Zack Ryder Talks About Being Interim Smackdown General Manager; Sheamus "Injury" Update

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- WWE posted a video of Zack Ryder talking about being the interim General Manager for next week's Smackdown over on dot com at this link.

- Dot com also has a storyline "injury" update on Sheamus following Alberto Del Rio's "attack" on him. The website stated Sheamus was "treated for head contusions and lacerations to the head." You can read the kayfabe article at this link.

  • Patrick Peralta

    Ryder GM for RAW and SD WOO WOO WOO you know it.

    • wwefanatic

      Only Smackdown. Not Raw.

    • UltimateOmega

      Its only for SD bro, its ok woo woo You Didnt know it

  • JimRay

    It seems like the writers from WWE just keep getting worse. The AJ ine is really sad.Please get back to wrestling;get rid of the excuse of a woman,Vickie and get rid of Cole.Some of the characters on the show now are just pretty pathetic.Get a real GM or let Long have it. He is the best they have had anyway. How I long for the "good ole days"

    • XKonn247

      Teddy Long as GM Is in no way the “good ole days”. Are you 15? He was GM less than 6 months ago!!

      • Patrick Peralta

        Teddy Long was the Best GM they had he had the position since 2004. they should put him back in charge.

  • Thomas

    I love how on the actual website there are all these people commenting on the story saying. Del rio should be fired/fined for what he did and all this stuff blah blah blah. If anything i give sheamus credit for his acting. I like the man. Though i would like to see del rio win the title again. Dunno why i just really like alberto del rio.

    • sanket

      coz its his destiny but u already know that

      • Mike P

        Now that was really clever.