Zack Ryder Peeved At WWE For Skipping Over Him

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Zack Ryder took exception to "The World Follows WWE on Twitter" graphic on this week's Raw. Ryder posted the following on his official Twitter account:


  • Is this guy trying to get fired?

  • Kleck

    The problem is Zach, you don’t matter right now. You need to get over and stop bitching.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Sad but true, Ryder’s followers is 100K more than Miz’s but WWE just skipped over him for The Miz.

  • Stoney

    He’s such a crybaby.
    I think it may have something to do with him getting over on his own help and Vince isn’t gonna have that. His show stopped being good after it went on to WWEs youtube channel

    • Patrick

      first off he isn’t a crybaby…. WWE tells their wrestlers to do something to get noticed but when they do it with out WWE’s Help as you pointed out Vince doesn’t like it…….so they put his show on their youtube channel and several times they Axed his show because he had things on it they didn’t like……….Vince want’s credit for any success a wrestler has under his watch……….if you were a wrestler in WWE and not being used or given a push you’d be angery about it all so……….it’s no more different then if you had a job and kept getting passed over on getting a pay raise you know you deserved….but the Boss could care less…..would you be happy about it? I doubt it.

      • Nostaljack

        What I *wouldn’t* do is publicly keep going on about it. He got everyone’s attention with an innovative program. Through perseverance, he got his chance. He got himself over. I contend he didn’t do enough with it. Once you get over, you have to keep stoking the flame. He didn’t. That’s how it goes.

  • Jason

    zack is such a bitch, bitching and complaining about this and that. its his own fault for being overrated. Congrats ryder for being the next Matt Hardy… nothing more than a hasbeen social media star that has no credibility

  • Chris

    His gimmick was interesting for a while, but has gone very stale, very quickly. He did a good job getting noticed, now he needs to change things up to remain fresh. Instead of railing against the establishment, you have to turn your back on the fans and go heel.

    • Vince

      Exactly, he needs to get a new angle and get rid of that “woo woo woo” crap. Long hair, grow a beard and get rid of the sunglasses and headband. Maybe even become a heal.