Zack Ryder Wants His First WrestleMania Moment This Year

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Zack Ryder was recently interviewed by, and discussed a variety of topics, from baseball to WrestleMania. In the following excerpt, Ryder responds to who his dream opponent would be:

"I would say Stone Cold Steve Austin. I was huge Steve Austin fan. We kind of missed each other. Zack Ryder would like to see that match, anyway."

When asked about his expectations for WrestleMania XXVIII this year, Ryder responded:

"Hopefully, I get my first WrestleMania match this year, being able to walk down that ramp with thousands in attendance, and millions of people watching me. That would be my moment."

Click here to read the full interview.

  • Mrpopandlock

    Let’s hope u get it broski. Woo woo woo u know it

  • Alex

    If he can get rid of Eve, then maybe he will get that Wrestlemania moment that he wants so bad.

    • BrianHall

      Her “acting” is really terrible

      • Angus Wilson

        But her boobs are really awesome!

        • Alex

          I can't argue with the boobs. lol Just the rest of her.

  • Dave D

    Throw him in the MITB… He has enough of a following in the mid-card.

    • havoc525

      So, hold him off until September? There is no more MitB at Wrestlemania.

  • Joshua

    I would love to see him face Kane at wrestlemania in a no DQ match

    • havoc525

      I see something along those lines. He somehow makes it out as the winner, after some ridiculous high spot. Got to come up with something to rival Edge/Foley and the flaming table spear that makes it in EVERY promo.

      • Angus Wilson

        I`d like to see a US title re-match with Swagger. A title shot at Wrestlemania is a really cool moment for any wrestler. Even if he fizzles and doesn't go much farther, at least he'd have that.

  • AmazingRed92

    Zack vs. John Cena would be good and The Rock vs. The Undertaker.

    • Kelly

      Well… Cena vs Rock, Taker vs HHH, idk about Ryder, maybe Swagger- idk