Zack Ryder To Vince McMahon - Push Me!!!

Zack Ryder Tweeted a photo of his new "Push Me" trunks to the new Twitter account of Vince McMahon and asked him what he thought. You can view the trunks and the Tweet below:

Push Me!!!

  • Chris

    Personally, I think he’s coming off a bit whiney lately. He got himself noticed with the youtube show, but he didn’t adapt and evolve the character, he stayed exactly the same. It got stale. Instead of dong things like this, CHANGE THE GIMMICK.

    • Ryder Still Rules

      Dear Chris,

      Ryder probably has 0 control over what his character says and does on WWE TV at the end of the day. His push failing wasn’t his fault. He was the victom of the Embrace the Hate storyline with Kane and Cena. Tell me how anything HE did in that storyline was his fault?

      Got stale? he was champ for like a month or so, tell me WHO can get over when they book you to be a chump who gets little brothered by Cena ‘cheated’ on by EvE and pushed off a stage by Kane?

      All this Ryder hate is pissing me off. Sure he is bitching.. but you know what, that is exactly what he was doing to GET noticed in the first place. The WWE has turned most people against him. They are very good at manipulating I can see that.

      • Chris

        WWE didn’t make me dislike the character, it got boring, fast. If he’s so serious about his career he needs to get a new idea and pitch it to anyone who will listen. I have mentioned plenty of ideas on here to tweak the gimmick or change character, if HE can’t come up with something simple, that’s on him. At the end of the day, no matter what is written for you, it’s up to the worker to get over and make the fans give a damn about them, not Vince.

      • At the end of the day, the person who can get the push is Zack… by going to Vince’s office and asking for one. Watch the CM Punk documentary and listen to what Punk did after his second WHC run. He didn’t just sit there and complain… He literally wrote a storyline down, slammed it on Vince’s desk and told him this is what he was going to do.

    • Patrick

      Chris , Ryder’s mistake was moving his show to WWE youtube channel THAT gave WWE control over what he posted on his show…BIG MISTAKE…..once he was on their youtube channel several of his shows were edited or blocked from airing because they didn’t like what he did and it had to be re-done to suit them……plus while in the wrestling bussines your told to do something to get your self noticed Vince doesn’t like that from his wrestlers because he wants to take full credit to your success as a wrestler.

  • Dude

    would be funny if vince posts back a pic of his trunks with text “youre fired”

  • Illdecide

    The only place Ryder should be pushed is off the stage through some tables in another squash match.

  • Michael

    Either Vince is allowing him to do this to draw attention or he’s the dumbest person on the roster.

    • Dougie

      Jack Swagger?
      Big Show?
      Del Rio?

      Big enough list?!

      Jack Swagger – Gets arrested and gets away scot free!
      Big Show – Waste of a decent push!
      Del Rio – Doesn’t entertain at all!

      Ryder – Goes out makes a name for himself!

      • Michael

        Ryder can’t wrestle better anybody you named. The guy is lame seriously you wouldn’t believe him as a main event wrestler over anybody. Out of the names you named and everybody else Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Punk, Henry, Kane,Ryback, Shield, Daniel, Antonio, Rock, Brock, HHH, Taker you tell me who do you believe Zach would defeat. Nobody look it’s the way the business is guys like Zach, Jtg, and others are what they are jobbers not meant to be pushed. The guy made a name for himself two years ago with a you tube show he was rewarded with a title run and flamed out. Swagger was arrested for weed won’t be the first or last wrestler to do so. Swagger is hot right now and weed isn’t serious all wwe does is fine you. Adr has gotten over Show deserves a push he’s the best big man ever in this business sorry Andre and Vader and Yokohana fans. Zach needs to know his role bottom of the food chain.

        • Chris

          Easy comparison, he’s the new Scotty Too Hotty, he was a fad, and now it’s over. In 10 years, when they have a need for a local has been in the New York area we’ll hear his music and “remember when.” Until he establishes himself, he’ll just be a flash in the pan 10 minutes past the sizzle.

  • matthew

    I will give Ryder some credit for getting over on his own but i cannot look and him and say he has great character depth or the ability to change characters and get over He seems to be nothing more than an extension of his real self and doesnt have the ability to be a huge player long term like a Triple H or Kurt Angle has

  • The Breaker

    Hahaha, I love it. But all Zack really had to do to know Vince’s response was listen to his entrance theme.

    And to the people talking about his character being stale.. Zack has come out and said that he knows it needs tweaking. And really, how much can he do to fix that right now when his YouTube show is over, and creative has him jobbing to the entire mid card? You can’t blame him for the fact that creative didn’t know what to do with him besides putting him into a horrible storyline with John Cena, Kane, and Eve. Yes, it was the main angle going on at the time, but the end result of him getting tossed off the stage in a wheelchair and kicked in the “bro nuts” plainly did him no favors.

  • I sort of get were ryders coming from if he keeps antaganising peole theyll pay attention or at the least hell get a beating on raw or sd and get a better pay day but lets face it he was massively over remember when the arenas were chanting we want ryder about a year ago?

  • Matthew

    This is pathetic. He needs to quit whining just because he isn’t getting TV time! You don’t see big zeek, justin Gabriel or any of the others that we haven’t really seen on TV for a long time now doing this crap.

  • Nostaljack

    Anything to avoid actually going to Vince. That’s what big boys do, Zack.

  • Nostaljack

    Anything to avoid going directly to Vince, eh, Zack? How’s about you put your big boy pants on and deal with this the way adults do? Social media began as his saving grace…and now it will be his downfall. This is, of course, unless we’re all getting “worked”. If we are, it’s genius. LOL!

  • Kenneth

    I can understand him not being happy with his spot, but the dude needs to quit whining and do something about it. Tweak the character, as suggested, or better yet come up with somethng else entirely. The partyboy douchebag gimmick isn’t relevant any more, unless he finds some way to turn heel.

    At some point he needs to come up with something and take it to Vince. With Zack having created this character and marketed it himself Vince won’t settle for anything less from Zack than a finished product.

    When it comes to his show being put on the WWE’s own youtube channel, there’s nothng to stop Zack from starting another show with a slightly different format.

  • Cool Zack. Clever… but how about you say that to his face? If you really want the push, ask him.

  • Yung

    I don’t mind Ryder. But i don’t understand is that more talented guys like Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd are in the same position as Ryder, they are stuck on the lower/mid card and you don’t see them complaining, they are doing what they are told and waiting for their time to come and with the talent those two have, their time will definitely come.

  • Alex P

    I haven’t been a fan of Ryder’s complaining lately…but this is pretty funny.