WWE's Stance On Chair Shots To The Head In Writing - Who Directs The Fine And/Or Suspension

The following is from the WWE & ImPACT Concussion Management Program under the section of "Prevention Programs & Initiatives":

  • The WWE has eliminated using folding metal chairs to “strike” an opponent in the head.
  • The WWE penalizes through fine and/or suspension the following:
    • The intentional use of a folding metal chair to “strike” an opponent in the head.
    • Any blow to the head that is deemed an INTENTIONAL act
  • The Fine and/or Suspension will be directed by the EVP of Talent Relations

You can read the full document at this link.

While Triple H was called by his kayfabe position as COO in the dot com coverage, he is the person that directs the fine and/or suspension as EVP of Talent Relations.

  • Edward Beedle

    I think chair shots to the head area can be okay if done right like if you put your arms up in front of your head. However unprotected chair shots I agree should be banned.

  • Lebron

    Two words: Stunt Chairs.

    • Don

      Idiot.They’re still a light-weight metal. Unprotected shots could still impact both the head and neck if hit directly on the head. That’s why a majority of wrestlers put their hands up when “taking” a shot to shield the impact and take it on their hands to make it look real. When the shot is taken to the head, it still hurts, if the shot that is coming isn’t protected by the hands. It has happened. Stunt chair or not, they’re still metal.

  • Brandon Darnell

    If that’s the case, they should ban Del Rio’s kneeling Super Kick he’s been utilizing lately. It’s a direct, INTENTIONAL kick to the head. Reminiscent of Goldberg’s Mule kick that ended the career of the Legendary Bret Hart. Besides, he just ripped it off of Seth Rollins, anyway.

  • BIG M

    Ok guys lets not go nuts on another subject “I’ve been doing to much of that lately”

    let just break this down head injures are bloody serious just ask Ziggler.

    WWE made the right decision banning unprotected chair shots Mick Foley not being able to look at flashing lights without getting a two week migraine is proof that they should have done it long ago.

    BUT i do think under the right circumstances and with proper planning and preparation PROTECTED chair shots can be ok on rare occasions like the Orton Bryan match.

    Richard Grey probably disagrees with me completely but I honestly think on this very rare occasion he has got the wrong end of the stick so to speak.

    So come on HHH and VKM show some common sense and rethink protected chair shots Ortons punt does way more damage and you still let him use it on occasion and yes even Del Rios kneeling super kick @Brandon Darnell most likely does more damage then a protected chair shot well spotted mate.

    Ok let the endless debate begin.