WWE Website Looks At Reasons Why Fans Love & Hate John Cena

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- Wrestling News World reader Corey sent in the following:

WWE's website has a two-part article up asking why do fans cheer for John Cena and why do they chant that he sucks.

Here are a few reasons they list on why fans cheer Cena:

Part One Link

* He follows his own mantra
* He's an inspiration
* He thinks of the children
* He likes Zack Ryder and he isn't The Rock

It appears they have disabled the article on why fans chant Cena sucks but here are a few of the reasons they had listed:

Part Two Link

* You're tired of his shtick
* He's Hulk Hogan all over again
* You think he can't wrestle
* He hogs the spotlight

  • Nick

    I respect Cena because of his dedication to his job and charities.

  • Jeff Ono

    John Cena's fan base: kids up to 14, teenage girls, moms, single women, dads who watch WWE with their kids.

    John Cena's critics: teenage boys, single men from 21 to 45, married women without kids who watch WWE because of their husbands, dads who don't watch WWE with their kids.

    Here's what fascinates me. Go to any live event, especially a big PPV, and watch these two separate blocs of fans. When Cena fans are booing a universal heel (e.g. Alberto Del Rio, Kane, The Miz), they boo the character. When Cena critics are booing John Cena, they boo the person. Cena haters do it with such vitriol that it's palpable, even uncomfortable for an objective observer, at a live event.

    I don't mind the Philadelphia-style booing. But here's what I don't understand. Cena haters seem to have a clouded view of the direction that WWE is taking the character. It seems obvious that WWE opted to integrate the "Rise Above Hate" mantra for dual purposes. It buoys their Corporate Social Responsibility. And it allows them to make the Cena haters become the heels, not John Cena. This way, the company's top babyface elevates tensions in the storyline while creating a somewhat uplifting message for the "real world." But even more, I'm baffled that any Cena haters actually think (or frankly hope) that Cena will lose to the Rock at WM 28. The Rock came back to do something big, and that meant passing the torch to Cena. They knew that it couldn't be forced, so it required a progression of realism — starting by acknowledging the original war of words (that Cena started off-camera). WWE is not teasing a heel turn for Cena, rather they're depicting the struggle of a "hero." If Cena were contrasted against a popular anti-hero (like Bret Hart's program with Steve Austin) and both characters were active, then it would be different. But what are Cena haters thinking when it comes to the Cena-Rock program? Vince wants to sell PPV buys, but he's not about to jeopardize sales of the only superstar that truly sells out arenas.

    Two quick points. First, if you're tired of Cena, that's definitely justified. Just show a little class about it. Second, if you think that John Cena's character needs a reboot, that's hardly a new thought. Just don't be fooled by the self-fulfilling prophecy. Cena and Rock end their program at WM 28 by elevating both superstars, particularly the one who has to keep performing every week. Best wishes to everyone…

    • Vince

      Its funny when people say if cena wins im gunna stop watching wrestling cena is gunna win everyone except big rock marks know

    • sean

      not all teenage boys are cena critics Im a 17 year old boy and Cena is my number 2 favourite wrestler behind CM Punk

  • Booya

    he isn’t The rock so they cheer him? When they cheer the The Rock they blow the roof off

    • Blazeking

      Remember Jericho's return. It's hard to get fans to boo you when you return. And how many "returns" has Rock had last year? I'm just sayin'. If you say "I'm never gonna go away" and then you go away, then come back months later then leave again, you lose credibility.

      It's like WWE wants people to hate Rock more in a way because he's supposed to be the "bully" of Cena. I'm just looking at the whole timing of the "Rise Above The Hate" thing here. Cena spoke the truth about Rock and got people on his side, Rock didn't like that and made lame excuses why he chose movies over wrestling and proceeded to mock & harass Cena by calling him all types of goofy names and such. It no coincidence and that why WWE wanted a whole year to nurture the storyline.

  • FrankTheTank

    Great post Jeff. Couldnt agree with u more

  • Adam

    Dont like him or dislike him ive got my favourites. All the wrestlers do the same moves so u cant use that as an excuse tino 199

  • Ed_Fer

    I watched the Rock vs Hogan wrestlemania match and most part of the match the Rock was booed… looks like WWE plans to do the same with Cena. It was a way of passing the torch from Hogan to the Rock.

  • Tino199

    I don’t like cena because every match he does the same moves over and over again theres no difference . He’s good for
    Charities that’s why wwe is probably keeping him

    • Matt Scott

      No. WWE is “keeping him” cause the guy makes them $1.6m.

      • Bruno

        You mean 120 million

    • Marc Benz

      Yeah, because CM Punk is so unpredictable with his Savage flying elbow, Go To Sleep, and Anaconda. And Randy Orton is so unpredictable with his DDT, back breaker, punt to the head, and RKO. Give me a break.

      Every wrestler in the modern era, except maybe Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Randy Savage and Rick Steamboat (and only a few others), uses the same moves "over and over again." So, that's completely hypocritical. Also, Cena's match against Michaels was MUCH different than his matches against Big Show or Triple H or Batista. Try watching Punk's matches with the same critical eye. Of course, Punk is more talented in the ring, but he's hardly any less predictable.

      • Mr.mondaynight

        It’s not about being predictable cause obviously this is professional wrestling and by your argument every wreastler in the world is predictable. But the difference between guys like orton,punk and a guy like cena is raw talent. Cena not only does the same moves but he does it the exact same way 8/10 times. And the moves he does can be performed by a monkey they are so simple. So at the end of the day you can’t lump these wrestlers together because the in-ring work doesn’t compare.

      • Vince

        U justed named his finshers punk is much more talented but being held bak

        • Matt Scott

          Typical excuse. Hear it far to frequently!

