WWE "Working" Fans By Having Sheamus "Cash In" At Survivor Series

WWE Survivor Series featured a controversial outcome, once again drawing a massive amount of criticism from the Internet Wrestling Community. Literally thousands of people have voiced their displeasure for Roman Reigns going over Dean Ambrose in the finals of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, only for Sheamus to “cash in” and walk out as the new “face of The Authority.” Criticism didn’t go unnoticed from the WWE brass as Road Dogg, who works as a producer with considerable backstage stroke, tweeted this:

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In other words, they know you’re pissed off but they know you’ll be watching Raw tonight. In fact, "pissed off” is exactly what WWE was looking for and it’s why I wrote this on the Facebook page of the Miami Herald’s Jim Varsallone on Saturday morning:


I wasn’t making a prediction but operating on what I knew from behind-the-scenes information we first reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium a couple weeks ago and recapped shortly after the pay-per-view.

I knew that Vince McMahon was extremely stubborn about turning Reigns heel and that he saw Sheamus as a viable replacement for Seth Rollins. And believe it or not, I don’t think it’s the worst possible scenario. I agree with several of you and those within WWE that the BEST choice would have been to turn Roman Reigns, however, it’s just something Vince McMahon has refused to do.

Think about it. Vince went to extraordinary measures to make Roman Reigns a babyface at Royal Rumble — evening bringing in The Rock to draw a pop that didn't happen — and has remained persistent ever since. Vince is the type of guy where he would rather fans boo or cheer the guy he wants them to boo or cheer than dictate his characters based on the reaction of the audience. While that may sound backwards, I truly believe that’s his mentality.

Having written that, with Vince intent on pushing Reigns as a babyface, it only made sense for Sheamus to replace Rollins. Reigns was the heel against Dean Ambrose and the time and resources have not been invested into Ambrose to strap him yet. He still lacks identity, needs his own set of ring gear, and if we’re honest, will probably need to add 10-15 pounds to really be the “type” Vince and Triple H see as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

It was either strap Reigns and have him run with it or have Sheamus “cash in” Money in the Bank and hope the chase of Reigns can finally solidify him as the company’s top babyface. That brings me up to points of agreement with the IWC and points of disagreement with the IWC:

Where I agree with the Internet Wrestling Community:

Despite being Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus has not received a high level of protection since returning to WWE from injury. Some will argue Sheamus is more “mid-card” today then he has been since shocking everyone by going over John Cena for the WWE Championship in 2009. This was evident earlier in the Survivor Series pay-per-view when he was part of the Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match that was meant to be an undercard spot fest. Not only did Sheamus get pinned by Ryback but he didn’t even get a proper introduction. I was caught so off-guard by that, I figured they had abandoned any plan for Sheamus to “cash in.”

Knowing what we know now, Sheamus was probably strategically “underutilized” and then pinned to try to keep the “cash in” as big of a surprise as possible. The story they were trying to tell was that Sheamus was abandoned by The New Day and that triggered loss, not that Sheamus couldn’t handle it. I don’t really think it worked and completely buy the criticism that Sheamus isn’t in a good position to be champion.

Where I disagree with the Internet Wrestling Community:

*Sarcastic tone* Sheamus is WWE World Heavyweight Champion, that’ll fix the ratings problem! Of course not and WWE isn’t hoping that it will. They’re hoping the chase of Sheamus is what is going to fix the ratings problem. They’re hoping the money is going to be in Roman Reigns going after Sheamus, telling the story that he was screwed by Rollins at Wrestlemania 31 and now Sheamus at Survivor Series. Vince wants the guy he sees as his next top babyface to have a redemption story and the only way to tell that story is through a heel champion. It was supposed to be Rollins but a severe knee injury nixed that.

If you are upset or “pissed off” over Sheamus being champion, you’re playing directly into WWE’s hand. People will argue it’s the “wrong kind of heat” but as long as they’re “pissed” and still watching, they're doing exactly what WWE wants them to do. That’s why I opened with Road Dogg’s tweet. They did it because they knew they could get away with it. It’s the story Vince wants to tell and he’s determined to tell it, even if he has to do so with the most vocal portion of his audience kicking and screaming.

