Zack Ryder Says He Has Nothing To Lose With New YouTube Show

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Zack Ryder did a Q&A on Twitter where he answered questions about his new YouTube show called "Zack Ryder's Last ReZort" (See also - WWE’s Treatment Of Fandango’s Serious Concussion, Ryder’s Last ReZort).

In it, a follower asked if he was as hungry as he was when he started Z! True Long Island Story. He responded by saying he's "starving."

Another follower asked what made him start the show, Ryder said he has "nothing to lose."

He also noted the show is scheduled to air weekly. You can check out the Tweets below:

  • jdl

    Nice to see him refusing to give up, but so long as he’s running around with a gimmick that hasn’t been relevant since 2011 he’ll never get over.

    • Bob’s Diner

      The Undertaker not only got over with a zombie character, he’s pretty well maintained that for 25 years. It isn’t really about the character, it is about how you work with it. The character was terrible when it first debuted, but Ryder ran with it and got over. That’s how talented people do it.

      I’m not saying he is going to get anywhere with it, but it is good to see him trying. It can’t hurt. Unless he gets over and they decide to bury him at the bottom of the ocean again

      • jdl

        The Undertaker is a much more talented individual than Ryder, and a macabre gimmick like works much better than a Jersey shore knockoff. Ryder needs a gimmick change if he wants to get main event status. Especially if that’s what his aim is, as he’s average in most areas.

        • Bob’s Diner

          I don’t see him as a main eventer ever. But he could have been a great midcarder – he has more personality and drive than Kofi Kingston has ever shown in his million midcard title matches.