WWE's Official Statement On CM Punk Incident; CM Punk Says The Whole Situation "Sucks"

WWE has their own coverage of CM Punk attacking a fan that includes their official statement. The statement is as follows:

“During Monday night’s Raw televised event, WWE Superstar CM Punk exited the ring and into the stands as part of the show. Unfortunately, WWE security was not in the appropriate place at the time. Given CM Punk’s persona as a ‘bad guy,’ fans were naturally heckling him, but unfortunately a few fans began shoving him, and one struck him in the kidney and on the back. WWE regrets that proper security measures were not in place, and CM Punk apologizes for reacting in the heat of the moment. Other than this isolated incident, WWE always provides proper security to ensure the safety of our fans and our performers.”

Dot com also has quotes from the WWE Champion himself:

“I think the whole situation sucks,” Punk told WWE.com. “It’s an unfortunate and isolated incident. I was up in the stands, surrounded.”

“Somebody said, ‘let’s push him down the stairs,’” Punk explained. “I got hit in the ribs three times. I was getting shoved and I was getting punched…Then I started getting tagged in the back of the head. Unfortunately, I lashed out in the heat of the moment and I apologize. I’m really just glad nobody was hurt.

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  • Synyster

    Once again, the fan deserved it for hitting Punk like that.

    • BigMike

      whats so bad about it is the one Punk hit was NOT the one that hit him, just a bad situation

    • mathew30

      you re an idiot sir, the only person that didnt touch punk was the guy punk hit, if you look at the footage closely its infact the guy in the whit top just behind the guy punk hit that was shoving punks shoulder and head, and the guy the in the white top KNEW what he was doing becuase everytime he did it he quickly moved himself back again so he couldnt be seen.

    • Behind the scenes

      Here comes “g” rating coming soon!!!

  • Bigdaddychuck

    The iwc will blame Linda, raw being 3 hours and it was a pg show.. They will also blame Richard wnw wcw nwo wwf wwe ecw.. They will also blame Cena rock Austin Goldberg ryback.. Did I miss anything?

  • Resu

    Just shows how effective CM Punk is as a heel.

  • Yo

    Maybe now he’ll hate being heel and work to go back to being a face

  • Jase

    There goes his title reign….

  • Lenny

    When CM Punk hit that guy i just stood up and said "WHAT A MANEUVER!"

  • Hitman310

    Some people need to realize that its all just a show and not real life. What these wrestler do is the same thing movie stars do and that’s act. The entire situation does suck and I’m sure at some point Punk was scared for his well beign cause of what he heared and what was going on physically around him.

  • Josh

    Don't really care if I sound like a mark or not, but I completely agree for Punk's right to defend himself. Yes, he knew he was taking a risk going out into the crowd, but what was he supposed to do if he was being attacked by people in the crowd…just take it? Anywho, this just means nobody is going into the crowd any time soon.

    • Hardy

      Either that or there will be double the amount of security.

  • Sythian

    So IF we assume that this version of events us true, and given the video footage I would say it’s likely quite close if not spot on, will the CM Punk haters learn to back off and stop acting so high and mighty about how Punk needs to be fired, drop the belt etc…

    • Kevin

      I'm not a CM Punk hater, but I did comment that he should be forced to drop his belt for the attack on the fan. However, in light of the new "evidence" being presented, if what Punk says is true, then he did have a right to defend himself. However, he punched the wrong guy. If you watch the video closely, you can see that the guy in the black tshirt (the one Punk punched) did hit Punk twice, but not of his own volition. He was pushed into Punk by a person or persons unknown. In all the excitement, Punk lashed out at the one who he felt had assaulted him, not knowing that the fan was in fact pushed into him. I'm sure Punk, or the WWE, will replace his sunglasses and possibly give him free tickets and merchandise to compensate him. It was all an unfortunate incident, and I now no longer feel Punk should lose his belt over it.

  • Slade6alpha

    "I'm really just glad nobody was hurt." Except the fan he punched…

  • themcdangler

    The guy deserved it

    • mathew30

      you along with so many other idiots clearly are jumping on the wagon or simply can not see

  • Yo mama

    These are one of those incidents where a superstar needs a little slap on the wrist. He was being provoked and physically threatened. He was just defending himself, it's just the fans fault for picking on the wrong guy and expecting him not to "fight" back. I think he did a good job of keeping his cool as long as humanly possible. It's just a big deal because he gets paid to wrestle/fight for a living, he's an intimidating and strong guy and he defending himself against any "common" person is seemingly an unfair advantage.
    I hope CM Punk doesn't get in too much trouble for this, a small fine will suffice.

  • Snaps

    Fans should know not to touch the wrestlers.

    Twenty years ago this wouldn't even warrant an official statement.

