WWE's Earnings Miss, Tough Enough Season Two, Which Match Should Close Wrestlemania XXVIII?, Referees/Wellness

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With bad WWE financial news and pay-per-view buys off, is WWE in trouble of going out of business?

WWE is a very solid company and isn't anywhere close to going out of business. They reported disappointing quarter four and overall 2011 earnings but Vince McMahon blamed 95% of it on WWE Studios and TV licensing deals. WWE is a diversified international powerhouse with multiple revenue streams geared for long-term success. There are clearly areas of concern, such as WWE Studios, but a firm foundation has been formed to keep them the top pro wrestling company in the world for the foreseeable future.

Though none of the contestants have made an impact (yet) in the WWE, are there plans to bring back Tough Enough after the ratings success of last year?

So far there are no plans for a second season of the revamped WWE Tough Enough although WWE officials were very happy with how the show did last year on the USA Network. If there is a second season, the training cast is expected to remain intact with Steve Austin, Bill DeMott, Booker T and Trish Stratus.

Which match do you see closing Wrestlemania XXVIII - The Rock vs. John Cena or Triple H vs. The Undertaker?

Usually this can be debated but this year I would be shocked if Wrestlemania XXVIII is not closed by The Rock vs. John Cena. Rock/Cena is a bout WWE has been building for an entire year and is what they’ve been leveraging the entire show on. It would be very difficult if not impossible for any match to follow Cena vs. Rock.

Are WWE referees held to the same standards when it comes to their Wellness Policy?

Yes, WWE referees are tested under the company Wellness Policy. Senior referee Mike Chioda was suspended for 30 days last August for his first violation of the WWE Wellness Policy and was the first referee to have a documented Wellness Policy suspension.

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  • William

    I've been wanting to say something about the WWE Studio matter because it has bug the crap outta me! Vince is blaming the WWE Studio department and is if shuts it down it would be a mistake. They have only themselves to blame because ever since WWE went PG they felt the need to turn all the movies they do PG as well. I dont know if anybody saw the pattern but I certaintly did! Before the PG era we saw such movies as the Marine, See No Evil and Behind Enemy Lines Colombia…During the PG era we starting seeing movies such as Legendary, The Chaperone, and (That movie with Big Show and the one with Orton which I forgot the title and that one with Orton was horrible!). I mean Vince thinks that ppl have to put up with PG movies just like we put up with PG programing every week, sorry buster, we dont!

    • WNW Fan

      No disrespect to anyone but I say don't watch then. No one makes any of you put up with WWE PG. Last time I checked it was a free country and you can watch or not watch what you want. A lot of you obviously like the WWE enough and have enough interest in the movies to watch their products to begin with otherwise none of you who complain wouldn't watch in the first place. Its simple. You don't like it, turn the channel, don't buy any merchandise, don't go see any of their movies. The loss of revenue and only the loss of revenue would even remotely begin to change anything. Just my humble opinion.

      • William

        I watch WWe because of certain wrestlers that I grew up watching, seeing The Rock come back is certainly a great thing for me because I was in my late teens during the attitude era and I would watch it religiously! To me the attitude era ended a long time ago but the post attitude era was still good, not as edgy but still good! In 2008 when the pg era came in I watched but not religiously anymore and do you think I go to their shows? Do you think I buy their merchandise? Hell no! Like you said, it’s a free country do whatever I’m gonna get from wee I’m gonna get it for free! But the point in making here is about the revenues! The income in which has declined and that’s because WWE felt the need to make their movies PG as well just like their wrestling show and any fan who already is bugged out by the PG era will certainly not contribute to it! I like watching wwe mostly during the RTWM, which is basically the Royal Rumble (that format never changed) and WM itself.


    Ink sorry but that first question it’s kind of ignorant, to think one bad quarter equals bankruptcy is just not smart at all.

    • Yeah but I just keep seeing all negative things about money and ppv buy rates so I was just asking if wwe was starting to get in danger

  • havoc525

    Year long build or not, I got a feeling Undertaker and Triple H in the cell is going to be THE match of the night.

    • vivalajady

      im thinking the same thing

  • Jason

    The fact that the Undertaker and Triple H are most likely not going to be the main event, shows me that it is most likely that The Undertaker will not lose this match.

    Triple has nothing to gain by ending his career with a victory over Taker, and 19 years of build up would be completely wasted to allow someone else who is ending their career to take that title.

    The honor of beating Taker should either go to no one at all, or someone like CM Punk who has years ahead of him, has a great base of support, but can still grow in popularity and accomplishment.


    I’m not ink. Damn autocorrect

  • John

    They'll have to break WrestleMania up into something like two 2 hour shows where HHH/Undertaker will take place towards the end of the second hour with Cena/Rock being the main event. Whatever way they do it, they have to keep those matches well apart as they have made the mistake of burning out the crowd so many times in the past.

  • T-Boy

    The reason Tough Enough got so many ratings is because of STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN.

  • Thanks for choosing my question ( the first one ) much appreciated

  • Doug

    I surmise that Senior referee Mike Chioda may have been deliberately distracted by Vickie Guerrero and accidentally used the banned substance.

  • liam_fan

    i noticed neither the WWE or World Title matches are considered as viable main events!

  • Andrew

    The match of the night Hands down is going to be Punk vs Jericho. I read Jerichos book and he wasn’t pleased when Rock and Hogan stole the show from him and Triple H. Punk and Jericho I’m sure will get together and say “we are the best in the world and should be the main event. Let’s go out there and stop the show”

  • Ricky Valdez

    This years wrestlemania is so historic because of taker HHH, that it has to go last, it will be the end of an era. The undertaker deserves it, will be so sad to most likely see him for the last time, from what I’m seeing this will be the end, every other headliner at wrestlemania has to step aside and let taker have the last match out of respect.

    • The arbiter

      I saw HHH vs Taker…. last year, I fail to get why people are so excited about a rematch between two old guys with bad knees. It will be slow and have 100 false finishes…. thats about it.

      • Joe

        Cause it’s in HIAC bro and who nows maybe the’ll go all out

  • monty

    instead of doing so many PPV wwe should either get the tv network done or maybe hold 8ppv in the whole year. 10 at max. Give Each ppv some time to develop stop the gimmicks give us not good but great wrestling feuds/matches and we will buy. So many PPV so little time in between. I believe if there were 8 the buy rates would be a lot higher and the quality of matches would be better along with feuds.

    wrestling is suppose to make us believe something is real like stone cold era against vince and the way CM.Punk got so hot doing great promos. give us cutting edge stories where people can say to them-self what's real and what's a story

    even though rock-cena will close out it should be HHH vs Undertaker, after the HITC match i believe there will be no way for rock-cena to live up to the hype so hopefully vince along with others realize that and understand this maybe the last match for both hhh and taker