The reason Vince takes the IWC with “several grains of sand” (I actually heard him describe it as that) is because he knows they’re the most committed portion of his audience that is impossible to run off and they’re going to watch no matter what. Another thing he, and most of us know, is the IWC likes to complain. Before I wrote my first article on professional wrestling, I used to be a reader just like you. And the websites or newsletters I read back in the 90s were so negative I often wondered why they just didn’t do something else? Seriously, if you hate it this bad, why do you even do it? I'd never seen so much energy dedicated at the sole purpose of being critical.

And that’s the trap I try to urge readers to stay away from. You’re not going to like everything WWE does, in this case, they don’t want you to like it! But it’s important to not be overly critical, especially when you are still going to devote your time and resources towards the product. Remember the #CancelWWENetwork movement? I’m sure the majority of those people watched the pay-per-view last night and will watch WWE TLC next month.

What’s far more concerning to me coming out of Survivor Series is how flat Paige vs. Charlotte fell after so much time and effort and controversy was poured into that. That is what I think should be causing the IWC to wonder what’s up, not so much Sheamus the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. We have to realize WWE sees titles and champions and win/loss records differently than we do. They don’t mean as much in their eyes and if we’re honest, it’s always been that way.

WWE knows why the IWC loves NXT and they know why the IWC is so critical of the main roster. Believe it or not, I was actually hoping Eva Marie would win the WWE NXT Women's Championship at last week's tapings just to see how the fans reacted. Good heat is hard to get and it seems like Sheamus has it. This gives Reigns a big opportunity to get across as a legitimate babyface, so let's see how things play out. Feel free to direct any feedback on our social media pages or in the comments area below.

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  • David F

    It would be nice if WWE pushed their MITB winners strong and not make them a complete jobber

    • Pedro Moreno Pacheco

      they did with rollins.

  • Tone

    good article… they should have let Owens win the belt though….

    • TheBigKing1

      Too early for him.

  • Pedro Moreno Pacheco

    Good article and totally agree. i mean who couldnt see that coming. but i have 1 complain… you spoil the nxt divas tittle match result =(

    • Did he really? Did you honestly think Eva would win? LOL! Of course, I see what you mean but no one thought she’d actually come away with the belt.

      • Gio

        I was not expecting to see Eva win, but I wondered if Trips would actually pull the trigger on Eva.

      • Pedro Moreno Pacheco

        is it wrong that im more interested in that match than i was with the divas championship match at survivor series?

      • TheBigKing1

        He still shouldn’t have spoiled it. That was bad on his part. There was ways of making the point(and even mentioning it) without clearly spoiling it…even if it’s a hint spoiler.

  • As you said, Sheamus was treated like almost nothing prior to this cash-in last night. There’s a bigger problem here: Sheamus isn’t over. No one cares about Sheamus. I know I haven’t since he debuted many moons ago. I should be mad that he’s champion. I’m not. I’m bewildered. That can’t be what WWE was going for. That has a lot to do with the fact that he’s not over. If I disliked him like I’m supposed to, I’d be mad…but I’m not.

    For my part, I was satisfied with Charlotte vs. Paige. Those ladies worked hard and the match was very, very good. That the crowd was dead isn’t anything they could help. They did what they could and told a great story.

    • David F

      I do hope WWE decides go with Charlotte v Sasha at TLC in Boston. The match could even be main event since TLC is throw away ppv

      • TheBigKing1

        That’s 1 that would make sense…whether Boston or not.

    • TheBigKing1

      He gets legit heel. He’s over bro.

      The crowd f*cked up the Charlotte/Paige match. Paige was really trying to get the fans behind Charlotte and boo her…but they just wouldn’t, no matter how hard Paige tried. F ATL. Ya’ll suck!

      • SemiAwesomeGil

        Sheamus may have legit heat right now as WWE Champ, but we’ll see how long he can keep it up.

      • Jay El Bee

        Don’t blame Atlanta just because Charlotte’s awful. They aren’t the first crowd to side with the heel instead of her and they won’t be the last.

  • Pedro Moreno Pacheco

    that moment when king barret and the new day stared in silence to sheamus while he tried to be funnyis the description of his push since he got the MITB briefcase.

  • Gio

    Great article Richard, but my main concern is that the IWC is going to make their passion to make sure that Roman does not become the WHC or even any steam. This was evident on the last AskWNW, when someone mentioned how we, the fans were being force-fed Roman. I really enjoyed the way WWE executed the cash in, but i was irked more by the hypocrisy and irrationality of the IWC in the crowd when they cheered Sheamus because he beat Roman

  • NeronWillRise

    This article is utterly ridiculous. It lacks the courtesy of simple logic.

