came only because MU had a server base on the East Coast. I can understand how this can be of some focus to both WWE and UFC because PPV and other televised events are online almost immediately after they have been aired, but the government is overreaching just a little too far this time.

    I whole heartedly agree with Richard, it doesn't matter what side of the aisle you are on, SOPA and PIPA have to go.

  • MsMojoRisin

    I feel like im in a tough spot because im in the air force so i work under the govt and the president but these acts are so dumb and they violate our rights to the constitution, i have no problem with them stopping piracy but things that dont involve piracy possibly getting shut down thats when i draw the line

  • Josh

    the only way the people who want the bill to pass can be taught a lesson is to show them what life would actually be like without it. so whether we're talking WWE, UFC or whatever social media site, you must do something to oppose them. I would personally call for a boycott of this weeks RAW. Imagine how we could make the management feel if we give them an under 1.0 rating. This is the only way we can stop this from happening.

    • Tom

      Spread the word, and keep them to join in… It's short notice, but if it isn't big enough, we can always do it another week.

    • Synyster

      I was a fan of WWE and UFC I hope they are both boycotted and crash so they realize the fans are what really built their industries

  • BollyMexCPhT

    Watch this video guys. I called my state rep yesterday to oppose these bills. Am doing my part. Hope everyone else does.

  • sforester

    Apparently, the SOPA and PIPA votes are being "postponed indefinitely". Don't stop until we see in the news that they've been completely stopped.

  • mr shwo

    Vote for Ron Paul

    • BollyMexCPhT

      Ron Paul is BOSS

  • Kayvon

    Richard, I fully support you on this. Our government is way way way out of line and getting out of control. It's starting to feel as if we truly are living in a dictatorship. First it was NDAA a few weeks ago, which by the way, was signed into law on New Years Eve. That bill, in case you all don't know by now, gives the military the right to infinitely detain any American citizen without probably cause and without due process. That right there is a clear violation of our Constitution. SOPA and PIPA, in my opinion, fall right in line with NDAA. SOPA and PIPA would turn over control of the internet to the Pentagon. This not only targets so-called online piracy, but it even affects you and I. You know all of those YouTube clips that I'm sure a lot of us post to our Facebook accounts? Well, if it's say, a copyrighted song, for example, you'd get sued for copyright infringement. I suggest everyone go read the bill and educate themselves. Richard, please leave this post at the top of the site until these bills are shredded up, as you so eloquently put it. I'll finish off by stating that I fully support Ron Paul in his bid for the Republican nomination for the presidency. Regardless of anyone's political affiliation, this is the only man who represents any sort of change from the status quo in either party and he is the only man who stands for freedom but also for restoring the Constitution and the rights granted by our Constitution which have been slowly chipped away from us over the past 11 years since 9/11, in the name of so-called security.

  • Andy

    SOPA bakcwards APOS, "A PIECE OF SHIT"

  • Dave L

    I completely understand why WWE and UFC want this legislation, they make money off of PPV buys. Sites that let you watch the Live PPV's and sites that let you download PPVs are taking money from them. Thinking small that only a few people do it is naive, if even 1000 people who don't buy the PPV download or watch it for free and said ppv is around $50 thats $50,000.

    • Brandon

      Nobody is arguing against the stopping of piracy. What they are arguing is the way the Govt can take control of any sire like this one because they feel its a violation to even report on a subject without there approval. It’s called censorship so they can have more control of our lives.

    • Javier

      And what make you think those 1000 people, if denied the chance to watch the PPV illegally, will be able or willing to pay those $50? These companies will just lose worldwide exposure, that´s all they will get.

      Those like me who live in third world countries where buying a PPV isn´t even an option will only be totally denied of the product. And the same goes with music, movies and the like.

      Those who a) can afford it, B) have the product readily available, and c) -this is the only one that is optional to the individual-,find it worthy of investing their hard earned money to pay for any copyrighted material are already doing it. Buy rates of PPVs, CDs, DVDs, software and the like would amount to exactly zero otherwise, as the pirated content is available to everybody. But those who fail to meet even only one of those three requirements I mention above, when facing the unavailability of a free download will only forfeit the product entirely.

      Wrestling and movies won´t be watched, music won´t be listened or even know, comics won´t be read, etc… But life will go on, only poorer and more limited for many of us. The Third World dwellers completely immersed in its underdevelopment, the cultural gap between poor and rich wider than ever, and the companies won´t have anybody to even talk or care about their product around these parts. Everybody loses, but righteous law is served. Great.

    • abxad

      yea but if i had to pay i wouldnt so they wouldnt get any money from me regardless

  • frank west

    let's boycott them both

  • Logan_Walker
  • havoc525

    This bill would have gotten us one step closer to being like communist China. As much as people label Obama a communist, he’s been set against this from day one. We would have been in a place where, if the government didn’t like what you said, they would just shut you up.

    • Judas86

      Obama also said he would never sign a bill like the National Defense Authorization Act into law. He did that New Year's eve, as a previous poster mentioned. I do feel SOPA and PIPA need to be stopped, but what scares me is how everyone jumps on about those laws, yet the NDAA is barely mentioned. Most people I have talked to about it has never heard of it. We (the united states) are now pretty much under martial law, and the military can act however they see fit, for our "safety".

      • Paul

        Martial Law? Communist China? Exaggerate much?

  • josh

    its stupid taking away youtube,facebook,twitter, and all the fun websites down our economy is struggling and people use these sites to take their minds off of it.

