WWE's Logo Transition Continues

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WWE is looking to completely transition to their new WWE Network logo by this fall. The beginning of their "season" is viewed as the Monday Night Raw after SummerSlam and from that point forward, the new logo will be seen more and more until it finally replaces the scratch logo on everything.

The company updated their logo across their headquarters in Stamford, CT this week and sent out the September 2014 issue of WWE Magazine with the new logo. I Tweeted a screen shot that you can view below:

The August 2014 issue of WWE Magazine featured the scratch logo.

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  • Guest

    They also changed the logo for WWE Slam City.

  • Mike McCarthy

    They also changed the logo for Slam City.

  • David Jr.

    It announced on WWE.com, that it is there new official logo.

  • I dub thee the “Razor logo” (because it’s pointy)

  • BlazeKing

    They also changed the logo on their official Youtube channel.