    1. “You’re watching and that’s exactly what they want you to do. You’re gonna watch no matter what.” This is untrue. Hardcore fans are harder to run off than casual fans, but they will leave. The easier it is for them to make that decision, the quicker it’ll happen. If they watch no matter what, then their ratings wouldn’t be so low. If they watch no matter what, then it’s not them you worry about. It’s the people who might watch you worry about. They’re not gonna watch Sheamus as champion.

    2. “It’s about the chase. They want you to be mad.” Nobody wants to see Reigns chase Sheamus. There’s no money in that. Sheamus being so lame and flat isn’t gonna inspire people to like RR, it’s gonna inspire them to stop watching. Here’s the thing: nobody’s actually angry right now. If that’s the emotion you’re seeing, you’re reading it wrong. I read it as bewilderment, amusement and apathy.

    3. “They know what they’re doing and they’re doing it on purpose” argument. No they don’t. Or they wouldn’t have been shocked when Batista got booed at the RR. Or RR the next year. Stop with this myth that they’re the workers and we’re the worked and that’s just how it is because they know better.

    • If you truly hated it as bad as you claim that you do; you wouldn’t be reading about it today. Think about it. That’s all I ask. There are points I agree with you on and others that I don’t but the main point is – WWE knows they can do whatever they want and the IWC is still going to watch. Even when they claim they’re going to stop. #CancelWWENetwork

      • NeronWillRise

        Did you read what I wrote?

        People don’t hate Sheamus as champion. I don’t see any sense of outrage. They’re befuddled, mildly frustrated, and generally apathetic. Quote me one person who has said that they can’t wait to see RR take the strap off Sheamus. One.

        There’s no IWC. That’s a myth and a fallacy. There are just degrees of passion. The more hardcore you are, the harder it is to run you off. But they will leave. Not out of anger. Out of boredom.

        • “There’s no IWC. ” You lost me with that. But I appreciate your passion and your well-written comments. 😉

          • NeronWillRise

            The “IWC” as you and others use it, is a term created by the wrestling industry to deflect criticism and marginalize people who won’t blindly accept their bad ideas. There’s no “internet movie community” or “internet sports community”. There are just degrees of fans.

            And thanks for the kind words, but you’re article is still wrong. 😉

          • TheBigKing1

            It’s not. It’s his opinion. And he’s right on a lot of things. Why? Because he knows a lot more backstage stuff than you and I do.

          • BlazeKing

            “IWC” is never really used backstage. That’s just the “WWE Universe”. Every cell phone nowadays is connected to the intenet and those cellphones are at the shows as well.

            There is no “IWC”; just wrestling fans. That term arose out of the fact Vince tells you what you like instead of you deciding for yourself and the internet was the place for fans that attended the shows to vent about it. “IWC” is used derogatorily to to diminish the perception of intellect of the fans (where the line “don’t insult our intelligence” was used by said fans in response).

    • “Hardcore fans are harder to run off than casual fans, but they will leave.”

      This is called the “TNA Rule”. LOL!!

      I also agree that on one wants to see Roman Reigns chase Sheamus. No one wants to see Sheamus DO ANYTHING. Almost no one cares about him. Therein lies the problem.

      • One could argue the “hardcore fans” are the only ones left watching… TNA never penetrated the mainstream and drove off their casual base when people like Sting left.

        • They don’t even have all of those. I was one and I took off because of the absolutely horrible gaps in logic and the Russo-esque overbooking. I’m sure I’m not alone.

        • TheBigKing1


      • TheBigKing1

        Speak for yourself dude. I want to see both.

    • TheBigKing1

      Yes they DID in fact know that you was gonna be mad. Sheamus(although very entertaining, imo) is a heet magnet currently…so the booking was perfect. They have to continue to book Reigns the right way. He keeps getting more and more over…so I expect it to continue. But I still don’t think they should rush his title reign. I rather see him beat Owens at Royal Rumble for the IC Title first. Then get the Championship at around Summer Slam.

      And you’re also wrong about who mainly tunes out when the ratings and viewership is down. That’s mainly the casuals. They tune in for Good storylines mainly…Not the wrestling.

