You Haven't Seen The Last Of The Farting Diva

For the sickos that enjoyed the comedy segment with Natalya on last week's Smackdown with Aksana and Teddy Long where Natalya passed gas, there are plans for it to continue. The plan is to book Natalya in a comedy role where her flatulence is highlighted.

  • QTR

    This is a new low for the divas division, in an era where they are always in a low.

  • keagan

    Why would anyone think this is funny or entertaining. Naty deserves a lot better.

    • Dangerous Lee

      Because farts are hilarious!! Doesn’t matter where or when. When somebody farts, you laugh! If someone farted at my funeral I would be looking down and laughing my ass off.

      • farah

        you are disgusting just like Naty

  • Dave

    "For the sickos" LOL, vintage Richard!

  • ted

    guys. pro wrestling is entertainment. it is a scripted entertainment show. while i don't agree with wwe putting a farting gimmick onto natalya, i don't work for wwe. pro wrestling's goal is to entertain crowds and make them laugh like the circus and the pro wrestlers are the equivalent of circus performers.

  • Jaycee

    Wow, they just ran out of ideas.

  • Mark

    Way to bury the most talented in-ring diva wwe has to offer

  • Kleck

    I usually don’t waste my time with Smackdown. I saw a clip of it and to me, Santino made that segment funny.

  • Wwe4L76


  • Hashtag Daley


  • aGirl

    It's so sad…

  • havoc525

    Finally saddling someone with a fart gimmick….could have done this years ago. I remember Triple H letting one rip during the Katie Vick debacle. Question though, how do they keep it in during a match? Imagine if Rikishi had let one go, mid stink face, back in the day.

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    Look, I have a 7 year old sister, and she’s not entertained by farting noises regularly. I can make fart noises, and she can as well, but it gets tiring for both of us. It’s not everyday, or every week for that matter. So if my 7 year old sister isn’t consistently entertained by farts, how can anyone else in that age bracket, and older fans be entertained by it? Once is enough, twice is a little much, thrice is bad, and then after that? Just uninteresting to the point of annoyance.

    I know it's all scripted, and Natalya took the first one in stride, showing positive feelings in reaction to it. I respect that, and I know it's for the sake of entertainment. The ideas are there, the execution could be good, but the bottom line is that something like this can only last so long, that eventually, it will be just boring, and unentertaining. Even worse, being completely annoying. Fart jokes and moments are passing, goofy moments, not something that should be exploited weekly. How about book her as a woman's wrestler, a dominant diva like Beth Phoenix? Wasn't that the point of the Divas of Doom? Or what about turning face on Beth Phoenix, leading to a triple threat dream at Wrestlemania between Beth Phoenix, Natalya, and Kharma?

    • Bill H

      "So if my 7 year old sister isn’t consistently entertained by farts, how can anyone else in that age bracket, and older fans be entertained by it?"

      I have a 7 year old sister who isn't consistently entertained by wrestling, how can anyone else in that age bracket, and older fans be entertained by it?

    • farah

      true that!!!

  • sforester

    And people wonder why I've considered WWE to be headed for the toilet? Quick, list the top 5 Divas who can wrestle. If you didn't put Nattie on the list then something is seriously wrong with your definition of "can wrestle". WWE should hang their heads in shame for keeping this up.

  • Rosey

    I guess we will be seeing Natalia in TNA soon, good for her, it’s wwe loss

    • XKonn247

      That really is your answer to everything isn’t it? The biggest trend in your comments is the statement “going to TNA”.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    The top sicko is Vince McMahon. Hard to believe Natalia is willing to go along with this. she should be a shame for agreeing to this.

    Well I must thank Cole…because of him I keep the sound turn off on my TV…now I have another reason to keep it off.

    Vince seriously needs help and taken to a Padded Cell.

    • Goat

      You do realise Michael Hayes books storylines for Smackdown?

  • Guy Landau

    I scrolled down to see if any comment got -16 or so. Luckily, no-one said they liked that angle so that did not happen.

  • Scottyo614

    The best part is the be a star thing right in mid camera…

  • MonsterMike42

    No one I talked to said they enjoyed that segment. The only thing entertaining about that segment was Santino and that's because he's Santino. He can make a funeral entertaining. This is going to be equivalent to Mark Henry and Mae Young. No matter how well she does in the future, some people will always remember this angle for all the wrong reasons.