  • Tommy

    did anyone see the youtube videos of him standing there being pushed, slapped, people grabbing at that 6 figure belt he held protectively? i would have lashed out much sooner? he knew all eyes were on him, but you have to set an example. Fans should never ever touch talent, etc. Im surprised at how no one ever reached out at D Bry when he shouts the NO! in their faces. Punk could have done much worse, and i do not applaud his actions, but i certainly dont disagree with what he did. He could have been stabbed, cut, pushed down those stairs, sustained an eye injury, etc. What if someone had pushed him, and he tweaked an ankle or suffered a bad fall on those stairs we all love to hate walking down at arenas. Keep your hands to yourself, and be glad a talent was next to you on live television.

    • Snap

      I agree. I honestly cannot recall any incidents where a Cena hater assaulted Cena in a similar manner and you know they have had plenty of opportunities as Cena has actually posed with people sporting anti-Cena stuff before. What people need to realize is Punk has the right to defend himself and, even then, he was a man and owned up to his actions and apologized for reacting as he did.

      It sucks that Cena is injured from wear and tear, do we really need heels getting injured because idiot fans don't know how to conduct themselves at a live event? These people need to grow up.

  • Evon Reese

    Punk could have walked back down away from that group of fans. He didn't have to stand in that exact spot if he felt threatened.

    • KVB

      He was working and trying to end the show, would you have done something different? Hard to say when your in that situation

      • Evon Reese

        Yes I would have moved. You would think he would have had the good sense to take a few steps away from those fans. I think that's why Vince called him a little creep. Vince saw everything.

  • Robert olley

    The lad that got punched isn’t pressing charges and the lad that was hitting and heckling punk ran away before he got hit. He took to twitter and bragged about it. Whether wrestlers are actors or not they still have the right to defend themselves and not be pushed around besides I wouldn’t be pushing any of them they aren’t exactly small lads.

  • Demarri

    I was 6 seats away to the right of Punk. I heard some guys say push him down. Power Balance Pavilion is so old if you are just nudged you will go rolling down the stairs. He was getting hit in the back and when the guy hit him in the head I said oh Damn look. After they cut the camera off they took the guy away

  • James

    Chick Donovan is gonna take CM Punks Title

  • Fart Handler

    Some of you are complete non reading morons. Still too illiterate to read the stories and comprehend the guy he hit was an innocent bystander and not one of the ones messing with Punk.

    • Kevin

      You're right; Punk's "victim" wasn't hittng Punk. He was pushed into Punk. But Punk didn't know that. He just knew that this guy had hit him twice from behind. While I in no way endorse Punk's reaction, I do understand it. I would have reacted much sooner and, I fear, much more violently, had I been in the same position. Punk made his public apology, and perhaps WWE should consider bringing the guy into the ring at the beginning of a Raw episode so Punk can apologize to him in person. In the least, they should bring the guy in at the end of the how, after it goes off the air, so Punk can apologize to him in front of the live crowd. Then we could read about it here on WRESTLING NEWS WORLD (cheap pop) under the heading, "What you didn't see on last nght's Raw".

  • PhilT81

    The guy was sorrounded and genuinely feared for his safety – of course he had the right to defend himself. They need to track down the fan and ban him for life from WWE events. If the person Punk hit wasn’t involved then why was he so close? If he really wasn’t involved then some free tickets/merchandise/a meet and greet will most likely placate him. WWE shouldn’t take any action against Punk. Security need to be spoken to though. This incident may ruin it with regards to performers (especially heels) going into the crowd. Saying ‘lets push him down the stairs’ isa disgusting thing to say, even if it was only a joke. It’s going to scare anyone who hears it and may also plant the idea in the heads of people who are getting carried away by mob mentality. Twitter will have the IP address of the attacker and should assist WWE/The police with tracking him down. He deserves all he gets, and more – for being such a cretin.

  • KVB

    I'm sorry if I were Punk and or anyone trying to do my job and here " let's push him down the stairs… Let's punch him in the ribs or head" I don't care who you are, your going to defend hismelf. Look at all those people running in front of the camera and you tell me if you were working and trying to ignor that, and lash out and try to find the one person who is doing it. Sorry to the guy who got hit and shame for the guy who tweted he was doing it, that guy should get a visit from Punk and knock his ass down. I don't blame Punk we all would have done the samething.

  • Bishop

    Heat of the moment. It’s human nature to defend yourself. Like him or not, he was just protecting his well-being.

    Let’s all get off our high horses about this one. He reacted normally, security wasn’t there when they always are in every other curcumstance. Nobody can rightfully and proudly say they would have done otherwise. It’s like when a sibling is pushing or poking you, you turn around and hit them…it’s a NATURAL reaction.

    Sucks for the fan, sucks for Punk, sucks for the WWE.

  • JPC

    I bet the fans wouldn't have hit Ryback if it had been him in the crowd instead of Punk…

    • Dzdx

      Sadly that's how our society works, hit the guy that "looks" scary" thinking that he is actually more threatening. But you can never know anything but judging a book by the cover, just look at goldberg vs jericho (their real fight).