Yet Another Huge Stipulation Added To John Cena vs. Big Show At No Way Out (Spoiler)

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It was announced at tonight's Smackdown taping that if John Cena loses to Big Show at No Way Out on Sunday, he'll be "fired" from WWE. Remember the stipulation announced on Raw Supershow was that if Big Show lost, John Laurinaitis would be "fired."

Therefore, either Cena or Laurinaitis will be "fired" based on the outcome of Big Show vs. Cena at No Way Out on Sunday. Make sure you join us here at for exclusive live play-by-play coverage.

  • Hitman310

    I take it this is how Cena will get his time off.

    • Van

      Unless they're actually gonna fire John Laryngitis this time because ratings have gone down in the past two RAWs since Over The Limit and the only reason the ratings were up higher this week is because everybody was told that Vince was gonna return and could fire Cena might win this time

  • mstr_greedy_x

    do u really think they would fire laurinatus

    Dumb asses

  • Jim P

    This again? How many times can they play that card?

    • Jack Marsden

      Diddo Once at MITB once SS and once at BRAGGING Rights

  • Frenchfry

    interesting, though this makes the result of the match a bit more obvious doesnt it'?

  • Slade6alpha

    Still cannot believe this crap is the main event at NWO, expect crap buys WWE, but you already knew that.

  • ricardovgv

    And that's how Cena will get his time off

  • Jay

    This could posibly lead to Cena getting fired, then on raw HHH announcing he is the new VP of talent relations. Then re hires Cena. Typical wrestling scenario. Although I would like to see Heyman and Lesnar get involved somehow at No Way Out leading to a mix of story lines, but then again this is coming from someone who still enjoys the Attitude Era.

    • Daniel Lim'ass

      That's great. But you already know it right? WWE's creative these days…

    • 10secondGTR

      That would be awesome

  • Simon

    I know a lot of people are probably going to jump down the throats of WWE for making this predictable, but at the same time, making it seem like Cena could get fired actually makes it less predictable as there's every possibility he could be taking that time off finally and this could be the way to write that into story.

  • christopher525

    Big Show wins, Cena gets his time off.

  • gpturbo81

    paging juan cena, juan cena to the front desk please.

    • Zach

      Hahahaha I remember that. Funny.

  • gibbons08

    I see a screwy finish like they both touch the floor at the same time

  • dusty588

    I'm thinking Laurinitis will be "fired" or possibly Cena for personal time off? I personally like the Laurinits character, but we'll see what happens.

    • Chris B

      Well done. I’m sure one of those will be fired too. Lol

    • XKonn247

      What you’ve done here, quite cleverly, is cover all bases by saying you expect the match to finish.

      • dusty588

        Ya now that I've read it back hours later I see that I think that in the match someone will be fired lol!

  • Dustin

    This may be the perfect swerve for John Cena to take time off because i honestly don't see them removing Johnny from TV. But that's just my speculation

  • Tyler Bowles

    Wow… What’s next?

    • Kleck


  • Randall

    Honestly, predictability works sometimes. Show and Big Johnny getting back at Cena for the announcement VKM made on Raw that John would be fired if Show loses. So they just give Cena the same stip. And under the perception Big Show wins (whether that be clean or unclean) it will help to not only get Big Show over as a heel, but get Cena time off. Although Raw would be interesting the next night considering Cena, Orton, Jericho, R-Truth, and Del Rio don't appear.

  • Albert

    John Cena has been fired like way more then once and if he dose get fired he can do anthying he wants to do to Johnny the GM lol also the Big Show!!!!

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    and that tells you cena will win since he got knocked out and i think by help from one vince mcmahon

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    very sorry about that i meant cena will LOSE on "accident" by vince since he beat up clown feet

    • Mohammad Abulawi

      or clown could get fired then at 1000 show intruptes main event and come back with nash vader and older maineventer guys that still have it and then have clown feet take over wwe and then have clown feet bring people from FCW and like you know make a stable that knocks off one main eventer (john cena) (great way for time off) and some one from SD.. and the current roster fights them all. ratings up ppv buys up hour 3 will be doing good

  • Rofn

    A lotta hating around here… Every possible scenario has been done in the past, let the match happen, if Cena losses then somebody else could step it up while he’s gone.

  • Logan_Walker

    Well I've Seen that Next Weeks raw its been advertised that Johnny will be an assistant to the Board im going to guess that John Cena's Going to win & that he has Lost the LAST Three PPV Matches

    • Madscotslass

      No, he beat Brock!

