WWE's Treatment Of Fandango's Serious Concussion, Ryder's Last ReZort

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Fandango's Serious Concussion

Fandango spoke about the serious concussion he suffered last year while doing media over in the United Kingdom. He said that WWE took great care of him during his recovery and put over the work of Chris Nowinski and the Sports Legacy Institute.

Click here to read the piece in its entirety.

New Zack Ryder YouTube Show

Zack Ryder debuted a new YouTube show called Zack Ryder's Last ReZort. You can watch the first episode at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • Skip Mathias

    Nice not so subtle stab at CM Punk by Zack Ryder in there.

  • It’s too late, Zack. You’ve already shown yourself to be a whiner and complainer when things don’t go your way. You’ve been doing nothing but that since WWE took over your show. Continuing to whine about your position will do you no favors with anyone. I agree he has to do something to stand out again though. Maybe he was just laying groundwork here. Either way, this is likely a day late and a dollar short.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Gotta admire his determination, though. Work hard, get buried, repeat?

      • It’s more like “work hard, get on TV, whine, get buried, whine more, stay buried, repeat.”

        • Bob’s Diner

          He wasn’t whining when he got buried the first time around – that was a pure reaction to fans chanting his name at The Rock. No way WWE were going to have someone derail their plans. I don’t think he has ‘whined’ about it as much as you think he has. I mean, there was no complaining in that new video – he didn’t blame anyone or anything, just said people didn’t know who he is anymore

        • Patrick

          He is not whineing…..not everyone is just happy with how things are in their career. if your in the bussiness your going to try something to stand out and get noticed.

    • thepowerserge

      So you’re saying that when work sucks, rather than working harder and getting better, he should get bitter. Damn, what a sad, pathetic message to send to those who would rather grit their teeth and dig deep.

  • Michael

    He needs to tweak his gimmick. The jersey boy character ran its course.

    • El Steve

      Maybe that’s why he’s calling it the Ryder Evolution. Time will tell.

      • Yeah but he’s still saying that ridiculous “woo woo you know it” nonsense. Hopefully, that’s the last time we’ll hear it. He can certainly repackage himself. Barry Darsow and Davey Boy Smith certainly did it more than a time or two.

        • El Steve

          Yeah, that’s kind of a necessity for anybody that wants to stay and/or become relevant especially in Zack’s case.

  • The Breaker

    I’m probably in the minority here, but I like that Ryder is trying to reestablish himself. If WWE won’t, that doesn’t mean he should give up. Some have said Zack got a big mouth, or whined too much, and now he’s getting what he deserves for ‘failing’ when he had a chance, but many of those are the same people wanting WWE to push Ziggler– and he’s been outspoken too, probably to a greater degree than Zack. And I’ll argue that while Zack did get his shot in a top angle involving Cena, that storyline was complete garbage and he never could’ve gotten over with what they gave him.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I’m with you. He was purposely buried and it was obvious. I liked this new video – looks like he is trying something different and I respect that

    • thepowerserge

      Guess I’m part of the minority then. I always figured that pairing Cena with Ryder was perhaps the worst thing they could’ve done to poor Zack. To make matters worse, it seems that every time a guy attempts to gain entrance into the main event, TPTB feel it necessary to have John leech off the popularity of the new guy. He did it to Zack, he’s done it to Punk, Ziggler, Sandow & ADR and NOW he’s leeching off the popularity of Daniel Bryan (although part of me thinks Cena has such a huge ego he’s ASKING to be placed into storylines with said performers).

  • Christen

    Poor Zack went from being wanted to see on Raw to another youtube Show

  • Patrick

    congrats to him for not just giving up. It’s good to see him trying to reestablish himself again.