Zack Ryder Reacts To The Kiss Of Eve & Cena, Kelly Kelly Nominated For Kids Choice Award, CM Punk Appearance, Rare Interview

- WWE is playing up the kiss between John Cena and Eve Torres with a Zack Ryder interview on dot com. You can read it and watch a video at this link.

- Kelly Kelly was nominated in the "Favorite Buttkicker" category for a Nickelodeon Kids Choice award. Click here to view here profile. (Thanks to WNW reader Angela for sending this in.)

- WWE Champion CM Punk will appear on 540AM ESPN Milwaukee and 100.5FM ESPN Madison today during the 3:00 PM hour promoting Sunday's WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Click here for more. (Thanks to WNW reader Peter W for sending this in.)

- Available now on and iTunes, Mister Saint Laurent talks with All Japan's Taiyo Kea about his long career in All Japan, his time in MLW, being in Japan last year during the earthquake, his love of MMA and more. The only man to hold All Japan's Triple Crown Heavyweight title, Unified Tag titles and World Jr. Heavyweight title. He doesn't do many interviews, but he sat down with MLW Radio for a full hour to answer all the questions that had been sent by fans to the MLW mailbag.

  • Ricky

    Looks like WWE is going to do a Cena/Ryder feud after Mania. Also looks like WWE is going to be making Ryder a heel again, since they don't want to make Cena a heel, heaven forbid.

    • dylan

      this could be a cena heel turn.

    • Chris

      You guys need to get over it, Cena will NEVER be heel as long as little kids like him, because he's making WWE a fortune!

  • Bubba J

    Haha, they called Kelly Kelly a WWF star!

  • Da KiDD

    Look how Kane runs at 0:43 seconds…lol, like a big dufus:

  • Bertie

    Zach Ryder will embrace the hate and turn heel

  • Mrpopandlock

    I don’t think they will turn zack heel.
    1. Because if he falls out with Cena he will be cheered
    2. His fan base is still rather huge. He is still no. 3 in merchandise sales. Turning him heel will jeapodise that.