Zack Ryder's Social Media Success; Chris Murphy Pulling Ahead Of Linda McMahon In CT Senate Race

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- Wrestling News World reader Graham Spector interviewed Zack Ryder about his social media success at this link.

- Democrat Chris Murphy is pulling ahead of Linda McMahon in the Connecticut Senate race. You can view the latest poll at this link.

  • joe

    the fact that she's losing has made me a happy person

    • Paul

      I’m not an American but having a McMahon in government doesn’t sound like a good idea for you lot. Be like having William regal as mayor.

      • Ken

        I'm a Brit and I would LOVE William Regal the character as a mayor, or even as the PM. He'd do a much better job of running the country than any of the current crop of buffoons. Just imagine… anyone gives him some gip he'd just lock them in the Regal Stretch for a few minutes.

        William Regal for PM!

  • Howard Stern

    Does this mean that when she loses the WWE will go back to edgier programming?? Sike I know that question puts poop in yalls pants.

    • Daley Jones


  • Ant

    She is in my district and I'm voting for Murphy. She has a new advert out saying "her company," (they never saw WWE they always just say her company) employs more people now than ever and they they offer all of their employees benefits including health insurance even though the performers don't get insurance from the company.

    • Jordan

      Senate voting is by state, not district. So as long as you're registered to vote in CT, you can vote for the senate race no matter what district you live in.

    • Ant

      Yeah I'm aware of that but most people don't know that. Even though its true its still kind of misleading.

  • n1ck

    honestly I’d rather have McMahon in office rather than these sold out career politicians that have created the illusion of the two party system that’s the same on the actual key issues as opposed to the b.s. issues like abortion and gay rights. (I’m not against either) but they’re simply not that important right now

  • PikaPal4ever

    i'm a republican, but i will happily be voting for chris murphy. The hero for all us attitude era fans!

    • Daley Jones

      the attitude era is dead!!! GET OVER IT!

  • Bigdaddychuck

    I find it funny as hell that wwe is only 17 percent favorable in that state and they have been there for decades.. Maybe wwe should leave that state and move everything to Florida!!