WWE Will Work With TNA When JR Wears Burnt Orange To Rivalry Game

As much as I try to assure some of you that WWE and TNA Wrestling will never run a cross-promoted show, Dixie Carter had to come out and say that she "absolutely" would do it. I'm going to let Jim Ross throw some cold water. The following is from a new blog entry on his official website:

WWE is about as likely to work w/ Impact Wrestling on an event as I am wearing burnt orange to the Oklahoma-Texass Red River Rivalry Game. Ain't gonna happen. WWE has zero to gain by this and I'm surprised that some fans actually think that it "could" happen.

TNA Owner Dixie Carter is a bright lady and made a timely sound byte that many fans, I'm sure, were excited to read but let's be honest...it's not going to happen.

Click here to read JR's Sunday blog in its entirety.

  • Lewis

    I think it’s possible for them to work together…. if WWE bought them out

  • Nostaljack

    Dixie is simply delusional. Her statement proves how totally out of touch she really is. Before she said it, we only assumed. Now, we know…

  • Stoney

    Did jr just call ditsy Dixie bright?

    • opie

      I think he meant like she’s shiny. Yeah. That’s it.

      • Josh_rocker1

        I don’t know…..she’s got several blogs quoting what she said. That’s a ton of free publicity and that’s never a bad thing. Seems pretty bright to me.

  • Chris

    Actually, her statement WAS smart, it got people talking. But, as JR said, WWE has nothing to gain, and everything to lose in that scenario. If you’re the top company, one of your guys losing to the competition devalues your product.

  • Smart Mark

    It would definitely boost WWE and TNA’s rating and viewership during the feud but once its done, TNA’s fan-base is likely to grow from all the publicity which is why WWE probably won’t do it, Would be a dream though.