  • NeronWillRise

    I’m trying to imagine Verne Gagne explaining how #boycottAWA was really a sign that everything was going smoothly.

    • Jay El Bee

      Are you referring to the #BoycottWWENetwork that actually brought in more subscribers than it lost, that’s easy just show people the numbers and tell them it was the vocal minority.

      • NeronWillRise

        Except they didn’t show anything concrete. Not then. Why do you think WWE Network put out unsubstantiated info to stamp out that fire without providing concrete numbers? No way at all that they gained subscribers from that. They keep those numbers under strict wraps, you think the sudden rumors that the subscribers actually increased was a coincidence? That’s not to say that they lost a ton of people, but having people want to cancel your service cannot be spun into a good thing to anyone with common sense.

  • Steff Benbow

    It actually makes me laugh that grown adults are upset because of the ‘Sheamus’ cash in. It’s totally clear that they’re doing this to build the chase of Roman and to get him sympathy from the audience, the whole celebration, fireworks and confetti, just to lose the belt minutes later. How can you not feel sorry for the guy, then the tears too, it’s all building Roman for the top guy spot.

    It’s really clever booking.

    The problem with Survivor series for me was the weird card line up and the limited effort within the matches, not one of them had a real outstanding match to take the night. ‘Best match on the card’ – I’m struggling to pick one. It seemed as though the taker match was rushed and kept him protected. The whole night there was no risk or wow moment.

    Maybe it was to ensure shock at the end of the night?

    I watch WWE for the wrestling itself and there wasn’t much great wrestling. Cesaro wasn’t on the card, Sasha Banks wasn’t on the card.

    We had cesaro vs reigns which was a great match on Raw this last week but nothing really topped that and it was a PPV….

    Oh yeah, no John Cena either, who’s usually counted on for a great match…yeah I said it!

    So survivor series has a whole, no great matches. But the Chase for Roman, happy to see where that goes and Vince knows what he’s doing…

    • Pedro Moreno Pacheco

      and they ended it all with reings crying. obviuously for us to feel sorry for him.

    • TheBigKing1

      Totally agree. The last set of PPVs had some great matches. This 1…Not so much. The only pop moment was Reigns winning, and Sheamus cashing in and winning afterwards.

  • Santa

    I’m Sorry, But Sheamus cashing in was the most logical choice out all the options that were on the table.

    • TheBigKing1


  • ReignsIsTrash

    Actually, I was set to call the cable company the next day until Sheamus came out. I just can’t feel sympathy for a guy who has had his entire career handed to him and has been propped up by so many other guys. I felt worse for Dean than Roman. Roman represents the privileged and entitled while Dean represents people who are hard done by, yet keep fighting regardless of their constant struggles. As much as I didn’t want Sheamus as champ, I didn’t want Roman Cena to leave with the belt that Dean worked so hard for him to get.

    • TheBigKing1

      Umm…I think you got Reigns confused with ADR dude.

      • ReignsIsTrash

        What?!? How is Del Rio getting pushed through the stratosphere?!! Everyone knows that belt is going back on Cena when he returns. I’d hardly call what he is doing right now a megapush and definitely not say he’s getting the Cena treatment.

        • TheBigKing1

          Reigns clearly hasn’t been “handed” anything..so wth are you talking about?? Storyline wise or in real life. He just has the favor of Vince right now. So if you’re going to be mad at anybody, it should be Vince for that. And tbh, that’s not a good reason to hate somebody. Just because he likes 1 guy, and sees a lot of potential in a man that a lot of us see potential in as well. Cmon now.

          As far as being forced pushed and having ALL your title reigns you have had, and Not deserve it..it’s Del Rio. I like the dude and all…but they literally force feed him to us. When people don’t connect with him like that(as a face or heel), then he shouldn’t have had all these title reigns under his belt. Why? Just to reach the Hispanic demographic? Please! Now Reigns on the other hand has worked extremely hard, and literally proved himself..and he ALWAYS….well most of the time, gets a good reaction from the crowd. So that’s somebody that can be Champion…not 1 that gets hardly any reaction at all. That just shows me that it is forced in ADRs case.

