WWE Workers & Say Over Appearance, What Happened To Flair?, Matt Hardy Update, Kofi's Status

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How much say do WWE workers have in their appearance? For example, Daniel Bryan's beard or CM Punk's shaved head.

When readers ask about "how much say" does so and so have, I always tell them it depends on who it is. The higher up someone is on the card, the more say they have in terms of their character and appearance. WWE has asked workers to cut their hair/trim their facial hair in the past but it's not something that is a common directive. If a worker is lower on the card and a producer makes a suggestion, it's probably in their best interest they comply in hopes of getting their character some momentum. CM Punk on the other hand (like all main eventers) is going to do what he wants.

What happened to Ric Flair?

Ric Flair still wants to return to WWE and recently filed for divorce from his fourth wife. Flair's TNA contract expired last month and he's been waiting to sign a WWE contract but been blocked due to TNA's ongoing litigation against WWE. Flair appeared at the "Gathering of the Juggalos" in August where he was hit with a bottle of water thrown from the crowd. To keep up with Flair check out his news page

What's the latest on Matt Hardy?

Matt Hardy continues to work the independent circuit, including dates with Ring of Honor. As for a return to TNA or WWE, I haven't heard anything but you can't rule anything out in this business. I'm glad to see Matt doing better as you can watch a recent indy appearance with his girlfriend, Reby Sky, at this link.

What is the opinion of Kofi Kingston backstage in WWE?

WWE officials are high up on the work of Kofi Kingston and are rebuilding him as a singles star, which is why they put him over The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship last week. The company also likes his appeal to the younger audience and are looking for ways to further utilize his character. Kofi is in a good place right now but I'm not sure it's anything more than an upper mid-card spot.

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  • Patrick Peralta

    Kofi should do fine as long as he stays away from Orton.

    • Pluto

      LOL Orton doesn't have the stroke he had a few years ago so I'm sure he won;t be a problem anymore

  • that_one_guy

    I hope kofi doesn’t become the next shelton Benjamin all that talent but stuck in mid card hell

  • outkazt09

    Meth Hardy.

  • PhilT81

    Shelton Benjamin never reached the spot that Kofi has reached. Shelton really deserved it but I’d just didn’t happen – his in-ring work was good but creative was a problem that even his Momma couldn’t fix. Kofi is very marketable and whilst I don’t see him as one of the guys the fact that he’s marketable and is such close friends with Punk means that he has a very safe job and will probably stay around the upper midcard and tag title range along with kid-friendly appearances and working the main event from time-to-time. It remains to be seen of he will ever be a regular main eventer.

    • 123_789

      I'd love too see Kofi go heel at some point. Just too see if he could pull it off or not, maybe a change of direction too his gimmick could be what gt's him over the hump. You just never know.

  • Guy Landau

    I said it before and I'll say it again; I do not see Kingston as anything more than a midcard-upper midcard talent. He is good at being carried and hitting a hot comeback (I do mean that as a compliment, it really is not an easy thing; I, for example, suck at it), but I have yet to ever see him carry a good match. I hope he proves me wrong, but until he does he'll never be worthy of more than the IC title in my eyes. Let's just say that Orton halting his push – I don't think it was just his ego, I agree with some of his sentiments about Kofi not being ready.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    In case of appearance, Ryback should've grown some hair a la Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator series. Who's with me now?

    • Maxx Stylez

      Ryback is fine the way he is rayner-troll. He looks strange with hair when I saw him in the indys

    • mike

      No ones ever with you.

    • IM WITH YOU! j/k.

    • diddy

      Nobody is with you and nobody ever will be with so stop bloody asking.

    • again ray…NOBODY IS WITH YOU!

    • unknown

      stop asking who's with me. hasn't worked for u so far

  • ImAwesome420

    I couldn’t see kofi or shelton with the heavyweight or wwe title anyways

  • Nick

    Anyone who knows me (in person) like some of my friends, knows how I despise Matt Hardy with a passion! I don’t hate him to a point where he did something to me or said anything about me, but simply because he had it all and he threw it away! The one and only time Matt Hardy was ever relevant was in 2005 when he had that spill with Edge and Lita. He was stupid because as soon as he heard that fans actually cared he came back very quickly and didn’t care what would happen tomorrow. I was at a Raw show at MSG in 2005 when ppl would chant “you screwed Matt” and “we want Matt” and I guess when he heard that he was just chomping at the bits to come back. I say this everytime I tell this story, if I was Matt I would have waited a while longer, let the fans REALLY REALLY want me back and then try to negotiate an “iron-clad” contract where I get a run in the main event as either wwe or world champion. But of course Matt just wanted to come back because he wanted eveybody to feel sorry for him so he could air his dirty laundry. And another things that pisses me off about him, he’s had the same ol dumb look since 1997! Somone should tell Matt that long hair is not in anymore, just look at Edge and Triple H, two guys who I’d never imagined would get rid of ther golden locks. Mat needs a new look for real! Do you know why ppl love his brother more than him? Because he’s been able to always remain relevant throughout the year with many changes. Plus the different face paints are awesome. I’m not a Jeff hardy fan but I like his face paints.

    • JonnyL

      Where were you when Matt had his braided/dreadlock type hair? It sucked and he looked more bent than a butchers hook, but it was a change

    • Chris

      Dude shut up. Go play the video game and be Hardy’s manager. Jesus

  • Ricky Valdez

    KOFI KINGSTON sky rocketing to new heights in the WWE.

  • Logan_Walker

    Fatt Hardy & Meth Hardy = Junkie Boyz


  • matt

    It's great to see both the Hardy's have their lives back on track

  • Stoney

    Kofi does have everything to be big in the WWE, his mic work is decent (don't expect him to be Flair on the mic) and his in-ring work has gotten better since 2010

  • Stoney

    Flair's legacy has been stabbed, shot and thrown in the wood chipper.

  • _JIM_

    I’m not really a fan of Kofi. For some reason he doesn’t really do it for me. I get that he’s a very athletic worker but I just don’t agree with putting him over Miz so quickly in their feud. It made Miz look weak losing twice in the same week and I feel that he should’ve carried the IC Chamionship for a while longer. If they were so set on Kofi taking the title from him they should’ve made hi have to work for it quite a bit more. Making him struggle to win the championship from Miz would’ve kept Miz looking strong and would’ve done a lot to help Kofi get over more with people who are of the same opinion of him that I am.

    • Synyster

      The fact that they had Miz lose to RyBack isn’t a good sign either…

  • JasonGaza

    If Matt stayed he would have had a WHC run trust me