Zack Ryder Posts Video About Not Being On Raw Supershow In Long Island Despite Being Advertised

Zack Ryder posted the following video after not being on this week's Raw Supershow in his hometown despite his "homecoming" being advertised by WWE:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Kris Hardy for sending this in.

  • Angel Psymon

    Yeah, he sounds ticked. And why shouldn't he be? He was picking up for R-Truth being missing by tagging with Kofi. Why, oh why, would you not put him in your SuperShow in his home of Long Island when you advertised him there?

    Was whole reason for his push back in February just to say "See Zack? Now don't say we never do anything for you." and left it at that?

    Come on.

  • Boothmonkey

    Creative have nothing for you and good luck in your future in TNA!

  • Chad

    What is WWE not going to give him his rematch that laurninus promised for the united states title. Come on vince think what the people want . What do you think your youtube channel would be without zack. Use him or hes going to TNA who would his his greatness and all his fans would go with him and you would loose the fans off wwe.Just a sugesitilon

  • HaVoC525

    Del Rio is rushed onto the show the same day as he's cleared from a concussion, but Ryder gets nothing. Makes sense to me….

  • Howard Stern

    What do you expect, WWE seems to always do the opposite of what their Universe wants. Like clockwork, tune into RAW or Smackdown for disappointment, and the occasional exciting contract signing main event.

  • LeBron James

    The Ryder Revolution has died down a whole lot since last year. Now he just seems like a cry baby. I like Ryder and hope he gets a push, but he needs to stop complaining. In my opinion Curt Hawkins is a whole lot better, and he's rarely on any show.

    • Tony P.

      You dumb if you think Curt Hawkins is better than Zack Ryder and dumb for using Lebron James as your name…..dufus

  • Ryan

    Even William Regal is on television when the WWE is in England!