WWE's Anti-Blood Policy, Swagger To Be Suspended?, Android App, Piledriver Banned

You've gone on record several times saying that you are against blading and I completely agree. But how do you feel about WWE going out of their way to avoid blood when a performer is busted open the hard way like they did by showing only the left side of Brock's head when he was standing on the ramp last night?

I missed the opening segment of this week's WWE Raw and had to result to the black and white footage WWE posted on YouTube (link here). While away, my phone was blowing up about Lesnar bleeding like a stuck pig. After reviewing the footage and listening to my sources, it's clear Lesnar cut his head on an exposed hook underneath the turnbuckle pad. The reason WWE tried to keep the cameras off the blood and made the footage black and white on YouTube has to do with their PG initiative. Excessive amounts of blood will cause the TV parental guidelines to change the rating from PG to TV-14, something Vince McMahon refuses to do.

Is it inevitable that Jack Swagger will be suspended?

No, testing positive for marijuana carries a $2500 fine but no Wellness strike or suspension. The Wellness policy also does not stipulate a mandatory suspension or strike for a DUI charge. So even if he's convicted on the DUI charge, WWE is not forced to suspend him. However, section 14 of the Wellness policy gives WWE the right to immediately dismiss a talent that is arrested, convicted or admits to a violation of law relating to use, possession, purchase, sale or distribution of drugs. In short, WWE had the ability to terminate Swagger, however, he's safe for now.

Do you all have an Android App?

This has been one of the most popular questions for the past three and a half years and today I can proudly answer to you that yes, we do have an Android Application. The App is called Dirt Sheet and it is now available for free download here in Google Play. We already have a Wrestling News World iPhone App that is available here but I can also tell you that Dirt Sheet is coming to the iPhone and iPad. As of this writing we do not have a release date but are hoping to make an announcement within the next week. You can explore all of the App features here on DirtSheet.com.

Was Vince McMahon upset at CM Punk using the piledriver in the main event of this week's WWE Raw? I thought it was banned?

Yes, Vince McMahon was livid. Nothing about the spot was mentioned prior to the bout but Vince threw a fit (and his drink) backstage while giving a producer an earful. We have more details here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium.

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  • If you’re a fan, you’re a mark

    So, Vince was upset at CM Punk for delivering the pile driver, but not at John Cena for taking it? If you think that John Cena “had” to take the pile driver, you’re wrong. If you don’t want someone to hit you with something you don’t have to go along with it.

    • They both got chewed out for it.

      • Loren Goldstein

        To me it’s akin to the chair to the head shot between HHH and Taker a few years back.

      • sammy

        Did u honestly mark out at the use of the piledriver..I was saying to myself “oh sh#t” this is great. A raw classic

        • Xavier

          Barely a RAW classic. Maybe a classic if it was on WWE Superstars.

      • Jimmy

        Not like Vince is gonna get rid of his #1 and #2 guys so its smart that they pulled out all the moves for a great match.

      • If you’re a fan, you’re a mark

        Ok then. All the reports seemed to indicate that only CM Punk got chewed out for it.

    • Xavier

      I’d like to see you fight out of a piledriver you Vince mark.

  • Loren Goldstein

    I have to say I though the pile driver was one of the highlights of the match. To me it showed them pulling out all the stops to try to put the other guy down. Along with Cena’s(admittedly horrible) hurricarana, it was nice to see some variation in the match. For sure a MotY candidate.

  • Kind of hypocritical to run an anti bullying program on one hand while allowing someone to continue their program undeterred, despite a DUI, don’t you think? Not sure it’s the best message to send to today’s youth.

    • sergeprotector

      Not sure how you relate a DUI with bullying.

      • Xavier

        Not sure how you relate CM Sucks with the main event but all you internet marks do it anyway.

      • Seems the message is that it’s okay to be reckless as long as you’re “a STAR.”

      • Hardy

        I think he means as a role model for youths

  • CJ Blaze

    I just can’t believe that Cena even hit Punk with a hurricanranna! (however it is said or spelled)

    • John

      He has done it before against Dolph Ziggler.

  • Alex P

    I was gonna say regarding marijuana and the wellness policy, didn’t the WWE suspend Rob Van Dam while he was WWE Champ and strip of the title back when he had it?

    • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

      Rob also had vicodin, I think.

      • Xavier

        Rob sucked as champ anyway. he doesn’t have the “IT” factor.

        • Terra Ryzing

          And you know this how?

          • Just saying

            Don’t listen to “Xavier”!.. He knows NOTHING!! He’s just cena’s personal cumbucket!!!

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    I didn’t know that about the rating system. Thanks for the info, Richard.
    Will Punk and/or Cena be punished for the piledriver spot? I mean, it was a good, entertaining spot and no one got hurt. So, its cool, right? Especially since its #1&2 who did it?

    • Xavier

      Yea lets just let every WWE Superstar do whatever the hell they want as long as they get hurt right?

