Zema Ion Needs Help - Urge Dixie Carter & TNA To Provide Assistance

Dixie Carter is currently being criticized for not helping Zema Ion with his medical bills.

As we reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Ion underwent emergency surgery last week after being diagnosed with appendicitis. It was discovered during the surgery that he has a tumor on his colon and it will need to be removed.

Ion's girlfriend, Jessica Recco, started a fundraising campaign on GiveForward.com to help him pay his bills. Zema does not have health insurance and as of this writing, only $5,679 of $30,000 has been raised. Those interested in donating can do so now at this link.

I would also encourage you to Tweet Dixie Carter (@TNADixie) and Hulk Hogan (@HulkHogan) and ask them to help.

  • I dont have twitter but im such hogan or dixie will see this. Zema ion may not be tge biggest draw or the best in ring talent but you hired him for a reason. Nobody is saying put up the whole 30k but at least put something in the pot. It may even motivate you to do so that wwe help even former talents with medical bills so you would be seen in a positive light and get free publicity

    • Smart Mark

      How is contributing 30k considered “free” publicity, that’s alot of money to pay for “free” publicity my friend.

  • jdl

    Why should Dixie help? It’s not a wrestling related condition, it wasn’t caused by anything to do with working for TNA. It’s not an employer’s job to provide medical care for their employees, it never has been and it never will be. Sorry if it sounds callous, but TNA doesn’t provide a healthcare plan, take that up with Dixie, don’t ask her to drop $30,000 of her own money or of company funds.

  • Batman

    Not a chance in hell. Remember when Ion was champion of their beloved X Division…and he lived in his car? They don’t pay him enough to live on, they certainly won’t pay for his healthcare.

    If I were HHH, I’d throw the money at him. How much would that undermine TNA?