How WWE Is Trying To Appease Undercard Talent & Alleviate Recent Frustrations, Why Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara Were Paired Together, Debunking A Rumor Regarding The Relationship Of Vince McMahon & Triple H; Details On Their Latest Disagreement

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- I'm told WWE officials have an idea of meeting with undercard talent and asking them what direction they would like to take with their respective characters. One observer balked, commenting why pay a creative team to develop storylines and gimmicks if they are just going to ask workers how they can progress them? This certainly seems a way to address recent frustrations that have spilled over to social media posts.

- There are at least preliminary plans of Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara remaining a tag team for the immediate future as Rey's knee still isn't 100% and most importantly, it cuts down on Cara's blown spots. The office's vision for Cara, at least in the eyes of Triple H, is for Cara to be the heir apparent of Mysterio so the team also helps him get over as well.

- We can confirm there is no internal power struggle between Vince McMahon and Triple H despite some publications reporting the contrary. The only notable disagreement between Vince and Hunter lately has been the booking of Brock Lesnar.

  • Kleck

    Everybody working for the weekend…

  • The Choice

    Why ask the workers how they want their character progressed? Because the bookers DON'T know everything. We just had this discussion at MPX last night – certain of us are lacking character depth, so we're supposed to come to the booking team with ideas on where we want to go with each character. At the very least, creative can hear them out and shoot them down, and at the most, a creative compromise can be reached that will work out in both parties' favors.

  • proud

    I think it’s a marvelous idea and if the undercard come up with enough great ideas then this obviously burnt out creative team may get a fresh new look at the talent they have and we may get a fresher product. I sure hope so.

    Thanks Richard

  • Patrick Peralta

    I agree pairing Mysterio and Cara is a good move as was pointed out it helps both guys and gets Sin Cara over.. now if WWE would focus more on The Tag Team division then it will be great for all those involved.

    • StephenSnel23

      They have been. More tag teams, storylines, and devolpment of new teams in NXT (new FCW)

  • Evon Reese

    I wish they would focus on Gabriel and Kidd

  • izblack

    Maybe at some point Sin Cara will turn on Mysterio and we’ll get a feud out of this where Mysterio could really get Cara over

    • Noob Poster

      If Mysterio is going to retire soon, and the money merchandise wise won't be there for much longer then they should turn him heel. If WWE wants to truly replace Mysterio with Sin Cara then the kids will need a babyface cara not heel. That is realistically the only way to replace him imo.

      I just don't know if WWE is competent enough or for that matter has enough time to build it up right for WM29.

      In the mean time, make them both revive the WWE tag division and push them to the moon. And please please god ditch the current title design I just can't take the title seriously with that penny crap.

      Thoughts on the undercard – Turn Kofi heel!