Zack Ryder Set To Perform "Hoeski" Live Before The Royal Rumble

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Zack Ryder announced via his social media platforms that he will be performing his new single "Hoeski" live for fans prior to the Royal Rumble. The announcement is below:

  • Kleck

    Every PPV needs a bathroom break.

    • Johnny

      PRIOR sir

  • Nostaljack

    Why? Given the way he was just unbelievably squashed by Big Show, this must be some sort of parting gift.

  • one of the poor WWE super star Zack Ryder

  • Kenneth

    Please tell me he’ll be performing this as part of one of Ted DiBiase’s Posse Parties in the parking lot. Please tell me it’s not going to be televised, at least. There’s no reason to torture the PPV customers as well as the live crowd. That’s just cruelty for the sake of being cruel.

  • Evon

    He sucks at singing and this is going to be a joke