Zack Ryder Says He's Not On Wrestlemania, 2013 Can't Be Worse Than 2012, WWE Ruined YouTube Show

Zack Ryder was recently a guest on Busted Open with Dave Lagreca, Doug Mortman and Mike Riker. His frustration remains very evident in his public comments. Below are some excerpts from the interview:

Excluded from Wrestlemania 29:

It's cool that it's in New York/New Jersey, basically in my backyard, but I'm not on it. It kind of sucks. I got all my friends and family who are going to be there and they are expecting to see Zack Ryder on the show and as of now he is not on it. So that part of it is heartbreaking. It's still going to be a great show with Rock and Cena. It's going to be one of the best WrestleManias of all time.

2013 can't be worse than 2012:

2011 was the rise of Zack Ryder. I started my YouTube show out of just frustration. The beginning of the year I was a nobody, not even on TV. Through the course of the year from doing the show and being active on Twitter and on Facebook, and then ending the year as U.S. champion. I really thought 2012 was going to be my year and as you saw, it really wasn't. Kane threw me off the stage and off loading docks. Eve kicked me in the bro-nuts at WrestleMania and from there I was just forgot about. I was losing all the time, barely doing anything on the shows. 2013 better be different. It can't be worse than 2012.

WWE killing Z! True Long Island Story:

Well when I started it, I knew something had to be done. I hated my stock in the WWE. I was a nobody. I wasn't on the shows. I didn't even have an action figure. I didn't have an 8x10 promotional photo. So as far the YouTube show, in February of 2011, my parents got me the flip camera for Christmas. I really didn't know what to do with it. Maybe I will just start a YouTube show and it kind of took off. I did it for a hundred weeks straight. It should have ended after 50. After I became the U.S. champion, WWE came to me and said "we want to move this to our YouTube channel." I was really hesitant to do it and I should have said no. That was the end of the Z! True Long Island Story in my opinion right there when I made that switch to the WWE YouTube channel at around episode 51. The fans just assumed I sold out, when I was still doing all the work and putting it on their channel and they instantly turned on it. Then WWE was editing it and taking things out., even though they said they weren't going to touch it. Then it just became a job and not fun. For the most part the last 50 were horrible, but the first 50 changed the business. Now Raw is all about social media and Tout, and Facebook, and Twitter. They weren't like that before Z! True Long Island Story.

  • stoney

    It’s what happen when you get over without Vince’s help

    • You hit the nail right on the head. And, unlike most of the other “former” Z fans, I’m with him. The show was 1,000 times better BEFORE the higher ups at WWE stepped in and fucked it up. Vince McMahon is a petulant child, pure and simple. If HE doesn’t create the character, he damn well will KILL it.

      • Dwayne

        And why shouldn’t he keep that policy? That’s how he maximizes profits for his shareholders, numbnuts.

  • jdl

    What he needs is to shut his whiny mouth for a while and do his best to get his gimmick changed. The Jersey Shore gimmick he uses has long since run its course.

    • BlazeKing

      He had the gimmick *before* Jersey Shore even debuted. The “Jersey Shore” crew is mostly from New York anyway and their style is a Long Island style; not Jersey.

      But no, nobody ever listens to the people from Jersey who know for a fact….

  • The Breaker

    Most people probably won’t feel the same way, but I still sympathize with Zack considering the position he’s in. He was at the height of his popularity at the end of 2011 only to have his push completely derailed at the drop of a hat. We’ll never know if something occurred backstage to make it all come down on him like that, but from the outside looking in it absolutely looks like he was mishandled by WWE. It makes one wonder if Vince won’t so readily give the rub to someone who wasn’t a direct creation of WWE. He’s not a main eventer by any stretch, but he was doing good work as an upper-mid carder and shouldn’t have lost his spot that way. Although, I can’t say that airing his displeasure publicly like he has was the best decision. They sent him out there to promote Saturday Morning Slam and he just can’t help himself from venting his frustration. If he really wants exposure, why show Vince that you can’t even be trusted with a little promotion for one of their minor shows?

  • David F.

    I think its partly both WWE’s fault for giving Ryder a crap storyline with Kane and Eve and Ryder’s fault for not evolving his character. I think all this frustration he is showing now could be a work that will lead to a heel turn. He def needs to turn heel and to be taken more seriously

  • Mohammad

    oh, so we can all blame him for bring all the social media crap to WWE. Thank you Whiny little @$$ Hole >__< and he really need's to stop crying people like Drew Mc who ARE talented barley got lucky to go to wrestlemaina 28. GOD i hate zack ryder

  • He’s quickly turning in to Matt Hardy 2.0 with how he’s currently using social media to whine and complain.

  • Chris

    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. He needs to change his character. He used the show to get his gimmick out there and get it over, now he needs to start a new character where he’s frustrated over everything and he starts talking about people turning on him (use social media still, but instead of a full show, do little short stationary shots with his camera, just his face.), start growing, changing his hair style and growing facial hair. Maybe use the beat down by Swagger and the words of Colter as part of it too.

    • BlazeKing

      This gimmick was never meant to be a babyface in the first place. WWE made him change into the babyface version and made him start peddling merch in their version of *his* own show (the later 50 Ryder was talking about).

    • Xavier

      repackage himself with new hair, a beard and a more aggressive gimmick? Hasn’t that already been done before aka Swagger and the Miz.

  • This guy should have never been on tv. With that crappy ass gimmick. He had his spot in the sun. But just wasn’t good enough to last long. I’d rather see curt Hawkins getting the push instead.

  • Nostaljack

    What is it with people under WWE contract whining and complaining? He’s gone from “most interesting could-be” to “most likely to have future endeavors”. Way to go, bro…