X-Division Stars Returning In New York City; Cryme Tyme To TNA?

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X-Division Stars Returning

TNA Wrestling has announced Brian Cage, Low Ki and Homicide will work next weekend's Impact taping on June 26, 2014 in New York City. The company will hold tapings from the Manhattan Center June 25-27.

Cryme Tyme to TNA?

Shad Gaspard indicated on Twitter that he and JTG are interested in working for TNA. The following is from Twitter:

  • jdl

    Yeah, uh, not even TNA would want Cryme Tyme.

    • jason witten 82

      why, they were a great team

    • Dave Barton

      I thought Cryme Tyme was hilarious, I enjoyed them & I was disappointed when WWE bowed to the negative criticism.

  • david

    TNA is bringing in a lot of talent for these tapings but are any of them sticking around? You know who else brings in talent for one offs that don’t stick around? Rinky dink indy promotions that are only worried about selling some extra tickets and not worried about anything long term. If they can’t fill a place like Hammerstein Ballroom in a major market like NYC without having outside talent taking spots away from permanent roster members then they should really just give it up.

    • live1213

      Actually a little bit of a smart move Hammerstein ballroom is ROH territory Matt Hardy, Homicide, and Low key all work thus area and arena b4 so local people know the talent maybe add a few more to the seats.

      • david

        Smart move in terms of selling some extra tickets but not a smart move for long term planning of a promotion with a national television contract. If they give them tv time and they never come back it’s such a waste. TNA has no business sense and probably shouldn’t be taping there anyway if they can’t fill the space.

        • live1213

          U right but (an yes there’s a but) Tommy dreamer prove to raise ratings it’s becoming a routine for them to get these stars before destination X and hard core justice last time it was for only the ppv. now a little longer with Jeff Jarret and even ROH now 1st ppv. They have to take small steps thats right not over do it the only thing they really still doing wrong 1.storylines (all r copies but there’s are just plain dumb )2.get rid world TV title replace it with the American title too many storylines they could b using The Americans hero Kurt Angle, the American cowboy James Storm and from America’s heartland Mr. Anderson plus I would find away to get the re dragons but people wise right moves, storyline wise hire freaking writers.

  • Vic Jose

    They changed their name already? I thought they weren’t afraid of a lawsuit? lol, morons