WWE's TV Partner In Canada Sold, ECW Originals At WWE Headquarters, WWE In The Classroom

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- Rogers Communications Inc. is in the process of acquiring Score Media Inc., which broadcasts all of WWE's programming in Canada. You can read coverage by The Globe And Mail at this link.

- Tommy Dreamer and Mikey Whipwreck were at WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut this week apparently filming material for the WWE Network. You can view a photo Dreamer Tweeted at this link.

- WWE in the classroom? Apparently so for an Ohio teacher that won a national teaching award. Check out coverage here on dot com.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for his help with this information.

  • KVB

    Great now Rogers owns the score…. Might be the end of WWE in Canada. Not to sure how good the ratings are here in Canada since the only rating ever reported on here are U.S. figures. Can we please get some Canadian rating numbers? If you can get U.S figured I’m sure this site can get Canadian figures!

  • Matt

    I have friends in Canada who complain about The Score not showing Raw until 9pm now that it starts at 8 (915 when it started at 9) so hopefully with this deal, our Canadian friends can enjoy Raw with the rest of us at the same time

    • dusty588

      In my opinion theScore does a great job with WWE programming including a post RAW and SmackDown review show every week. Like you said, the one thing that I don't like is that RAW starts one hour AFTER RAW starts in the USA. I can watch it online, but it's not the same. Hopefully theScore continues to carry WWE programming, and maybe even have RAW start at the same time.

      • Dunstan

        Agreed, with the exception of RAW being broadcast an hour after it going live rather than the previous 15 minutes late, theScore is doing an absolutely great job with their WWE programming.

      • Canadien

        i live in Vancouver BC and WWE RAW starts the same time as before thats 6PM Pacific Time

        so having Rogers acquire Score Media could be a good thing, since Score Media does such a helluva good job on EVERY sports events and their aftermath on every show.

  • KVB

    Yes with the 9pm start time it does get late of you watch the whole thing. Most people have PVR so I assume they tape it and watch later. The thing is we don’t have the USA network or other station that show RAW except for te score so I hope Rogers doesn’t take WWE programming off the network. I curious to see what the ratings are here in Canada.

  • Kino

    I watch RAW online, with a feed from SKY Sports, Live.

  • Jay

    Hopefully this won’t be the end of RAW on TheScore. I would love to be able to watch it at the same time as the U.S though… And not have to worry about seeing spoilers on twitter…