Zack Ryder Picks Bearski Of The Week, JBL & Cole Sound Off

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- Zack Ryder picks Bearski of the Week in the latest episode of "Z! True Long Island Story embedded in the video below:

- Episode three of "The JBL & Cole Show" featuring JBL and Michael Cole with Flo Rida is embedded in the video below:

  • _JIM_

    That was a pretty good edition of Ryder’s show. I liked how Ziggler’s was incorporatted in it toward the end. Ryder’s “Home Alone” reference had me cracking up. The way he said the line was spot on and priceless. I’m WAY more impressed with Ziggler as of late though. Dolph has been on fire with his anti-Cena promos lately. This one was no different, and could be the best so far. He’s doing way more to get me interested in their match than Cena is, and that’s a fact. Plus he’ll undoubtedly put in a way better performance in the match itself. This feud kind of came out of nowhere when it started but Ziggler has been great, and you can really see his emotion in his promos. Its like there just might be some truth in what he’s been saying in his promos when it comes to how he really feels about Cena’s position in the company, and how he’s given so many title shots. I agree with what Show said, in the interview that was posted on here yesterday I believe, when he said that all Ziggler needs to REALLY get over is a great finisher. He suggested the superkick, which I think would be a good idea. Anything would be better than the zig-zag. I’ve never liked that finisher and think he could come up with something a lot better that’s not being used in WWE right now. Rip off somebody from the Indy’s or R.O.H.