WWE Wants Federal Elections Complaint Filed By The Journal Inquirer Dismissed

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- The following article was written by The Associated Press:

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The professional wrestling company that Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon once oversaw now wants a federal elections complaint filed by a Connecticut newspaper dismissed.

The WWE, formerly known as World Wrestling Entertainment, said the complaint filed by the Journal Inquirer of Manchester "failed to provide a factual basis" for its accusation that the Stamford-based company illegally helped McMahon's campaign when it threatened a lawsuit against the newspaper.

In a statement released Wednesday, WWE called the claim "absurd" and "an abuse of process."

The Journal Inquirer filed its complaint with the Federal Elections Commission after a WWE official accused the newspaper of libel and threatened legal action if it didn't retract two opinion columns written by the managing editor, who asserted McMahon made her fortune from the pornography and violence business.

  • Dangerous Lee

    “formerly” known as world wrestling entertainment? It’s currently known as that…

    • Jaryd

      No it's not. The name of the Company is WWE and it doesn't officially stand for anything anymore, much like KFC is just KFC and not Kentucky Fried Chicken

      • Did you just make that crap up? Wwe stands for World Wrestling Entertainment…. What I think they were trying to say was “formally”, not “formerly”. And do yourself a favor and look on the side of a kfc box….what does it say?

        • Chris

          No. WWE does not stand for anything. It is just WWE. The same way BP is just BP. It USED to mean something else, but now it is officially just those letters.

          I believe when this occurred TNA tried to be funny with their “wrestling matters” bit, because people were complaining that WWE have taken out the wrestling; literally in the case of the name.

        • Chris

          It’s also hilarious that two people here suggest that the freaking AP don’t know the difference between formerly and formally. They do. They also have their facts correct.

  • By “formerly” they mean professionally.