WWE's First Aussie?, Chris Jericho Rejoins Fozzy, HBK Joins Steve Austin

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Silva Thinks He's WWE's First Aussie

The Herald Sun has a new article online on WWE developmental talent Matt Silva signing with the company. The article calls Silva "the first Australian to join WWE" and Silva talks about being the first Aussie to compete in the company. While Silva should be proud of making it to WWE, he's not the first Aussie talent. Remember Nathan Jones? You can read the full article at this link.

Chris Jericho Rejoins Fozzy

Following this week's WWE television tapings, Chris Jericho is headed to the UK to rejoin his band Fozzy. If you're interested in checking out the band you can view their full touring schedule at this link.

Shawn Michaels & Steve Austin

Shawn Michaels is a guest on episode two of "The Steve Austin Show" with Steve Austin. Click here to listen now.

  • KingKongBrody

    HEY Outback Jack the greatest Aussie to ever grace a WWF ring. God if only his career wasn’t cut short by Killer Kahn, but after his in ring career ended he became the greatest Aussie pitch man ever that’s why I bought all those WWF ice cream bars, (and they tasted great too)

    • No wonder CM punk wanted them back on the market lol

  • Ricky

    Tony Garrera (sp?), The Bushwhackers, Outback Jack, Nathan Jones, Emma
    He needed to do research before shooting his mouth off.

    • D_gilbert88

      Bushwhackers were from New Zealand.

      • Miles Wisker

        That’s Luke calling s Scotsman English! Kia Ora busheacker Luke….

        • Miles Wisker

          Like* bushwacker* for all you spelling pricks

    • KingKongBrody

      So do you Tony and the Bushwhackers are from New Zealand

    • I forgot about Outback Jack.

  • KingKongBrody

    HEY Outback Jack is the greatest wrestler to ever grace a WWF ring, if only his career wasn’t cut short by Killer Kahn. After his in ring career was cut short he became the greatest Aussie pitch man of all time (take that Paul Hogan and your shirmp and barbee) that’s why I bought all those WWF ice cream bars (they tasted good too)

  • Mike

    When I met him a couple of weeks ago, the guys before me said to him “how does it feel to be the first Aussie wwe superstar?” And he clearly said to them that he isn’t the first and .

    Plus read what he said on his facebook page about that article. It’s false. He is a class act.

  • He didn’t say he was the “first Aussie”. He said “Being the only Australian over there and representing Australia on the biggest wrestling state in the world, I’m looking forward to it.”. He’s obviously stating that he’s currently the only Aussie in NXT.

  • I’m from Australia & i’ll tell you Nathen Jones is not a huge name at all dispite being in hollywood movies & WWE