  • dektcmpunx

    no one is getting fired im so sick of this if cena loses he gets fired crap…just as lame as cena claiming to be the "underdog" again and again…talking about how he doesnt stand a chance against big show,yet he has dominated big show in match outcomes for years…and wwe wonders why people cant stand cena, and here i was actually sympathysing for the guy during the brock lesnar storyline/match, but all that is down the toilet…back to being a cena hater 4 life

    • H.M.

      Agree with the beginning portion of this comment. Latter portion was horrible.

  • Lin

    Isn't this like the fourth time Cena has had the you're fired stip hanging over his head? Unless they actually "fire" him, that stip is getting old.

    • Logan_Walker

      They Will Never Fire John Cena One Reason MONEY.. He Brings In So Much Money

  • Timothy

    Cena is to beat the hell out if big show in mr.mchanon is going to say your FIRED

  • Madscotslass

    I don’t know about this one! The rumour mill is going crazy about Cena getting “time off” so adding this stipulation makes it look like they’re giving him an “out”! But, on the other hand, are they really gonna be giving Cena time off right now while Orton, Mysterio, Barratt and Jericho etc are all out of action? It seems unlikely….

  • Mitchell Adams

    I can't stand cena but with all the headaches wwe has right now with injuries and suspensions I can't see vince giving his cash cow any time off then again I can't see big johnny getting fired either no matter how much we want him to be soo who knows whats going to happen.

  • Bob the builder

    They really need to make more intiguing stipulations for Cena than him getting fired all the time. How about: if cena loses, he has to sell the injury for at least the hour after the show

  • Patrick_Peralta

    yeah Cena needs time off to heal and to deal with his divorce but remember the last time he was fired he didn't say off TV he was back the next night on RAW outside in the parking lot.

  • Brandon

    Well, the cash cow once again on the edge of getting "fired". That's really unpredictable. And John Laryngitis weren't fired after the "one-legged wrestler" incident then what makes him to get fired now? And this crap is the main event over Punk-Bryan-Kane for the WWE Championship? *sigh*

  • BigMike

    from what I have heard Cena has been performing injured and has wanted time off to heal up BUT getting Johnny "asslicker" Laryngitis off TV would be a plus I never liked him his character now or his persona when he was a wrestler he has always lived off his Brother's reputation and has kissed ALOT of ass to get where he is in the WWE I hate people that are so insecure and untalented that they need to kiss ass to get anywhere

  • SDD619

    I don't see Cena losing at all

  • Autista

    I am 100% sure John will win! (God, I am clever)

  • Thumpa

    I hope this isn’t like Nexus 2 years ago when he left for about 24 hours. Yawn.

  • Kruc

    I hate this storyline, but just like most have stated it, this storyline will pretty much give the time off that Cena really needs for his personal situations.

  • ryder

    We get the same stipulation for Cena every year saying he's supposed to be fired in 2010 at Survivor Series, 2011 at Money In the Bank and now No Way Out all this does is make the match predictable

  • Deep

    They could have Cena squeak out a win and have Big Show beat down and "injure" him after the match. That would still make Show look like a monster, give Cena his time off, and get Laurinitis off the air, a triple-win if I ever heard of one.

    • Matt

      YES! YES! YES!

  • Willie

    I see Cena & HHH Vs Big Show & Brock

    • Marc

      YES! x 3

  • Adam O’Brien

    If Cena does get “fired” I think it’ll last a lot longer this time.
    His way of getting time off. Meanwhile Big Show can destroy everyone and Cena can return and take him out.
    Could Happen.

  • Joe

    Maybe the both will come out the cage the same time meaning there’s no winner

  • Jamie

    If this going to be Cena fired and gone for several weeks and actual time off or is it a Nexus type fired?

  • H.M.

    Or maybe Cena could win in some fashion, get taken out by Show afterward in a fit of rage, thus saving us from having to bare with Johnny Ace and he gets his time off? Win for both parties tbh.

  • Chapinb0yy

    if cena loses and is on raw the following night. then they should really stop putting cena in matches like that

  • Kevin

    Looks like Cena needs time off to deal with his divorce. Since Vince is so sold on Big Johnny, I can't see him being fired.

  • OverTaker

    Cena will get beat up before the bell rings by show and result in a no contest.hopefully this is not the main event of the evening

  • Jon

    Somebody needs some time to quietly seal up a divorce, methinks.