          • ReignsIsTrash

            I think you need to do some research. Vince has had plans for Reigns to be the man since he was super green. Way before the shield even split. And when you consider that even if he falls flat when giving a promo (which Reigns has done sveral times), he’s still guaranteed the top spot no matter what, I’d call that a handout. There is literally nothing Reigns can do to lose his main event push short of getting caught with drugs or something. Hell, I think they’d even forgive that in his case. I’m not defending Del Rio, but Reigns was chosen for his current position a long time ago before he even fully learned what he was doing out there. Del Rio definitely is not getting the Cena treatment though. He is not and never will be in the number 1 spot.

          • TheBigKing1

            True…but you have to admit that Reigns has worked hard for that spot. I admit that over a year ago, when I heard that Vince was prepping this new Golden Boy for a top spot AND to be the 1 to beat Brock Lesnar, I was like Really?? Him?? Has he lost his mind. Dude was green af. So just because he has the look that he likes, then he is going to be the 1 to beat the Beast for the title…the same 1 that ended The Streak?? That was the most stupidest thing I heard. So of course, I didn’t like Reigns at that time…because I maybe felt like you feel about him now.

            But Then he got injured, and I kinda felt bad for him. And I’m not usually a hater, so I questioned why I don’t like this guy. I don’t know him personally. I just don’t like his push. Then I saw some interviews he did, and thought he was a cool dude. So I finally let go of my hate toward him. I actually liked him more because everybody online was hating him for no reason…and I don’t like to be like everybody else. I was somewhat ok with him winning at WM31 now(after he proved himself with that match with D Bryan at Fastlane)…but ONLY if Rollins cashed in on him right after he won it(like Sheamus did at Survivor Series). But they had Rollins cash in earlier. It worked out perfectly the original way it went. My main thing with him, that I thought would fix his booking was, after WrestleMania, you don’t have to turn him heel, like everybody kept saying. I said have him go back down to midcard for a little bit, have some good midcard feuds, and get a midcard title, BEFORE he finally captures the big title. They did all of thee above EXCEPT give him a midcard title. They need to do that first before he should have a good long run with the title, imo.

            As far as how Vince feels, I honestly think that if Reigns crashed and burned, then Reigns wouldn’t have been still in Vinces favor. That’s what I think. Remember, Vince at 1 time thought Ryback was going to be that guy…but the momentum didn’t keep up, so you can only push but so far. You can’t really force it. And the WWE isn’t forcing Reigns, because (despite some boos every now and then), he still gets some good pops most of the time. He has a ton of fans, fans that make a lot of signs about their favorite wrestler. The WWE didn’t put those signs in those peoples hands…this isn’t TNA bro. And on top of that, Reigns worked extra hard, showed that he’s hungry, and if he knew he had Vince McMahon’s favor and all that, he really tried to prove that he belongs in that top spot that Vince saw he could and possibly would be in. So props to Reigns for that. You gotta admit, he proved you wrong at least once or twice with some of his matches within the last year or so. Keep it real bro. Idk if it’s the criticism he gets that makes him feel like he wants to and has to prove himself, or he’s just trying to prove it to Vince…but he’s doing his thing, and he’s going to be alright. I can now see him as a top guy..and I know a lot of others can too.

          • ReignsIsTrash

            Sure, Reigns has had a few decent matches here and there, but for the most part they are underwhelming. There was even an instance a few months ago when the fans pointed out that he was sleeping(selling) outside the ring while Ambrose was doing all the work. Plus, as far as midcard feuds go, all he’s really had was a short feud with Big Slow and a terrible feud with Bray Wyatt. Not only was this feud full of boring promos, but it dragged on for months even though everybody knew it would end with Cena…. I mean Reigns going over. The only reason he got cheers during this feud was the WWE creative getting him to do the table spots while everybody else was having straight matches. WWE has basically just been booking him the same way Cena has been booked for years, which is easy booking and pretty much guaranteed to get the casual wrestling fans behind him. I simply don’t buy that this guy should be leading the pack. If that means I hate him as a person, then I guess that’s what I do. I mean, everyone knows that if I see the same type of booking they’ve been doing for the last ten years and don’t like hard working guys propping up the handpicked new Cena, it must mean that I have a personal problem with him. I should just get over my hate and pretend to be entertained by him. I should also just accept when they depush likable guys because I’ll at least know they are doing it to benefit Roman Reigns.

          • A_Aurelia

            Quick question, did you watch Survivor Series? Did you hear the crowd when Roman actually won the title for those 5 minutes? How absolutely dead it was? A pin could have dropped in that arena man.