  • Van

    if I was Natalya,I would tell Mr.McMahon & Mr.Laryngitis that I quit and go to Dixie Carter to see if I can become a Knockout because I think that is stupid to do to Natalya.whoever came up with that idea should join Evan Bourne in rehab because although unlike him,they must've done real drugs when they came up with this idea.

  • Trolligator

    If you smelllllalalalalalala…. what Natalya… is….cooking….

  • Hardy

    Another hart member being disrespected and used for VKM amusement. It’s not even funny, I doubt even kids watching it will find it funny. Shows you just exactly where the writing is going for divas.

  • Jim

    Wow, how creative. Typical WWE move. They really make no sense at times and this is a prime example of that. Why they would put one of their most talented Divas in a comedy role instead of focusing on her in ring abilities is ridiculous. If I were Natalya I would demand my release and head on down to TNA where they actually put some emphasis on woman’s wrestling. This is too much. I wonder what Bret Hart thinks about this?

  • Fart jokes funny. However, why waste it on her? Santino was clearly the comedy in that segment, should have used it on drew’s storyline if it had to be used at all. Natty, Beth and Kharma please, please quit and go/go back to tna i am sick of waiting to see how good these girls are

  • MsMojoRisin

    i cant help but to laugh

    • farah

      why is it funny to u?

  • Mike

    There's a little thing called the Barrel O'Ideas, from where Vince draws his many ideas. That barrel hasn't been refilled for a while. In fact it's quite close to the bottom of the barrel.
    This though… this isn't the bottom of the barrel. This isn't even from underneath the barrel in the strictest sense.
    This is something pulled out from the rotten garbage-water-polluted mulch beneath the gravel the barrel is standing on…

  • Zach

    I think wwe is doing this just because they know nattie wont say no because of her family ties into the business. Shame….,

    • Nameless one

      You saw what happened the last time a hart said no to vince. This time it probably won’t be any better if it even did happen.

  • Dave Barton

    When Nattie first came to WWE, I was sure they’d eventually saddle her with a stupid gimmick. But I thought, because of her dad, it would be revealed that she shaves her chin.

    Either way, just juvenile humor that would be better used on someone else.

  • Captain Booger

    I happen to find a lot of humor in fart related gags. However, I would much prefer they simply have Natalya kicking the crap out of the so-called Diva's. Such as, the Bella's, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, and Tamina. And yes, this includes Eve and Kelly Kelly.

    To waste one of their few actual female talents on fart jokes is puzzling and disappointing.

  • Synyster

    That’s just so stupid -_-

  • Alejandro

    That is the stupidest thing I’ve heard all day.Do they really think people will like this angle?

  • @ease9310

    Natalya deserves more than this,she deserves to win a tittle from one of the heels.

  • WyFo

    This is so stupid! Natalya, you need to go to TNA. They take women’s wrestling seriously.

  • Nails

    This is how they honor the Hart legacy these days?! pffffftttttttt

  • iamjohnnymcb

    rip natalya's wrestling career

  • Daniel L.

    Natalya doesn't deserve to be exploited like that…to have her talent suppressed in this manner is just f-ing wrong.

  • Angelica

    Why do they do that to the best Diva besides Beth and Kharma? Lame.

  • carrie

    lol oh come on…its funny…part of the fun watching is the goofy shit that happens…and to the moron that said natalia is the most talented diva…HELLO…?? does the name BETH PHOENIX ring any bells…? and kharma is another bad ass…either 1 of those ladies would throw her a nasty beat down…

  • j8duong

    seriously….WHO did nattie piss off THAT much to get thrown in the shitter…no pun intendend…

  • josh

    the farting is bad but not surprising when we think about it the same man who had triple h hump a dead girl in a casket,kaientai trying to chop off val venis penis, and how can we forget the hand that the old lady gave birth to

    • josh

      it was mae young who gave birth to the hand

  • Kevin

    Fart Jokes?! Really? Has it come to that now? Is the WWE so out of ideas that they have to resort to childish fart jokes? Natalya comes from a great heritage. Why isn't the WWE using her to that end? They have a decent women's division; they should develop it. First it was the Funkasaurus, now the Fartasaurus. What's next, a wrestler that gets so pleased with himself after winning a match that he wets his pants? (Feel free to use that if you need to, Vince. I know you're short on ideas at the moment.)

  • WWE has disrespected the Hard(Name),by doing this gimmick;Stu HaRD MUST BE LOOKING DOWN FROM HEAVEN real pissed Vince and WWe for doingfor putting his Granddaughter doing this gimmick.LOL….