Zema Ion Doesn't Have Cancer, Heat In TNA Over Fundraiser To Pay Medical Bills?

Wrestling News World reader Wrestling Fan 23 recapped a new interview that Zema Ion did at this link. The interview was done to promote his upcoming appearance for Primal Conflict Wrestling on November 30th.

- Ion confirms that he's still under contract to TNA for "quite a while" but is free to take whatever outside dates he wants to right now. He admits he hasn't had much communication with TNA in recent months.

- Says thankfully he doesn't have cancer

- Addresses the controversy over his fundraiser for his medical bills, says he never expected TNA to pay his medical bills because he's an "independent contractor" and he knows how that works.

- Admits someone at the TNA office got mad at him for making them look bush league with the fundraiser, but he told them flat out he needed the money and that was the reality of the situation.

- Says his girlfriend actually started the GoFundMe account and, since she doesn't know much about wrestling, she didn't realize the political problems that would potentially arise because of it.

- Says that even though he didn't get anything close to the $30,000 needed, he was still overwhelmed by the fan support.

- Says he would like to go to WWE one day, but is happy with where he is now.

  • Lindsay

    I wonder how much medical insurance costs for these guys being in such a high risk line of work?

    • smark calloway

      most of them , if not all of them cant get insurance…lloyds of london used to insure a few wrestlers back in the late 80’s/early 90’s ( mr perfect, L.O.D’s animal , bret hart and a few more ) but when they saw how many injuries the wrestlers were getting , how frequent they got injured , the severity of the injuries and how much they had to pay out to the wrestlers they stopped insuring them

  • okorie

    It’s indeed amazing that an extremely high risk profession like wrestling does not attract comprehensive insurance cover as a condition precedent to engagement. It’s absolutely amazing