            Not saying Reigns should never be champion, but you’re overstating how great you think everyone feels about him being champ.

          • TheBigKing1

            Are you stalking me now dude? From 1 sight to another in a matter of minutes. Hmm. It’s getting a little creepy now.

          • A_Aurelia

            Didn’t realize it was another site, I clicked on your name after reading your claims that only a minority of idiots dislike Roman for “no reason” to see what your mindset is, and saw a bunch I felt compelled to respond to.

  • Dave Barton

    There was a time being pissed off at a wrestler or an angle meant business was booming. Now it’s a sign that a fan doesn’t buy into the suspension of disbelief that drives the pro wrestling industry because the fan thinks he could book a better show.

    Kinda sad when you think about it that we deny ourselves our own enjoyment of the product due to our own egos of thinking we could do better. Not a terrible trait to have self confidence, but its gone way overboard in the last few years.

    • joshs

      so true

  • kingdook24

    Here’s my take on this. They straight copied two storylines with Roman winning the big one, only to be screwed & lose the title (Summerslam with Daniel Bryan). Sheamus having a match on the card & going under yet still looking strong only to go on & cash-in the MITB briefcase & win the title (WM with Seth Rollins). The exact same two storylines.

    We saw for almost half a year Bryan chasing Orton for that title to ultimately win the title finally, yet we the fans & Bryan didn’t get to reap the rewards because he got injured, and has still been injured. At this point, I’m tired of watching the face chase the heel for the title. I’m ready for a solid face champion. We had a heel champion in Rollins for almost a year, only to be right back to another heel champion. And 2 of the last 3 champions, yes including Roman, all won the title weaselly with the MITB briefcase. This MITB stipulation has made me a believer now that MITB truly only benefits the heels & im bored with it. This MITB briefcase, IMO, is diminishing the value of the WWE WHC.

    I’m sure Vince thinks screwing Reigns again will help him gain sympathy as he “chases” the title again. But I’m tired of seeing of that, I honestly won’t be watching as often now because of it. Hell, I basically have been doing that already since Rollins has been champion. “Smart” fans are tired of Cena as winning, yet Cena has done his share of putting people over a lot more as of late, but Rollins was basically doing the same thing every PPV by winning by DQs, no contests, or cheating.

    I had to watch Bryan get beat down practically every RAW as he was chasing the title. It’s the same with Reigns, instead of the constant beatdowns like Bryan, Reigns is just constantly getting screwed. Just like fans get tired of weasel champions cheating (Rollins is basically almost every title defense), they’ll get tired of Reigns getting screwed constantly & lose faith in him.

    Eventually… The good guy has gotta win. I just hope Reigns, Ambrose, whoever just does it soon before they’re on the IL like Bryan.

    • TheBigKing1

      Be patient grasshopper. Reigns will win the IC Title from Owens at Royal Rumble, and he will win the big Championship next year. He will get his moment.

      But I agree with how you feel about the MITB briefcase. This year was the time for a face to win it. Everybody felt that. I was hoping my man Ziggler would win that. And even though I like Sheamus, I was holding out hope that he would put his briefcase on the line against Ziggler, and Ziggle beat him for it and cash in on the slimy Rollins. That made the most sense. But WWE didn’t do that. So the position they are in and how they booked things so far, they booked it great. Now a good face will win the Royal Rumble, and beat Sheamus at WM32. That’s how it should go.

  • Snap

    I agree where Richard does about how Sheamus hasn’t exactly been portrayed as anything other than a joke character like Santino, however such a portrayal would make a successful cash in more shocking considering they had Sandow fail.

    On the second point, I… actually don’t have a reaction, I’m just not invested in the current state of WWE to really care. I read who won and thought something along the lines of “oh, that’s how people thought it would turn out.” At the absolute very least, it’s not yet another Cena title run so there are some silver linings for people if they are looking for one.

    The one thing the article shines a spotlight on is how Vince McMahon really is the problem in WWE right now. Obviously, his stubbornness only extends to those he sees as main event level guys, considering how much he screwed around with the Tensai character when it didn’t receive the desired reaction right out of the gate.

    • SemiAwesomeGil

      Agree with everything you said.

