Zema Ion Frustrated, Details On How You Can Help Him

Zema Ion says he's "pretty much back to 100%" following an emergency appendectomy last month. However, he's frustrated because he's going to have to undergo another surgery to remove a tumor that was discovered on his colon. The former X Division Champion wrote the following on Twitter:

Ion is still in need of support to help him with medical bills. You can give a donation now at this link.

  • I feel really terrible for Zema Ion. I know what he’s going through, and what he will be going through. His ring work had really been improving, and he’d been looking impressive, then something like this happens. Being healthy going into it helps, but he’s in for a rough time of it.

  • Robert Olley

    Still say tna should be paying a decent chunk of hus bill as his employer but theres no union to force it hopefully wrestlers will get insurance know

    • jdl

      Unless he somehow developed these tumors from working for TNA, then TNA has no business paying for his medical bills. He doesn’t pay into a company health plan, and clearly he doesn’t have insurance, so why should TNA shell out money for someone who isn’t looking after himself?

      • Robert Olley

        Actually dorminant tumors can be stimulated by heavy contact like in althetics,heavy lifting etc