Zack Ryder On Title Loss, Postponed WWE Live Event, Mick Foley Speaks On His Comedy Career

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- Zack Ryder wrote the following on Twitter after dropping the WWE United States Championship on last night's Raw Supershow:

- WWE has postponed Sunday's Smackdown live event from the Reed Arena in College Station, Texas until the fall.

- Embedded in the video below Mick Foley talks about his career in stand-up comedy:

  • cm_punk23

    Zack don't be sad,remember Swagger hit Jericho with the gutwrech powerbomb once and lost the WHC,you kicked out of that move twice,only the third was a little bit too much for you.
    which means,your 3 times better than mr. lame *ss i'm not talking and now not even wrestling Y2J 😀

  • Rosey

    Your man Ryder, he only won because I were injured. Woo woo woo u know it bro… Rosey out

  • Grace

    Your the man ryder, you will get it back… You serious swagger :-0