Zack Ryder Wants To Be In The World Title Hunt By The End Of This Year, Reveals Dream WrestleMania Match

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The Daily Star has a new article up featuring quotes from Zack Ryder, in which he discusses Z! True Long Island Story, his goals this year, and more. Ryder is quoted as saying:

“In January 2011 I was a nobody on RAW at best. By the end of 2011, I was US Champion. By December 2012, I want to be wrestling for the World Heavyweight Championship.”

Ryder also reveals his dream match for WrestleMania XXVIII: a United States Championship match against Jack Swagger:

“I think it would bring prestige back to the title, again. Dolph Ziggler did that, it was a big deal when I won it. It put some stock in the title.”

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  • 7028brethart

    Oh zack Ryder, mr. Perfect, razor Ramon and piper never became world champions, don’t think you will either unless there is a miraculose transformation in your career, don’t see it happening, but then again David arquette became wcw champions so you never no.

    • @RatedMKD

      Industry's totally different to how it was during the heyday of Perfect, Hall and Piper. Aside from title reigns typically being at least twice as short, there's two world titles. So theoretically, at least four times the amount of guys today can get world title reigns as the guys two decades ago. At least!

      • Wwe4L76

        I like Zak, but he is no World Champ…. Us is fine thoug

  • Lee McAndrew

    I'd like to see Zack getting an upset win over Kane at Wrestlemania, but it probably won't happen.

    • Paul

      I would be horrified if that happened!

      • Wouldn't be that implausible–I doubt Kane can pick up a new feud and build it sufficiently between Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania, so Ryder would be an obvious opponent if he could get "better". In the right scenario (probably a gimmick match, which I think's fair game when you've been thrown through the floor of the stage), I could see Ryder going over Kane without killing the latter's momentum.

        (Side note: And if it did? Ryder's got a long career in front of him, while Kane is almost certainly closer to the end of his than the beginning.)

  • Tyler

    I’d like to see it happen but prob be middle of next year before he in tht picture maybe this year with a MITB match win but id enjoy seeing him champion

  • jdl

    I'm all for Ryder getting elevated, but not with his current gimmick and certainly not by the end of the year. It's too soon, he's too green and he's just plain not ready. Give him two, maybe three years and it'll be his time, I don't want to see him wind up as another Jack Swagger.

    • havoc525

      Too green? So by YOUR logic, 6 years in WWE, 8 years in the industry, and having been groomed by some of the top names in recent history makes someone “too green,” you have some issues then, buddy. If you don’t think he has a plan to change his gimmick enough to elevate himself, especially considering HE got HIMSELF over currently, you’re sorely mistaken.

      • jdl

        He's too green. He may have gotten himself over, but his gimmick won't work as a main event player and he's still too sloppy in the ring. That's without taking into account the work he needs to do on his promos, and the fact that it doesn't matter how many years you've been in the industry. Ryder hasn't worked at the top of the card before, he's not used to it, he doesn't have the necessary experience, that makes him too green.

    • Alex P

      I don't think he's too green, but I def think the gimmick needs to be altered a bit if he was going for a world title. I mean he can still have the Long Island Iced Z nickname and such but it definitely needs to be toned down if he were pushed that high.

  • @commishg19

    It would be kind of ridiculous for Zack Ryder to have a match at WrestleMania considering his back is "broken"

  • @jblack424

    Yeah even though I agree with you havok you need to get some or something. Mad at the world if they type something you don’t like you get all tough behind your keyboard wherinh your tap out shirt just mad lol. He could win the title hope he doesn’t for a year or two though.I remember hawkins ryder as major brothers and forget their name before that but will probably remember later. Ryder just became a non jobber this year. Let’s have him in a couple fueds get him over more before we talk about a wwe or hw championship. Maybe a post mania fued with heel cena.

  • FactionZer0

    By what Zack Ryder has shown me in the ring, he is not ready to become a World Champion.

    • sportsman6100

      He was just staying in character in that article. We all know he is not ready for a WWE or WHC title push, and so does he.

  • Herro

    He should kept going for us and inter. they need to bring back when those titles ment something