Zack Ryder Ending YouTube Series At 100 Episodes?; Chris Jericho Addresses Royal Rumble Status

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- Zack Ryder, who has been very vocal about his frustration regarding WWE editing his YouTube show, wrote the following on Twitter:

- Chris Jericho was asked on Twitter over the weekend if he will be appearing at Royal Rumble next year. Jericho's response was, "not likely."

  • Patrick Peralta

    Ryder should have known WWE would control his show when he agreed to post it on their youtube channel… it was a bad idea for him to let them have any control over it.

    • Guy Landau

      He never agreed to it, it was more or less WWE telling him "hey, we're moving your show to our channel".

      • Anand

        Why would WWE want to shut down a popular show? Ryder is pretty famous with the internet fans and taking his show off air could be a real bad idea

        • eurosario

          He wants to shut it down not them.

  • SRP

    I stopped watching once WWE took control. It wasn’t the same.

    • Anand

      I agree!!!

  • Joe O.

    I agree with Guy. What is he supposed to say, no? If he did, they’d prolly just show him the door. The show hasn’t been the same but hopefully TPTB that allow him to continually rant and be frustrated on the show will do something to give Ryder a push again. I’m still upset at how quickly they put an end to his push last year.

  • The GameBreaker

    Oh look at that, Jericho saying he won't be wrestling… again….

    But I think this one is legit…LOL