Zack Ryder Frustrated, JBL & Cole Filming Prior To PPV, Mysterio Update

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- Zack Ryder wrote the following on Twitter:

- John Layfield and Michael Cole are filming "The JBL & Cole Show" from the New Orleans Arena prior to Elimination Chamber on Sunday. The fan that brings the best sign will win two comp tickets to the show. Alicia Fox and Ricardo Rodriguez will join JBL and Cole for the taping.

- Rey Mysterio has been pulled for Raw's tour of Qatar and Turkey later this month and replaced by Mark Henry.

  • Illdecide

    Too bad there wasn’t a whiny b**** gimmick, Ryder would be a main eventer in a week.

  • D_gilbert88

    Ryder needs to shut up and go away. His whining is getting so boring now!!!

  • I can see why he’s cross. I don’t think he’s a viable singles wrestler in his current gimmick beyond the lower midcard – but could be successful in the tag division – pair him back up with Curt Hawkins and let them be fairly successful as a team.

    • Nostaljack

      I understand his frustration too. However, if you’re him, it’s really stupid to give voice to it publicly. The Miz went through far more adversity than Ryder could ever dream of and he has never said a word. There are so many people on the roster that don’t get what they feel they deserve and they keep their mouths shut. Ryder encounters adversity…and he whines…often. He needs to quit “going off” when he gets frustrated, buckle down, play the hand he’s dealt, and take the money. If he isn’t careful, he won’t have a job to buckle down and do.

      • Jimmy

        That’s what the business is about. You gotta kiss ass to get to the top. The only difference is that if you keep your mouth shut and do what your told you’ll end up in the main event of Wrestlemania (Miz) or if you start to cry you’ll end in the main event of WWE Superstars, or maybe if your lucky a squash match on Raw (Ryder).

  • Nostaljack

    I’m excited for Zack Ryder’s future…endeavors.

  • Chris

    Ryder’s internet antics got him noticed, but it’s become VERY stale. He needed to turn heel during the run and kill the show and destroy the “internet championship” how Mr. Perfect destroyed the winged eagle back in the day. Either put him with Hawkins, let him go heel, or just let him go.

  • stoney

    All Ryder seems to do these days is whine like a baby. He’s so 2011

  • Jimmy

    Ryder just needs to shut up and try impress the WWE on the Superstars 1 hour show against the other lower card talent, and hopefully star building back up to Raw. Crying wont get him anywhere he needs to either put up or shut up.