Zack Ryder Frustrated At Lack Of WWE TV Time

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- Zack Ryder posted the following on Twitter:

We get questions all the time about Ryder's lack of television time and it seems as though he's as frustrated as anyone.

  • Carvalho16

    I do like Zack Ryder's real life persona, but in the WWE currently he just doesn't interest me that much. Whether it's as a face or a heel his current gimmick does not allow him to be taken seriously, and as a result it's hard to build feuds around him or elevate him in any way. Think Zack getting a complete character overhaul would benefit him in the long term.

    • Dabeavray

      but it works for the Funkasarus? sry your wrong.

      • Carvalho16

        It works for the Funkasaurus because he has the 'look', which allows him to be taken either seriously or humorously. His in ring ability is probably more versatile as well, and even if his is a comedic gimmick it is more entertaining currently than Zack's 'Long Island Iced-Z'. When 'The Funkasaurus' gimmick gets old he can easily turn heel and be the monster Brodus Clay again. Can't same the same thing for Ryder unfortunately.

    • Jordan


    • McCoy

      Carvalho16 I completely agree I think his character always been boring to me

  • Dave

    Seriously don’t get the love for this guy. Also moaning about it on Twitter probably won’t get him anywhere.

  • CJ

    There are bigger stars then zach Ryder, and zach had his run a few months ago, time to make way for up and comers like Damian sandow and Seth Rollins, woo woo woo you know it

  • Sarcastic Smark 2.0

    Oh, Zack Ryder is frustrated with his tv time? heh, then he must lust at Heath Slater's latest run

  • Patrick Peralta

    It took some getting used to with Ryder's character but he won me over and he is good in matches and I enjoy his youtube show.

    I feel the problem is WWE is not useing him because he dared to get over on his own. with out their help….. which goes against their Belief of WWE wanting their wrestlers to do something to get noticed from what I've read and heared about from the Veterans.

  • William Shatner

    You know what he should do to try and generate some interest? He should get off his backside and do one of those internet shows that everyone's doing these days. He could call it Z – True Long Island Story, or something like that. Once he connects with the fans on a personal level, the big guys at WWE HQ will HAVE to pay attention to him and give him some TV time.

    Oh, wait…

  • James

    Wish they would push him more then people like the Miz or Ryback. Give the people what they want

    • buddah5050

      The Miz is AWESOME!!!

      • Luda

        I hope they fire the Miz

  • Kleck

    It could be worse, he’s not Jack Swagger

  • Ray

    He’s good to bring out once in awhile for a big pop. But his character is different on YouTube then in WWE. More entertaining on YouTube.

  • Logan_Walker

    I don’t get the big deal with in the first place. I got bored of him just when John Cena started being the poster boy.

    • Dave

      Cena’s been the poster boy since 2006…

  • Lebron James

    The Ryder revolution died long ago, I was a huge supporter of it too. He got his chance, he didn't really do much with it. His matches were average at best. I'd rather see Curt Hawkins get a push, that man can flat out wrestle, has mic skills, and would make a perfect heel.

  • Lenny


    • Patrick Peralta

      Damien Sandow BORING

  • Paul

    I have been enjoying ryders lack of airtime, I didn’t reach for the remote so much.

  • Vince

    Zack Ryder is a boss
    take care spike your hair

  • Razmos01

    So thats JTG an Ryder who have made it public, i smell a work!!

  • Satan

    I hope WWE is going to release Zack real soon. He is one of the worst character I ever seen. Gimme a break!

  • ptekin

    worst character? what are you watching? they need to get rid of guys like wade barret jack swagger and this guy damien sandow thats the worst of them all