  • Toaster

    I completely agree with Paige vs Charlotte falling flat, which is heartbreaking, and with some of your analysis, Richard. But, the part about the chase being a fix for the ratings? I can’t buy it. I love Rollins, but 7 months of him holding the belt and being a chicken—- champion being chased by faces hasn’t helped the ratings pull out of their slump at all. Also, Sheamus is even less worthy of a champ (storyline wise) than he was at any point, so why should people watch a loser champion (pardon the harsh tone) escape with the belt time and time again. Even worse, what if Sheamus suddenly becomes a credible threat?
    As a former Reigns-hater, I know I’m eating crow when I say this, but Reigns as champ would’ve been the better choice (I think a maniac Ambrose would have been best of all, with no allegiance to Reigns or the Authority).

  • Kleck

    I’m not pissed off, I’m disappointed that I have to suffer through months of Heavy doses of personality-less Sheamus. I think Reigns should have progressed forward with a heel turn.

    • TheBigKing1

      Are You Not Entertained?? Haha. I love it

    • BlazeKing

      At this rate, we’ll never get FCW/NXT Roman Reigns back…

  • S_Pehm

    Thanks for spoiling NXT this week! I know that it’s pretty much expected for Bayley to go over Eva but there are still people who try to avoid spoilers despite how predictable it’ll be, but besides that I do agree with what you said. We live in a society were it’s easier to complain than enjoy the show.

  • Pedro Moreno Pacheco

    so what will happen with King Barret? he will split from sheamus or the king will become the jester in sheamus kingdom?

  • BlackLotus

    Maybe im missing something but Roman doesnt have to turn heel. Have him say “screw you” to hunter’s offer to join the authority and make him a strong face champ. Make it a new spin on the austin/vince feud. I think Vinnie-Mac has forgotten the simple concept of a babyface champ. The last few champs have been heels, its more than time for a face champ.

    • Avalanchian

      Yeah I am quite tired of the Heel champ

  • ClintMurphy

    Its not that people are pissed off, its more like they are disgusted with WWE

  • TheBigKing1

    I totally agree with everything you said Richard. It was the perfect booking opportunity to accomplish their goal, and 1 that actually made sense. Not any suggestions of Reigns or Ambrose joining the Authority, like these idiots in the IWC have said he should. And the reason why these clown ass fans whine and cry and complain so much, is because they are not like me and you Richard. Me and you are about the same age. These smarky fans are literally kids…so that’s what kids do.

    But it worked out great either way. A heel that the IWC can and really does boo. That’s great. Gone are the days that a heel can just be a heel to get easy good heat. Nowadays, he has to be a coward champion(Ie: Rollins) or something like that. But if its a good heel that people seem to not take a liking to(Ie: Sheamus), then it works out perfectly. He’s a legit Champion, and he will get a legit heel. So it was the best booking scenario.

    And btw, yes that was alarming on the Paige/Charlotte match. WTF man. I know nowadays, a few heels try to get the fans to cheer their opponent a little more and boo them, when there are kinda dead…like Owens does in a slick way. Lol. But Paige was trying so hard…and she still couldn’t do it. It sucked man. That ATL crowd sucked ass man. Jeez!

  • SemiAwesomeGil

    “He still lacks identity, needs his own set of ring gear…”

    Were you talking about Roman Reigns?

  • Patrick

    WWE can spin it anyway they want but if raitings continue to go down. all the reasoning of Fans will still come back goes out the window and shows WWE is not as smart as they think they are.. sure some fans will continue to watch while others will move on to there things or promotions.

    Even if the majority of Fans love Reigns. WWE doing this having Reigns chase the Title angle is going to bore the fans over time and by time Vince desides to put the Title on him Fans won’t care. because they took to long to do it.

    ROH had that bad happen of waiting to long to put their Title on a Wrestler they chose and fans loved. ROH Fans liked Tyler Black ( Rollins ) , Davy Richard, Michael Elgin, Rodrick Strong but ROH took to long putting the belt on them and by time they did Fans didn’t care and soon after started booing them.

    the old school chaseing for the Title doesn’t mean as much to today’s fans as it did 30 or 40 years ago. todays fans are just to impatient.

  • BlazeKing

    “he reason Vince takes the IWC with “several grains of sand” (I actually
    heard him describe it as that) is because he knows they’re the most
    committed portion of his audience that is impossible to run off and
    they’re going to watch no matter what.”

    And that’s why I watched a total of 30 minutes of a 3-hour program… NCIS: LA ended *my* night this time!