Yoshi Tatsu Wants A Program With Lord Tensai Or Sakamoto

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- Yoshi Tatsu posted the following on Twitter:

  • H.M.

    Either next weeks squash match, or maybe a swerve from Tatsu to join Tensai and Sakamoto and form a faction. Just some speculation.

  • kevin

    The WWE should do a great muta thing with yoshi, he has skills

  • chelu671

    I agree with HM & of course Kevin. Since his debut for WWE on its ECW brand in 2009, Yoshi Tatsu hasn't really done anything. Sure as a crowd favorite, he has received a few title opportunities, but they were nothing serious. As Yoshi brought in his Great Muta attire, I thought he would be going somewhere with it. Nonetheless, he's stuck in the lower card. Let Yoshi either feud with Lord Tensai or Sakamoto or let him side with them. It's time for a character change, whether face or heel. Let Yoshi compete more. Another foreign dominance will be greatly appreciated if done right, not that Matt Bloom is actually Japanese.

  • Snaps

    Baldo Bomb incoming.

  • Ross

    Yoshi tatsu knocked sheamus out backstage and that’s why he’s lower card

  • Paul

    No one cares about lord tensai/Albert/atrain he’s overweight, has no personality and his ring work sucks.

  • Cena Sucks

    Matt Bloom has got himself some pretty big boobies