WWE's Next Wave Of Talent, McMahons Are Gifted Performers, Heat On Cesaro?, Sting Expectations

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I'm wondering if you anticipate a massive changing of the guard in WWE, as in when Steve Austin took his place atop the roster and opened up for the phenomenal title changes between The Rock, Mick Foley, Triple H and himself?

I have read your thoughts on Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and Cesaro as the next top tier. I would personally love to see the three take over the upper card, changing the WWE title for a year, opening the gate for Seth Rollins and than Dean Ambrose to to follow suit as the title picture further evolves (or any order for those five names to overtake a very predictable current title scene).

We are clearly seeing the next wave of talent in WWE that is headlined by Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns and Cesaro. Included in that group is Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, The Usos, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Someone Tweeted at me earlier in the week about WWE's "sad state" because Chris Jericho and Kane are still in major storylines. That couldn't be more misleading, as long-time established veterans have always played a part in the transition. Let's not forget that we're leaving out Daniel Bryan, who would headline this list had it not been for injury issues. The future is very bright in WWE, however, it's imperative that all elevations are handled tactfully and not rushed.

I know this may seem from left field but I'm curious on your thoughts. After watching some of the extreme matches Vince McMahon has been in including against Shane and Shawn Michaels, do you think Vince is a bit underrated and one of the best hardcore performers?

I think the entire McMahon family - Vince, Linda, Shane and Stephanie - have all done things in the ring and on the mic that should be commended. From taking hard bumps to cutting stellar promos, they all have the gift. This isn't something that just happens and I'll give you a very clear example. Watch tape of Dixie Carter on television, trying to portray a heel authority character. It seems forced and phony. Watch tape of Stephanie McMahon on television, portraying a heel authority character. She's convincing and realistic. The McMahons are special and I absolutely think they deserve to be commended because of that.

I just read about Cesaro losing to RVD in Japan. Although Cesaro is displaying some post-match aggression on TV, he's been racking up the losses since the Kofi eye incident. Is his push still on track?

I'll tell everyone that will listen not to put too much into live event results. However, it's worth mentioning that Cesaro's win/loss record on television after the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Money in the Bank is 0-4. This also includes going under to Kofi Kingston clean on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. Could he have heat? It's a possibility but I can't confirm one way or the other.

Today, I performed a Google search for any news updates on Sting joining the WWE in an active role and noticed something interesting. Previously, when the engine returned a hit for the Official WWE biography page, it was always described as "WCW Alumni". Now, it lists him as a WWE Superstar. Is this further evidence we will at least be seeing Sting on TV and at events or do you think we are still only talking about the 2K15 rollout?

Sting is still listed in the WCW Alumni section on WWE.com, a fact you can see for yourself at this link. People expecting a major Sting debut on next week's episode of Monday Night Raw are setting themselves up for major disappointment. I'll have more later but again, do not expect that Sting spoiled his WWE debut on Twitter.

From the Ask WNW vault…

June 2012: Is there still a backstage rule of “paying your dues” between all talent? - Many of the veterans will argue the business isn’t what it once was and that younger workers come in today with a sense of entitlement where they are “above” paying their dues. We can point to many different factors as to why this is but it’s still in a younger worker’s best interest to come in humble, ready to “pay their dues.” The pro wrestling business is unlike any other in that the outcomes are predetermined but how you are booked and pushed can determine whether you make very little or millions of dollars. Backstage politics can cost a very talented worker their chance at stardom so if someone is going to come in with an attitude, they better know who not to rub the wrong way.

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  • Ryan Plague

    hey speaking of WCW, idk if this mean anything, but when you look up WCW Halloween Havoc on Wikipedia, it lists Halloween Havoc as happening in 2015 under the WWE.

    • Vic Jose

      Anyone could have put that, I don’t think even WWE knows what they are planning a year from now.

      • Ryan Plague

        I’m sure they know what their planning and that those plans can change, it would be cool to see Havoc or other WCW PPVS get rebranded for the WWE like Superbrawl or Slamboree, even if it’s a one year thing

        • Simon Veitch

          Just let WCW rest in peace, it’s bad enough when WWE renames PPV events already, changing them again for WCW names would be terrible

  • Robert Olley

    Doesn’t take much to figure out cesaro doesnt have heat they are making him lose so he comes accross as super aggresive after the loss.

  • K!NG

    Anyone notice Jeff Jarrett was added to WWE’s Alumni section

    • Iffy

      He is pulling in attention regarding GFW, so Dot Com is trying to gain page clicks with this.

  • Vic Jose

    Sting spoiling it would actually be good as it would, and already is, generating interest in Raw and will certainly get more eyeballs watching Raw this Monday. It would be the smart thing to do ratings wise, although a surprise is always good too.

    • opie

      Spoiling a debut (especially one the magnitude of Sting) might be good for ratings the night it occurs, but surprises draw more eyes in the long run because people are convinced that (to quote old school Vince McMahon), “Anything can happen here on Monday Night Raw.”

  • Guest

    Yeah, kinda like Punk. He has an attitude…but he knew not to rub the wrong people the wrong way. And he had a lot of backing from credible people like Paul Heyman as well. That definitely helped as well

    • Mysterion

      He knew not to run people the wrong way? Are you serious? Punk was notorious for pissing people off backstage. Even Heyman mentioned it on Talk is Jericho. They wanted Punk gone because he was rubbing management the wrong way. You been sipping that Punk Coolaid huh?

  • Venom

    While Shane McMahons matches were awesome the issue, at the time, was he got to rest. He was taking crazy bumps but unlike most wrestlers who had to work 4 days a week, he would work the ppv and rest for a month or 2 and do another crazy match.

  • flex brown

    Ok richard gray u offically gave yourself away as being bias towards tna wrestling …..u barely cover it one and also dixie carter being a heel is “forced” .cleary your not watching because she legitimately gets more heat the anybody in the business when she comes out before anaudience. …..ps ” watch a tape” lol i like that TNA impact wrestling 9 oclock spike tv

    • packerpf

      Dixie is one of the worst Gm/Manager/Owner heels I’ve seen in the years I’ve watched wrestling. Now this has nothing to do with TNA’s product this is solely on Dixie, she can’t act and it was a blessing when she was off television, she gets cheap heat because no one wants to listen to her, not because she’s a good heel.