    • Jimbo

      Every face these days has the 4-5 power moves to finish the match. Not just Cena.

    • wwe pay him 106 million a year

      • Bruno

        They pay him about 2 million

  • Cristina

    My final analysis on this is that aside from some real haters who're in desperate need of professional treatment, all the booing is just a bunch of sheep going along with what they think is cool. If he were truly so despised by everyone he wouldn't sell tickets. I mean I haven't been to a WWE show in years, but I can imagine tickets are expensive. You mean to tell me that in this economy you really have NOTHING better to do with your money than buy a ticket to tell a stranger how much you hate him? That makes no sense at all. All this energy you put into loving or hating him just shows that you do care, and have an investment in him. As long as Vince McMahon sees that Cena's never going away. I however don't care about being cool, or fitting in. I know what I like, and I appreciate Cena for what he is, and what he brings to the table.

  • Jim

    Why do people have all of these convaluted reasons for why people dislike Cena? Its like they are so blinded by his goody goodyness that they just can’t figure out how anyone could ever dislike him. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, and I’m sure 99% of the people who dislike Cena will agree with me, that it comes down to just being tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. Some people become bored with things easily. It doesn’t mean they are “sheep” and just following along with the crowd. I have no problem with Cena the person either. In fact I respect him for all the work he puts in for the company and charities. I’ve just grown tired of his on screen character. Just like any other character on TV that has grown stale. Nothing more.

    • Cristina

      I am a Cena fan, and I'll tell you what I find disturbing. The haters have lost all grip on reality. The way of the WWE jungle is that guys get cheered, guys get booed. That's life. But the LEVEL to which Cena-hatred has gone is what I find so twisted to the point of it being uncomfortable. If I had a dollar for everyone I have ever read, or heard say "I hope Cena dies" or "I hope he breaks his neck"or similar comments I'd be rich. I'm sorry but that's just going a bit far.There are wrestling personalities that I'm not too fond of but never ONCE would I wish something bad to happen to them. I don't find Randy Orton very interesting at all, but I would feel real bad if something awful happened to him. Why would I wish harm to guys I don't even know personally? They're not even evil criminals or anything. They're just regular guys who go to work, and do the best they can.That's what I find very twisted about some(not all) of the haters…it's like they've let that hatred eat up their stomachs, and it's all they can think about. That is not normal in anyway.

  • Rennie89x

    Why does cena have to yell everything he says? He seems to be running out of breath at the end of every sentence., and who exactly is he an Inspiration to? What because every time he’s up against someone he squeals the same speech about not backing down and never surrendering or some crap.. And the salute? Does playing a marine in a crappy movie make you a military figure? It’s like Goldberg coming to the ring as Santa Clause.. Cena will always be a Hogan copy who thinks he’s got the charisma of the Rock.. But no one will ever work a crowd like Rocky.. A decent heel turn and a few years in acting school are his only chance in the long run because all these kids are gonna grow up soon and they’ll turn on him too.

  • Dinosaur

    As a 25yr old male I have to say I’m still a huge cena fan the thing I dislike is how much he is pushed as the kiddy hero now. Wouldn’t mind him going back to his smart ass marky mark style!

  • Habitman

    You'd be surprised as to the lengths a hater will go just to…derive some form a of personal pleasure? But I digress; Cena always falls back on the same 4 moves: the running shoulder block; the body slam, followed by "you can't see me"; and of course, the AA. All wrestlers have trademark moves, however his are so basic and aesthetically underpowered that it leaves you questioning the whole character.

    I've seen him hit a dropkick and a flying legdrop off the top rope sporadically, so he is capable of incorporating a few other moves than the ones previously described. I guess Cena is just resting on his laurels as someone who is getting by by selling loads of merchandise and displaying mediocre in-ring ability. The championship really did lose all value between the constant back and forth they had with Cena and HHH reigns.

    Not a personal attack. No reason to hate the individual.

  • steve2

    I think the main difference between Hogan and Cena is the amount of exposure each receives. I remember growing up in the 80s when Hogan was at his peak, you didn’t see him that often. There was the Saturday morning show and the pay per views. He was rarely on Saturdays so when we did get to see him it was like the greatest thing in the world. And we always looked forward to the PPVs. And he always won, but we were ok with that, unlike with Cena.

    With Cena we see him every week on Raw, the majority of the time as the main part of the plotline, and then he headlines EVERY SINGLE PPV. And he always wins. It’s frustrating to watch talented wrestlers be fed to “SuperCena” week after week. There will be a great match going on, but it seems like once the clock hits 10:59, Cena miraculously springs to his feet and hits the AA. It’s not believable. It seems like WWE believes that in order to give the fans their money’s worth, they need to deliver a Cena win so the fans can go home happy.

    It’s just become boring. If WWE did a storyline similar to MVPs losing streak with Cena, I think it would do wonders for his character. Put a few chinks in his armor and see what happens.

    • aGirl

      He's the face of the company, and one that makes BIG MONEY so it would be ridicolous not to use him don't you think?
      And hey, you can't say he headlines EVERY SINGLE PPV anymore cause he didn't even appear on the last one. Yes, only one time in a few years but it still counts.
      And more accurate would be to say he wins MOST of the time, not always. But he's the good guy so how can you expect anything else.
      AND the only thing boring here are people over & over again saying how boring it is.
      I can bet that even WHEN he turns heel, sooner or later ppl will start complaining too for whatever reason.

      • steve2

        completely missed my point… read it again.

    • FeR

      Completely true. People got tired of 'SuperCena', it makes watching Cena's matches boring cause you know he will win anyway or if he loses is because he got screwed about something. Don't remember the last time Cena lost a match because his oponent defeat him legally. Randy Orton was on the same path last year, luckily they didn't make him a completely Superman yet.