Zack Ryder Gets People Talking With New YouTube Video

Zack Ryder posted a new video on his YouTube channel at this link on Saturday that has his fans clamoring for a heel turn. You can also watch it embedded in the video below:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Braxton Worley for sending us the link.

  • Chris

    About go’damned time.

  • Nostaljack

    I suppose this would actually get people talking if anyone actually cared about Ryder anymore. He whined his way out of our good graces. We’ve all moved on. I’m sure WWE will do the same soon.

    • Dangerous Lee

      But…YOU’RE talking about him right now.

  • Lebron James

    This was actually interesting. I want to see what Ryder has in store.

  • _JIM_

    A Ryder heel turn would be a great way to utilize him. Live crowds still seem to love this guy, and a turn would freshen him up. He could definitely pull off the heel role, but does anyone think that WWE would really give him a real chance to make it work? They would turn him and he’d disappear again. Turning him heel would be easy since he’s done nothing but lose for the last year almost. Play up that he’s sick of losing and basically have him snap. It would be a good way to get him winning again and to get him over in a big way IMO.

    • BlazeKing

      He was a heel before as one of the EdgeHeads. Everybody that I know at least wants him back in that tag team with Hawkins using something like the gimmick that Hawkins & Reks had before Reks retired. He could still be “L.I. Fly” and not be a total dudebro (WWE made him overuse it to sell merchandise). 1st thing he needs to do during his heel turn is to assault Matt Striker for talking so much trash about him and now people from L.I. aren’t tough.

  • jdl

    Why the hell was be breathing so hard? Did he run around his apartment a dozen times before filming, or his cardio just so bad that he can’t shout and then speak at the same time? 😛

  • Braxton Worley

    I’m interested in what this could mean for Ryder. It might be worth noting that his hair isn’t spiked. I’m all for changing the Jersey Shore gimmick.

  • Kris Mystery

    Is that guy still around?

    • BlazeKing

      He gets more TV time than JTG though!

  • WWE should have pushed him as he created a huge buzz & got people talking. CM Punk & John Cena even were fans of his Show. If they could not help him get the push he was asking for. Then i don’t know who else would.

  • I don’t care for him at all, although his run as one of the Edgeheads was solid based on gimmick alone, but I say give him one more chance & let him turn heel. If it works, fine. If not, then its probably time to cut him loose.

  • All I can say is it’s about DAMN time!