Zack Ryder A TLC Snub, Sin Cara Injured, Rumble Commercial, Pre Show Match

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- Zack Ryder wrote the following on Twitter:

- Sin Cara is working through a left knee injury which was evident in his match at WWE TLC on Sunday night.

- Below is a commercial for Royal Rumble:

- If you missed the No. 1 Contender's Diva Battle Royal on the WWE TLC Pre Show, you can watch it below:

  • blah

    Go away Ryder

  • Joey

    Poor Ryder

  • The Big Organ

    Zack Ryder is so 2011! Get a clue Zack, you’re once again irrelevant. The Jersey Shore is over buddy, time for a new gimmick!

    • Blazeking

      My goodness…

      Zack had that gimmick before Jersey Shore even began airing. I'm disappointed in the comments here now…

  • Steve

    That picture feels like a million years ago

  • Winnipeg

    They gave him a push & he couldn’t run with it. Guess WWE could of gave him a better shot then Antonio Cesaro is getting.

  • Ken

    Ryder's problem is that his gimmick was a one-shot wonder. It worked, but it was never something that could last. The character he came up with was fun and all, for a moment, if you like that sort of thing, but it doesn't have enough depth. Personally I find it rather annoying but then I don't have any connection or interest in the whole Jersey Shore Partyboy Douchebag persona.
    If that's an extension of his real life personality, as a lot of these 'home made' characters are, then it doesn't bode well for him as anything other than a career as a lower to mid card talent.
    Unfortunate, perhaps, but life's rarely fair to everyone.

  • H.M.

    Well Zack, the thing is, you're just not interesting anymore. You're internet web show which became a sensation went downhill once it was put on the WWE channel – and the videos have become kinda redundant themselves. I think he has the power to revamp his character and bring the change it needs. Because honestly at this point, I feel nothing but dread when I see him making his way down to the ring.

    • H.M.


  • David F.

    A Zack Ryder heel turn would help him develop a serious character and maybe more TV time. Its time for him to turn heel