  • Byron

    I agree with Richard. I'm South African and the government passed a bill called the Information Bill recently. It is exactly the same as the above mentioned. The political parties are fighting it. But I agree, this bill is the biggest load of bs and it should be fought tooth and nail!

  • Rob S.

    You shouldn't read too much into WWE and UFC's support of this type of legislation, pretty much all media companies support it. Their main concern is to prevent their copyrighted material from being pirated. These bills are poorly constructed, probably unconstitutional and are pretty much already dead in the water after the protests earlier this week.

  • bettysteve

    SOPA started as a way to stop wikki-leaks, now it has spread to cover anything "the man" wants banned.if SOPA comes, bye bye wrestling, l will vote by not watching, purchasing or even thinking about things wrestling, hear this vince? l may be just one, but l am THE one saying goodbye to your product if you persist in this VKM, and where l am one SAYING it, many, many others are THINKING it.

  • James

    So he makes sure when he says politicians such Lamar smith doesn’t know what they are doing. Takes note of the republicans name but not the democrat. Nor does he mention the president.
    Gee I’m sure that’s just a coincidence. Lmao

  • djcrater68

    Here's how I see this going. If this bill gets approved, then we will be no better than China, North Korea, or Russia. Whats the similarities? ALL countries listed, plus more, already have some of this crap already going on. Last time I checked, I thought we were Red, White, and Blue…you know the United States of America, where we preach the 1st amendment as being "The freedom(s) of religion, petition, SPEECH, press, and assembly."

    The Fallout, if passed:
    Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace, and obviously millions more, will either be shut down for a period of time or completely wiped off the system. Also sites like Wrestling News World will be included if it has a "bad link."
    People like myself and others, we are a system of habit. We like the right to express how we feel and this is great. But when that "right" is taken away from us from a set of lawyers who are about as techno-savvy as a neanderthal, then we can be legitimately screwed!
    For companies, like WWE/NFL/UFC/NBA/MLB etc (the list is too long), it benefits them for people to not be able to take shows and show them on a live stream from certain websites. But in doing so can screw themselves because if the link becomes bad, it will scrutinize everything that they "fought for."

    A lose-lose from a supplier-demander aspect and a win-win for politicians that honestly do not know what they are dealing with.

    The Fallout, if not passed:
    They will have bills like this again, it just needs to be a little more in-depth and specific.

    My final thought:
    If the companies want to stop this dead in their tracks, then you should have the legal right to sue the starter of the group.
    Other website companies, if you want to get around it, have it said in "the fine print" that the account holder who does show legitimate proof of streaming a live event, ie a pay per view (something that needs to be paid for before viewing) will be banned and informed to the proper company.

    Make it the responsibility of the users and sue them. It's as simple as that. This is a radical, and rash, decision that will cause a major problem.

    Save your grey hairs politicians and quit pulling your hair out.

  • Blazeking

    I'm going to say this right now: WWE has NO reason to support any of these bills. They make plenty of money despite the little bit of piracy that hits them. They put Smackdown, Superstars, & NXT online… but offer people no way to watch them offline. That forces people to go to file sharing sites. There's also people who don't have internet at home and they go to the library to download so they can take it home to watch. Where's the piracy on free content that you offer?! DVD's? It's definitely not a secret that uploaders don't upload a %100 copy of a dvd. You want quality and all of the DVD features, you'll buy the DVD. I have. The last Wrestlemania is Awesome on Blu-Ray!

    Let's definitely not forget how it was the Youtube community that started uploading weekly shows first then WWE followed suit. Pretty hypocritical to start supporting these disastrous, Bill Of Rights killing laws. If any of those rights go, there goes the United States Of America and everything the nation was founded upon.

  • matt

    I don't blame WWE for supporting this or any other anti piracy bill because their PPV numbers have dropped and I have in my bookmarks two websites that stream their PPVs flawlessly. In this economy, asking 55 dollars for a long edition of Raw is crazy. I think instead of backing bills like this just to make their point clear, they should focus on WHY their numbers are down

  • Chris_Storm

    Already contacted all of my reps. Side note here, did anyone else notice the young single mom who commented above? She called herself poverty level, while commenting on the internet, from her personal computer, Mac, smart phone or other mobile device that is certainly not free. I wonder malaria stricken, real, poverty level people in third world countries would think of her…….

    • Blazeking

      Like I said in my other post, there are people who use library (public) computers… Don't use the same BS the supporters of these bills tried to pull about poor people. They said people who have refrigerators are poor. After that, I took nothing else they said seriously. It's just propaganda.

  • Chopper

    Plz everyone lets be clever for just now and not mention any website that we can watch free sports on. I know the people already know them but lets nit advertise them. I pay £20 a month to watch wwe and other sports mostly football (real football bot gay rugby with pads aka nfl) so if i can watch a ppv for free then i will. What harm is ut causing nit a world wide war so whats the problem, and it only takes the US to pass a stupid law before our rediculous government would follow. SNP for life.

  • jus2cme27

    the gov’t is out to censor our freedom to use the internet. When the Federal Gov’t is out to block down the WORLD wide web we have a problem.

    Next the Government will police our phone calls. Wait… that was the Patriot act.

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  • the future

    This is great time to be alive. Through social networks and forums, people of all political back grounds are coming together and agreeing that this is a threat to our way of life. This is a pure greed thing, Dana White and Vince would have the internet served up to us in a cable company/pay per view business model, limiting access, and forcing you to pay to supplement websites (i.e. cable channels like lifetime & Oxegen) and dropping websites you love because they won't play ball.