Y2J As Champ, TNA Scrapping The 6 Sided Ring, El Generico, Lesnar Reckless?

Since Chris Jericho said he doesn't believe he'll ever work a full-time WWE schedule again do you think he'll ever hold the WWE Championship again?

WWE Championship reigns are hard to predict if not down right impossible. It all comes down to the right opportunity. With WWE changing their mind on how they utilize part-time talent, especially with The Rock as the current WWE Champ, it's certainly not improbable that Jericho will hold title again. However, in this latest run Jericho is not being highlighted at the top, most likely due to the timing of his comeback. Vince McMahon wanted the WWE title on Rock this year so he could use it as promotion with Rock's busy movie release schedule this year while also re-matching last year's Wrestlemania main event, which drew the company's biggest buyrate to date.

Why did TNA stop using the six sided ring? It made them unique and was different from what fans were used to seeing.

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff made the call to return to the traditional four sided ring in TNA Wrestling. They didn't feel it worked and weren't shy about their disdain for it. Below is an excerpt of an interview Hogan did back in 2010 with UGO's Chris Radtke:

Chris Radtke: Any plans to get rid of the six-sided ring and go to a traditional, four-post squared circle?

Hulk Hogan: Oooooh boy. You trying to read my mind or something, brother? Between you and me, that thing has got to go. I don't know when and how quick I can get rid of it, but that thing has got to go. It looks like a children's version of an MMA ring, you know? I mean, I just don't get it. The guys don't do anything different in there that they'd do in a normal ring. It looks like they are bouncing off toothpicks. BOINK! Little just Boinkie Boinkies. It looks like one of those rings you buy your children to play with. (Editor's Note: Hulk Hogan did in fact make "boinkie Boinkie" sound effects.)

CR: It's a playpen.

HH: THANK YOU! I'm going to use that. Oh I'm going to steal that, brother. I'm going to use that in every interview now. You know what I mean? It's not that wide-open flow where you hit the ropes. You run your opponent over. You hit the ropes and take somebody's head off. Instead it's that boinkie-boinkie-boinkie. I can't stand it. It's got to go. That's the first thing I'm going to do. (Editor's Note: Hulk Hogan did in fact make "Boinkie Boinkie" sound effects. Again.)

Has there been any word on the status of El Generico? The last I heard he was signed by WWE and scheduled to debut in NXT Wrestling.

Yes, El Generico is under WWE developmental contract and is working in NXT Wrestling. Readers were thrilled when he appeared as El Genrico but were disappointed when WWE decided to take the gimmick literally.

I was watching a couple episodes of Raw in which Brock Lesnar attacked wrestlers and I was just wondering: is it just me, or does Brock look reckless and sloppy at times in the ring? I wouldn't feel safe with him in the ring.

It's not just you, Brock Lesnar is a little reckless - but I'd be lying to you if I said it wasn't entertaining. Remember Lesnar's "confrontation" with The Miz on the February 4th episode of WWE Raw? There were some in the back that wondered if Brock was going to kill him. An exaggeration for sure but the fact of the matter is Brock is a little stiff these days. I don't think it's intentional and blame it more on ring rust and the fact Lesnar hasn't worked a lot of matches in the past several years. He can wrestle, there's no doubting that (his a former NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion)… It's just when you're as big as he is and don't get a lot of practice, things get a little interesting.

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  • Sheldon Spencer

    Lesnar is a guy I would fear if I was a wrestler. Legit

  • 1molly23

    Yup, I’d fear him too. He’s just carless enough and has little to no regard for the safety of his fellow wrestlers to really, seriously injure a fellow “superstar”. Always has been. It’s always been all about Brock.

    • Sheldon Spencer

      Not even that is that he just has that scary demeanor and look. I’m not ashamed to say it but I feel like he just would fight anyone just for the heck out of it.

  • jdl

    Interesting? The word I think I’d use is dicey.

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    I always like the 6-sided ring. Thought it fit well with the x-division. But since they dont really care about the x-division anymore, I can see why they dont care about the ring either.

