Zack Ryder Wishes Wrestlemania Was Somewhere Else, Says Character Needs Tweaked

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The New York Post has a new Q&A online with Zack Ryder to promote WWE Saturday Morning Slam and the new General Manager competition. Below is an excerpt:

Being from Long Island, what are you feeling with Wrestlemania coming back to the area and it being just weeks away?

Ryder: This year there are a lot of mixed emotions. It’s going to be cool that Wrestlemania is back in New York and New Jersey, I went to Wrestlemania X and XX as a fan and last year I had my first Wrestlemania match so it is cool. At the same time I’m not on the show so it’s not cool and I wish it was somewhere else because all of my friends and family are going to be there and I’m not going to be on it so that part stinks. It’s great that such a huge event is going to be at MetLife Stadium, Rock and John Cena the rematch, it’s going to be historic. Whether Zack Ryder is on the card or not, Wrestlemania is going to be the show of the year and maybe the best one yet.

What do you see in Zack Ryder’s future over the next year?

Ryder: I’m not really sure. I ended my YouTube show that I have been doing for two years this past January. I think Zack Ryder, the character, needs a little tweaking, it needs a little adjustment. I wouldn’t say a complete 180 turn but a couple of things here and there. I have to sit down and I have to really figure out what needs to be done to get back on top and make sure I don’t miss next year’s Wrestlemania.

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  • Kleck

    I understand the logic behind his frustration.

    • BlazeKing

      I take it you don’t know what a Q&A session is.

      • just because its a Q&A doesnt mean he has to complain.

      • Kleck

        Jack Swagger went to Vince to voice his discontent of his character and look how Vince responded. Vince has shown respect to those who took the reigns with their careers and demanded more. There are better avenues for Ryder to air his feelings. The New York Post is certainly not one of them.

    • David

      The guy has every right to voice his opinion and this to me is a much better articulation of it in comparison to recent weeks.
      I would feel similarly if I was the guy, but I’d be tactful about how I word my issues.
      Last year he was getting a good push and got a decent reaction to his title win despite the fact that he has to really ham up a character that is simply hard to enjoy as an older viewer. Yet now he’s not on TV and his hometown is hosting the biggest event on the calendar.
      Hopefully they can tweak his character (I doubt it as the creative team simply do not seem to be able to balance a PG initiative without pushing for corny) and use the guy to a better standard.

  • Zack your problem isn’t the character. The problem is you’re not trying to go that extra mile to BE that upper card guy. And by extra mile I mean having the guts to go to Vince’s office and express your frustration. According to Mic Foley on The Nerdist podcast, you haven’t went to Vince at all! If you want my sympathy, go to Vince and ask him what’s going on with your character. Otherwise shut up.

    • H.M.

      Easier said than done.

  • Nostaljack

    As quick as I am to call him on whining, he didn’t do that here. He played it pretty cool.

  • stoney

    he needs to talk to Vince.
    Vince likes it when people stand up for themselves and speak up.
    Too many people in WWE these days are afraid to speak, too many people believe if they except the crap they’re given they’ll be treated better.