  • Read

    Im so sick that the piledriver is banned. I was so happy when i seen it last night. I disagree with the blading. It should only be done when needed. Like in, chamber matches, hell in a cells, tlc, ladders, street fights, etc. If its a feud like Lesnas / HHH, blood should be allowed. Its a blood feud. It makes the story so much more than it is. You drew blood.

  • Dangerous Lee

    The “ban” on blood is like the ban on anything in the WWE: from chair shots to the head to performance enhancers such as steroids, it’s allowed “sometimes” depending on who it is and their position in the company.

  • Jimmy

    It shows that Punk can improvise on moves that are in his range. Great to see and makes me know that Punk can step it up when needed.

  • Ant

    Things like blood and pile drivers work because they’re not used much. Case and point I had the remote in my hand and was about to change the channel during the HHH Lesnar segment because I can’t stand Brock Lesnar but when I saw all of the blood I left it on because I thought wow something is going on here.

    • Boogie

      Lol. Bloodthirsty weirdo

  • Xavier

    Once again proving that CM Sucks can do whatever he wants without getting any consequences. Whether its doing a piledriver, speaking off-script or hitting a fan. If i was that fan than you would not have seen Punk leave that arena unless it was in an ambulance.

    • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

      Ha! Ok.

    • Snap

      Big tough words when you can hide behind a keyboard.

      I’m pretty sure any of the trained wrestlers in WWE could hold their own against any big mouthed fan who think looks alone are an indication of ability. All it would take is for any of them to know the right pressure point and the “fight” would be over.

      I don’t damn Punk (nor would I damn Cena or any other wrestler) for protecting himself when there are idiots shoving him, potentially trying to shove him down the stairs. Yes, the guy who got hit wasn’t the one who actually shoved Punk, but how could Punk have possibly known that when he was shoved from BEHIND? Can YOU see 180 degrees from the direction you are looking?

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen Cena “haters” actually treat Punk like the Punk haters treat him. Cheer who you want, boo who you want, but keep your hands off them otherwise you’re fair game.

    • Just saying

      LaFao!!! Yeah right!.. You’ve probably never been in a fight in your life little guy ..

    • wrestlingfan4life

      Xavier, do you even know what you are talking about? CM Punk is trained in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, training he received from Renee Gracie. Did you see what he hit that fan with? It was a spinning backfist. Punk took several shoves and hits from the fans before he finally struck back. Yes, he hit the wrong guy. By that I mean that the guy he hit was the intended target, just not the fan who had shoved Punk just prior to the fist being deployed. That fan was too big of a coward to walk up behind Punk and shove him; he had to reach between fans to do it so that Punk wouldn’t know who it was. The fan Punk hit never even saw the punch coming. So if you had been that fan, I doubt very seriously that you would have had Punk leaving the arena in an ambulance. The much more likely scenario would be you leaving in either an ambulance or a police car.

  • FactionZer0

    The Cena vs Punk match was probably one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen. They really went at it and showed the emotion behind it. Cena with a powerbomb, and then Punk with a piledriver? My jaw dropped. I’m not even angry about Cena winning after that match.

  • _JIM_

    I was totally shocked when Punk used the piledriver on Cena, but shocked in a good way! Yeah it’s dangerous, but if performed properly, and the opponent is prepared for it, it’s ok in my opinion. Performers use moves just as dangerous all the time. The Tombstone could end badly if messed up, but Vince would never tell Undertaker to change his finisher.

    I’m also happy to see Swagger isn’t going to be losing his spot or his push so it seems. Yeah he made a mistake, but receiving a DUI because you are supposedly stoned is ridiculous IMO. Pot just doesn’t effect your ability to drive like alcohol does. With pot becoming legal in a lot of states it is going to be hard for WWE to punish a performer at all for using it. Plus it’s nowhere near as damaging health wise as alcohol is for prople. Neither should become a habit for the user, but pot is by far the healthier option of the two. When have you ever heard of somebody smoking themselves to death? The issue for Swagger is the arrest and those charges, but with his money he will be able to make those go away without much trouble. I just hope he’s learned his lesson. There’s a place for everything and in a car usually isn’t that place…

    • Hardy

      And there’s me thinking smoking causes cancer, lung and heart disease? I agree that alcohol is the worst of the two, but marijuana is equally as bad in the long run. With his money and if he keeps on smoking it, it could be a risk to his mental health.

      • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

        ….no… just, no.

    • wrestlingfan4life

      You’ve got a valid point when you state that “[p]erformers use moves just as dangerous all the time.” In fact, a regular move, such as a back body drop can be dangerous if performed improperly. Don’t believe me? Just ask Cody Rhodes.

  • Chris Corkhill

    I read something somebody put further down saying that its going to be hard for WWE to punish wrestlers for pot Because it legal in some states. Isn’t alcohol legal in every state yet they will still punish them for drinking offences ( I can’t see what I’m writing so if this don’t make sense I apologise