Zack Ryder Appears On Sky Sports News - Discusses WrestleMania, His Storyline With Eve, Role Models In The Business, More.

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WNW reader Logan Walker sent in the following:

Zack Ryder recently appeared on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom for an interview and discussed several topics, including WrestleMania, his feelings on John Cena & Eve, Edge, his role models in wrestling, his dream opponent, and more. The full interview is embedded below:

  • Ant

    Sky sports new is also on fox soccer channel and fox soccer plus stateside.

  • Zack is such a nice funny guy

  • Logan_Walker

    What Ant ?

    • Ant

      Fox soccer channel and fox soccer plus are two stations in America that air sky sports news multiple times a day so it was probably on there too.

      • Logan_Walker

        Ahh Okay

  • Guzzie1984

    Did anyone else who saw this think Ryder no sold his injury with his moving about, come on ryder justbecause your in uk you still need to remember character when playing the part,

    • sami

      he did sell his injuries still… he had his walking stick…. && he stated "I feel a lot better now with no neck brace and back brace and am aiming to wrestle at wrestlemania"

  • thatguy

    I don't know if i like that interview is done with kayfabe or not

  • Bob

    and the IWC said thid interview would suck. Well they just got proved wrong. WWWYKI

  • Jon Robertson

    He handled himself well!