Zahra Schreiber Issues Statement On WWE Release, Apologizes For Social Media Posts

Zahra Schreiber, who was terminated from WWE NXT last week due to insensitive and offensive material posted on social media, released the following statement on her Instagram account. Because her account is protected, we’ll bring you the statement in its entirety:

"Let me start this off by saying how grateful I am and how fortunate I feel to have had my time with WWE. It truly was my dream job. Last week WWE made a decision to release me from my contract due to posts I made on social media years ago, long before I was ever employed by them. I understand why that decision was made, but it broke my heart and my spirit. I don't want my mistakes to reflect on WWE or how incredible they are as a company. The responsibility is my own...

Now, I want to take the time to apologize to everyone who was offended by my posts. I am so sorry. I would like to make it very clear I am in no way, shape or form an anti-Semite, nor do I condone anti-Semitism. If one were to have looked deeper into my post, one would have noticed that also in the photo was Marlene Dietrich. Marlene was a Polish actress who opposed Nazism and fought for the oppressed during WWII. To me the photos and relics were nothing more than a story. I now see it was insensitive of me and in poor taste, which is why I had attempted to delete them long ago.

On an aside, a family member of mine took part in the White Rose Movement (Germans trying to end Nazi domination), which is where my interest in the Holocaust actually stemmed from. Also, documented deeper on my Instagram from years ago are photos of me at Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany, and I noted there how disturbed I was by the entire place. Unfortunately, social media rarely notices positivity, and can be an evil place where opinion is easily manipulated to fit the circumstance.

I take full accountability for the things I did post, but those out there who are creating Twitter exchanges that never happened or have manufactured other conversations that never took place really need to check themselves and realize how much harm they are actually doing.

Everything I've worked for and dreamt of is gone. In an instant, I lost it all. But I can't let this define my life. I know who I am as a person. I'm as human as anyone else. I've made mistakes like we all do. I hope those I've offended can forgive me. All I can do now is learn and move forward trying to be better every day.”


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  • Dave Barton

    “Unfortunately, social media rarely notices positivity, and can be an evil place where opinion is easily manipulated to fit the circumstance.”

    Regardless of this particular story, this is just so flippin’ true. Welcome to the digital age.

  • Jonnydingo

    Everyone has to be careful about what they do on social media now, especially since the Hogan incident. Anything they find that was done in the past has to be dealt with as well, to avoid looking hypocritical. SMH…

    • Jim Evans

      They want everyone to be politically correct and i refuse to be that way.

  • ron

    1. I think it was wrong if this post was years ago before her wwe employment and 2. If what she says is true I would think that if you were going to fire or terminate someones contract over something like this they would have read the whole post and done their due deligence. If what she says is true they were totally Wrong

  • Jim Evans

    It wasn’t ” Inappropriate or Sensitive ” to me. If people wasn’t so stupid, they would realize that it is actually an old Indian symbol.