    • Earl

      Nothing cuzz, dey bin hab dat big mob x fiters dere coz dey get mor of dem otha fullas like da frogy man he bin mak good fites

  • Win

    He threw a couch on top of the Miz. Thats not a ring rust. Thats taking advantage of a sweet situation. Brock is reckless because he can be and has no incentive to clean it up. He’s a part time talent, with a multi-million dollar contract, and for the remainder of his time with the WWE will be in the main event picture. He’s there for the $, not concerned with how he’s booked, doesn’t need to politic for a top spot, he can be reckless and there is nothing forcing him to clean it up!!! Its like staying in a hotel room. You’re messier than usual, because you don’t have the responsibility of cleaning it up, and u don’t care what happens after you are gone.

    • This is so true and so much more honest than I was haha

  • Dale

    Im glad someone asked about the 6 sided ring as id been meaning to for a while. I can understand why they got rid of it and went with the more traditional ring but i prefered the 6 sided ring, it gave them more of the own identity and created some very unique matches

  • Kenneth

    Brock’s ‘recklessness’ is one reason why I like seeing him in a WWE ring.

    The WWE is too polished these days. It’s too smooth. Seeing Brock go in there, pick someone up, and throw himaround like he doesn’t give a toss about them gives it a sense of realism, something sorely lacking in today’s product.

    When most talent go into a match it looks like they’re working a match with a fellow performer. If you know what to look for, and these days all but the newest of fans knows what to look for, you can see all the choreographic cues and you can tell when they’re communicating with each other about specific spots.

    When Brock goes into a match it looks like he’s trying to defeat his opponent as quickly and efficiently as possible. It looks real, or at least more real than the average match does, and despite pro wrestling being scripted it’s supposed to represent real fighting.

    With all the complaints int he locker room about Brock and Rock coming in and stealing the top spots pre-Wrestlemania a common response, and rightly so, is that the complaining talent should look to the Rock and make themselves as good as he is. The same can be said about Brock in my opinion. Say what you like about his recklessness, his moves tend to look awesome, and that’s compelling.

    • Jimmy

      I think the “defeat his opponent as quickly and efficiently as possible” most likely comes from his UFC background because obviously in UFC you don’t take your time with an opponent and let them do moves on you. You go in there and get the job done as fast as you can. Maybe Brock is still in that UFC mentality, but it works for him i will say that. His gimmick is the powerhouse/monster gimmick and it’s definitely working coz im not alone when i say the Brock Lesnar scares the hell outta me.

  • Stoney

    He broke hardcore Holly’s neck, but holly sandbagged the power bomb and was notorious for being uncooperative with rookies and for being stiff.

  • sir-rusty82

    I remember Brock being reckless years ago aswell remember the time he broke Hardcore Hollys neck and then afterwards stomping down on the back of his head mocking his injury and the times he beat the living crap out of Zach Gowen the time when Zachs mum was in the crowd you cant tell me the beating he gave was not reckless

    • Earl

      Nothing cuzz, be bin tuff fiter bak in da day i memba wen he mad dat fulla frogy man loos he bin good fiter too i dun see myslf

  • KingKongBrody

    Just to make sure people know TNA using the six sided ring wasn’t unique they got that from AAA they were first.

    • BlazeKing

      I knew that one. Hogan just basically said he thinks AAA is for kids with hat pile of excuses he laid out why he didn’t want to use it.

  • BlazeKing

    “It looks like a children’s version of an MMA ring, you know?”

    No. Since you want to be nitpicky, people think a pro wrestling ring is a bastardized boxing ring. Should the ring be the reason why you aren’t being taken seriously? Hell no. That’s an excuse.

    “I mean, I just don’t get it. The guys don’t do anything different in there that they’d do in a normal ring. It looks like they are bouncing off toothpicks. BOINK! Little just Boinkie Boinkies.”

    Well, if you’re “bouncing off of toothpicks”, you are doing something more different than you would do in a “normal” ring. BTW, what does that phrase even mean? Are you referring to the ropes, the posts, or what? I don’t get that one. Seem like more excuses to bully workers out of using the ring.

    “It looks like one of those rings you buy your children to play with. ”

    That’s funny, because WWE sells “normal” rings to kids. Hell, I even had “normal” rings that were made of a piece of hard plastic with some elastic for ropes. Seriously, Hulk, you’re trolling like Nash now…

  • The way HHH I handled Heyman looked reckless too, I get a feeling this match is just going to look sloppy