Zack Ryder Teases New YouTube Show; Theme Music For Curtis Axel & Wade Barrett Released

Zack Ryder Teases New YouTube Show

Zack Ryder posted a video to his YouTube channel teasing a new show. Ryder did a similar tease last month. The newest teaser is embedded below:

New Trons For Axel & Barrett

The new entrance videos for Curtis Axel & Wade Barrett have been released, and are available below:

Curtis Axel

Wade Barrett

  • Nostaljack

    Ryder has a new internet show. Oh, goody…or something…

  • Don Tonberry

    It doesn’t look like a new show, more like finally a character change is coming and something more serious than his Guido gimmick. We’ve seen him no longer “spiking his hair”, and the more sounding “Oh Radio” at the end might be his new theme music.

  • AK-1138

    That awkward moment when early-morning blurry eyes misreads it as “Wade Barrett released.”

  • jomo12

    I hope whatever this is for Ryder, it helps. I think it is a gimmick tweak as well, given the theme music and the jacket he’s wearing at the end. If it’s a show, it’s about damn time. I loved his earlier episodes before WWE took over.

  • Dude Slice

    Anyone else notice the pieces of Mr. Perfects theme music weaving in and out of the Curtis Axle theme?

    • thepowerserge

      That’s the point. He is a 3rd generation wrestler after all.