WWE Wellness Suspensions, Daniel Bryan & John Cena Crucial To Wrestlemania 30, Rhodes Brothers Ripped Off, Kurt Angle Leaving TNA

Does WWE Wellness test their referees?

Yes, the referees are subject to Wellness testing in WWE. Senior official Mike Chioda was suspended under the WWE Wellness policy on August 15, 2011 and is the only referee to be suspended for a test failure. He returned immediately after his suspension the next month. It's been several months since WWE had a Wellness test suspension as the last on record is the suspension of Ricardo Rodriguez on July 2, 2013. We have details on every WWE Wellness suspension since November 1, 2007 at this link.

What do you think about a program between Daniel Bryan and John Cena?

I would be interested in another program between Daniel Bryan and John Cena, however, I do not expect it any time soon. Both are top level babyfaces with intriguing situations on Sunday. Will Bryan get his payoff? Will John Cena "do the honors" and help elevate Bray Wyatt? Both are key elements to this year's show and its success.

I thought they were going to do Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust at Wrestlemania? Did something change or was it ever even a thought?

A potential Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust program came up for this year's Wrestlemania XXX but didn't make it on the card. The undercard for Wrestlemania has been a disaster and it's an injustice to both of the Rhodes brothers they are crammed in the 30-man Andre the Giant Battle Royal after the year they've had. If WWE wasn't going to do the singles match, which would have been two years late, they should have programmed them in the bout for the tag titles.

Is there a chance that Kurt Angle returns to WWE?

Kurt Angle's contract with TNA Wrestling is up at the end of the summer and the overwhelming belief is that he's leaving. The only question seems to be, where will he land? I think Kurt would welcome another opportunity with WWE but it's unknown if they're interested in him at this stage in his career. He could also end up in Jeff Jarrett's new promotion. Right now, I believe the chances are good he's in his final months with TNA.

From the Ask WNW vault…

February 2013: Does having pay-per-views like Elimination Chamber, Hell in a Cell and TLC hurt the prestige of the gimmick matches and cause them to lose luster? - No, I like the way WWE has handled their B-level pay-per-views with the gimmicks. I’m not a big fan of gimmick matches but when used correctly, they work. WWE has been able to integrate the gimmicks into their B-level shows, making them more meaningful and giving viewers a reason to order, without killing the gimmick matches themselves. They’ve done this by putting the gimmicks on one or two “main event” matches of the show but not making every bout on the card a gimmick. I do not feel the gimmicks should be completely exclusive to their respective pay-per-views as I would have no problem with a Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania. That was talked about for this year’s show but upon last check, they’ve decided against it.

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  • David C

    I personally can’t see why WWE would not have an interest in Kurt Angle.
    I would personally love to see him back in the WWE and working programmes to help further establish guys like Cesaro ( that match sounds like a dream to me). Not to mention a feud between himself and Daniel Bryan, the work would be incredible.

    • David F,

      It all depends if Kurt can pass a WWE physical. With his history of neck problems WWE would be very cautious of putting him back in the ring.

  • King A sshole

    CM Punk leaves the company, and Kurt Angle might come back. That would be about right.

  • Win

    So the program with Cena and Bryan less than a year ago at Summerslam wasn’t enough. All I hear is the WWE Universe doesn’t want more of the same i.e. (Batista, Orton), all for this very site to turnaround and endorse another (Cena, Bryan), feud. My goodness! Make up your minds already.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I have also been really confused by fans recently. ‘Oh I am so bored of John Cena taking the spotlight from everyone – but I really want to see him against the Undertaker at WrestleMania!’; ‘I’m sick of HHH taking up TV – but I want him to insert himself into the main event for no reason and make it a fatal 4-way!’

      Just wait for it; after WrestleMania, they’ll all say they are sick of Daniel Bryan being forced down their throats and he should drop the belt to Bray Wyatt. Then Roman Reigns will get pushed and they’ll all decide they hate him because he can’t wrestle.

      • Tom Lee

        Alway remember don’t listen to the crowd

  • Jasont2300

    Cena will definitely lose to Wyatt, WWE must let Wyatt remain as that top fearing guy similar to the Undertaker, they wont just kill him off already to a guy who have nothing to lose with a loss, maybe would of loss to Top guys like Punk or Daniel, but Cena is already accomplished

  • Terrell

    Why in the hell would Kurt Angle work in Jeff Jarretts promotion? The man is screwing his ex wife as we speak.

    • Jesse Sherwood

      Because they have both said that their relationship is amicable since then. They keep things peaceful and cordial because Kurt and Karen do have kids together.

  • jdl

    The WWE would definitely have an interest in Angle, but the question of the day is whether or not he could pass the required physical tests to enter the ring. Angle is a beaten, broken down,drug addicted alcoholic, I doubt he would make it past the physical.

  • monty

    Kurt angle vs DB

    Kurt vs HBK

    Kurt vs Sting at summerslam 2015

    kurt still has a lot left and if he can come back on shorter contracts like RVD and put on some great match that would be excellent.

    Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust should have happened and should have gotten 15-20 minutes time limit because i believe this match could have stolen the show at WM30

    • Joey

      Angle Vs DB would be Epic

    • Bob’s Diner

      Shawn Michaels retired 4 years ago… you may have missed that…
      Besides, that match already happened at WrestleMania almost 10 years ago when Angle was in his prime and both their bodies weren’t held together by bubblegum.

  • joey

    If Cena wins over Bray Wyatt i think it would kill Bray!